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[Bearbeiten] Rise in illegal crossing roils immigration debate

html模版Rise in illegal crossing roils immigration debate7/4/2013 12:07:00 PMRise in illegal crossing roils immigration debate By Byron YorkSyndicated ColumnistThere was a striking moment in the Senate Judiciary Committee s debate on the Gang of Eight s comprehensive immigration reform bill when Republican Jeff Sessions and Democrat Charles Schumer argued over the number of immigrants who would be allowed into the country under the new legislation.Sessions cited reports suggesting the figure would be more than 20 million over the next decade in addition to the 11 million or so who are already in the United States illegally. Schumer took issue with that, although he wouldn t name a figure of his own.Then Schumer declared the whole dispute beside the point. It is not that, Oh, this bill is allowing many more people to come into this country than would have come, he said. They are coming. They re either coming under law or not under law. The Democratic leader of the Gang of Eight continued: This argument that there are going to be 20 million new people in this country under this bill ignores the fact that there are going to be lots of millions in the country illegally if we don t have a bill. What made the exchange notable was that many Democrats who oppose more stringent border security measures argue that after recent increases in spending and resources the U.S.-Mexico border is already pretty secure as secure now as it has ever been, in the words of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. They also suggest that the number of illegal crossers is at an all-time low and will likely never rise again to levels seen in the 1990s and 2000s.What Schumer conceded, perhaps in an unguarded moment,[New], is that the border remains quite porous, and the U.S. can expect lots of millions to cross illegally in coming years if nothing more is done. The disagreement on Capitol Hill, of course, is over what should be done, but Schumer s off-the-cuff analysis provides a lot of material for Republicans pressing for a guarantee of greater security measures before millions of illegal immigrants are given legal status.That GOP position received an even bigger boost with a recent report from the border in The New York Times. The crux of the story is that the number of illegal crossings is rising,[Nike], and in response to greater security measures in Arizona, the flow from Mexico has shifted east to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.Yes, the number of illegal crossers is down from a dozen years ago as the U.S. economy remains a less powerful magnet than it once was. But after nearly a decade of steady declines, the count has started to rise again over the past year, the Times reported. The Rio Grande Valley has displaced the Tucson enforcement zone as the hot spot, with makeshift rafts crossing the river in increasing numbers, high-speed car chases occurring along rural roads and a growing number of dead bodies turning up on ranchers land, according to local officials. There is just so much happening at the same time it is overwhelming, a Brooks County, Texas, sheriff s deputy told the Times.Border Patrol agents are outnumbered; extensive, passable stretches of the border are unwatched; whole groups of immigrants cross unseen. People are just crossing without fear,State budget funding could improve fish enhancement in two w, said an alderman in La Joya.It s happening in part because the American economy, hit so hard by the economic downturn, is finally improving, becoming a draw again for immigrants, especially those from Central America who travel through Mexico on their way to the Texas border. Also, crime remains a terrible problem in many immigrants home countries. And word is spreading that the U.S. Congress is contemplating a measure to legalize millions of illegal border-crossers.That is the backdrop for this week s Senate debate on border security in the Gang of Eight plan. Democrats are dead set against any proposal that would make permanent legal status and a path to citizenship contingent on measurable improvements in border security. On the other side, many Republicans believe those improvements will never happen unless the law says legalization won t be allowed without security first. The only question is whether Republicans will stick to their guns or give in to Democrats.In the debate, supporters of the Gang of Eight bill will almost certainly pronounce the border more secure than it has ever been; such rhetoric is a staple of such debates. But the situation on the border remains troublesome, and if the American economy continues to improve, as everyone hopes it does, the problem could become worse. Schumer is probably right. In coming years, lots of millions will seek to come to the U.S. illegally unless something is done.Byron York is chief political correspondent for The Washington Examiner. DISTRIBUTED BY UNIVERSAL UCLICK FOR UFS.

