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[Bearbeiten] Heat bring back Beasley

The best part of this latest Michael Beasley news is that it should mean the end of writing about Michael Beasley, for a little while anyway. After a summer involving an arrest and the because of said arrest, Beasley might have a new NBA home. It's actually an old haunt,Nike Baltimore Ravens Jersey, where his career began, in Miami. ,Vince Wilfork Nike Jersey, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported on Wednesday. Beasley was selected No. 2 overall by Miami in the 2008 NBA Draft. The Sun Sentinel describes the signing as a "dramatic and extraordinary move" while emphasizing the low-risk angle. The D.C. area native is one of 17 players invited to camp and one of four without a guaranteed contract. He's a proven scorer,Fantasy Football Week 2 Advice, which is something Miami lacks behind its obvious cluster of stars, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.?In five seasons with three different teams, Beasley has averaged 14.1 points and 5.2 rebounds.?Beasley averaged 10.1 points in 75 games with the Suns last season. The 25-year-old Beasley would also give the Heat another younger option on the bench, joining Greg Oden, who the team signed this summer. He also brings off-court baggage to South Beach. Last month , his third arrest in eight months. After two seasons with the Heat,cheap Jets Jersey, Miami shipped Beasley to Minnesota to free up needed cap space in order to sign free agent Mike Miller. Miami visits the Wizards during the preseason on October 15 in addition to two regular season games.

[Bearbeiten] Indians outlast White Sox to creep within one game of second

With just a handful of games left in the regular season,Nike NFL Jerseys, the Indians have certainly done their part to remain relevant both in the AL Central and Wild Card races. They defeated the White Sox by a score of 3-1 this afternoon,Nike Washington Redskins Jersey,松坂勝った「メッツで記念すべき1勝」, improving to 79-68,Ray Lewis #52 Jersey, 5.5 games behind the division-leading Tigers and one game behind…

[Bearbeiten] Everything Walter White holds dear crumbles out from underne

Throughout, Ozymandias wants to let us know just how far Walter has fallen. The teaser shows us Walter and Jesse on their first cook, in a moment of downtime, when Walter wanders up a bluff to call Skyler and tell her what may very well be his first lie designed to cover up his cooking. In this sequence, Walter is humane and warm and a little bit dorky. Breaking Bad has made very clear that the things that turned Walter into such a monster were always present within him, but they didn t need to be unleashed. It wasn t an inevitability. It was about tiny little steps along the path to ruin, like telling his wife he needs to stay late at work when he has to do nothing of the sort. From there, it s a relentless onslaught of everything Walt has hoped to keep from happening actually playing out,Nike NFL Jerseys, sometimes right in front of his face. Uncle Jack kills Hank, even after Walt makes the argument he s family and tries to buy Hank s life with his fortune. The take all but one barrel of Walt s money. And back in Albuquerque, Skyler and Marie are filling Walter Jr., in on what his father s been up to all these years. Still, Walter Jr.,Nike Nick Folk Jersey, doesn t want to believe until his father gives him reason to. I complained earlier this season about how I didn t entirely buy Skyler s transition from someone trapped by Walt to someone who became his willing accomplice, a bit of a Lady Macbeth. Even though I d still quibble with how compressed that storyline s emotional arc became, however, it was worth it for the turn in this episode, for the payoff that comes when Walter tells Skyler that the whole family is leaving town and she realizes something terrible must have happened to her brother-in-law. It s a bridge too far, and it culminates in a scene where the two of them wrestle over a knife she s used to try to kill her husband. When Walt gets the upper hand, Walter Jr., pulls his father off his mother, then calls the police, the truth finally known to him. Walter s son now knows what kind of man he s become, and it s devastating for all involved.

That scene in the house which culminates in Walter kidnapping baby Holly! is one of the best scenes in the show s history, the kind of small, two- or three-character play that Breaking Bad has always done so well. It turns on so many little dramatic and emotional beats, and it s both beautifully scripted by Moira Walley Beckett and exquisitely directed by Rian Johnson. (The shot where Johnson holds on the knife block right next to the phone for what feels like several hours allows the audience to wonder if Skyler will finally attack her husband or call him in.) The bitter irony underlying all of this that Walter didn t directly kill Hank but, instead, indirectly led to his death by getting involved with evil neo-Nazis just makes things that much more harrowing. The thing that finally pushes Skyler to take action is something Walter didn t even do. The episode is framed by a second phone call between Walt and Skyler. Where the first was the first of many lies he would tell to her over the course of their marriage, the second is perhaps the last time he will ever deceive her. The beauty of this moment and of s performance is that you can tell he believes every seething, misogynistic word he spits at his wife, that Walt really does think Skyler s not worth the dirt on his shoe (to put it in ways we can quote in a family newspaper), but it s also deliberately a ploy to save her, to leave his children in her care. It will minimize her criminal actions as those of a woman acting under duress (which they were, at least some of the time), and it will buy her her freedom. To do that, he has to burn down his marriage with the awful truths he could never tell her in the first place. We have a belief in our society that the truth will set you free, that the second you tell everyone what s really going on with you, you will feel an intense sense of relief. And that s usually the case,Nats thump Phillies, then enjoy Reds' loss, even if the truth you re hiding is one as dark as Walter White is. Yet the truth can also be a weapon. There s no need for Walter to tell Jesse who improbably survives the episode to suffer a fate worse than death as an enslaved meth cook to the neo-Nazis (and how many other quality dramas allow you to type that?) about the true reasons for Jane s death, but he does anyway,Nike Baltimore Ravens Jersey, because he s simply stopped caring. He tried to shove Heisenberg into a box and become the old, friendly Walter White, but it didn t work. He is dominated by his own worst self. He destroyed the man he saw as a great evil but was unable to deal with the chaos he unleashed, until he had to slink out of town, like the lone dog creeping across the street in the episode's final shot. Walter White is gone, but the point of Ozymandias is that he s always been gone, maybe in the moment he told that first lie. ALSO:

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