[Bearbeiten] Mariner momentum is slipping away

Mariners infield stands with Eric Wedge after Aaron Harang is pulled in the sixth. Photo by Associated Press Things had been looking up for the Mariners after they won series on the road against two good ballclubs, Texas and Cincinnati, then came home and opened up with an 11-4 win over the Red Sox, the team with the most wins in the majors. They even held a 5-1 lead over Boston through two innings last night. But over the next 13 innings, the Mariners were outscored by the Red Sox 17-3, losing 11-8 last night and 11-4 tonight. Suddenly, they are back to 11 games under .500 and counting on Erasmo Ramirez, making his first start in the majors this season, to get them back on track tomorrow afternoon. Actually, Ramirez still hasn t been officially announced as the starter, but all signs point to it, just as all signs point to Carter Capps heading to Tacoma to clear a roster spot. Capps didn t give up a run tonight in 1 2/3 innings but walked two, and has a 6.37 ERA. One other things to watch for: Nick Franklin had to leave the game after six innings when his sore knee (he fouled a ball off it in Cincinnati) began to bother him. He ll be re-evaluated tomorrow. Manager Eric Wedge said, accurately, of this one, ��It wasn��t a very good ballgame at all. We didn��t play well at all. It was a particularly poor effort for Aaron Harang, who had pitched pretty well in his previous two outings (14 innings, five earned runs). But he was in trouble virtually from the start (Jacoby Ellsbury led off with a single) and gave up eight hits (including a homer and two doubles), walked three and hit a batter,Spending cuts and the sequester, giving up seven runs in five-plus innings. Tellingly, he didn t strike out any. ��They made me work,[Official],���� Harang said. ��I was falling behind in the count early on, and you can��t do that with a lineup like that.�� The Mariners cut loose Jeremy Bonderman?earlier this week after two poor outings, but I don t see that coming with Harang. He s pitched two complete-game shutouts this year and no doubt has a little more rope than Bonderman. Besides, with Ramirez already coming up and Danny Hultzen on the DL again, it s hard to see who would replace him in the rotation. The Mariners don t seem inclined to call up 20-year-old Taijuan Walker yet despite three strong starts at Triple-A. David Ortiz warrants mention after getting a double, homer and sacrifice fly. He s hitting .413 over his last 21 games and is 8-for-10 in this series. ��He��s still a force,���� Wedge said. ��I��ve seen too much of him over the years. He��s about as professional a hitter as you can be. Still has the bat speed,[Nike], still has the power. Commands the strike zone probably as good as anyone in the game.�� Wedge dismissed the notion of pitching around Ortiz. ��It��s tough,���� he said. ��You have guys behind him, too. They have one of the best offenses in baseball. You put someone on, they have someone else coming. I��ve been through this time and time again. You��ve got to make pitches. You make pitches, you can get anyone out. You make a mistake to him, he��s going to make you pay for it.�� The Red Sox have made the Mariners pay repeatedly over the past two games.

[Bearbeiten] Air Pollution Advisory extended through Saturday

html模版,[New]Air Pollution Advisory extended through Saturday6/21/2013 10:12:00 PMAir Pollution Advisory extended through SaturdayGREENE COUNTY Due to forecasted weather conditions, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC), in conjunction with the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA),[Official],KOMO Video- Woman visiting her sister victim of hit and run, is extending the Air Pollution Advisory through Saturday, June 22, for Clark, Greene, Miami and Montgomery Counties.The forecast includes hot temperatures, sunny conditions, and light winds. These components often lead to higher concentrations of ground-level ozone being formed and may lead to elevated air pollution levels.The Air Quality Index (AQI) reading is anticipated to be approximately 101 on Saturday. Any reading at 100 or higher is deemed unhealthy for sensitive groups. Ground-level ozone (smog) is formed when bright sunlight mixes with emissions from vehicles and small gasoline-powered engines. These emissions collect in a stagnant air mass and form smog.

[Bearbeiten] Microsoft touts Azure progress, builds iOS app 0

SAN FRANCISCO _ When in Rome, do as the Romans, so Microsoft built app for the iPhone using a Mac on stage in front of 6,000 developers here at its Build conference today. After touting the growth of its Azure online computing platform and its new Visual Studio software tool kit, Microsoft demonstrated how easy it is to develop apps that run on Apple s iOS using Microsoft s Windows Azure Mobile Services.

That followed a demo that showed how Google s Chrome browser can be set as a default browser when building a web site with Microsoft s ASP.NET framework.

It makes the bitter platform wars that characterized Microsoft s relationship with Silicon Valley during the 1990s and 2000s seem like ancient history. That s partly because it s biggest rival in the online computing space is now Seattle-based, which took an early lead with its platform-agnostic Amazon Web Services. It also reflects how Microsoft has evolved and become more pragmatic as it approaches its 40th birthday. Aaron Levie, chief executive of Los Altos, Calif.-based online storage company Box, was impressed by Microsoft��s embrace of heterogeneity. ��It��s really exciting to see an all new Microsoft,[Nike],�� he said on stage, where he talked about how his company��s working with Azure. Levie said he was taken aback by the demo using a Mac. ��I was afraid Bill Gates was going to drop down from the ceiling and rip it off,�� he said. Gates gets the last laugh. When Levie was still in grade school, Silicon Valley tech leaders such as Sun s Scott McNealy were mocking Microsoft s early attempts to build server software and move into enterprise computing. Sun faded and was absorbed into Oracle,What is Seattle’s most kid_0,[New], which is working with Microsoft to run its software on Azure. Microsoft s Server and Tools business, headed by Satya Nadella, has become Microsoft s most consistent revenue generator and was its second-largest business last year with sales of $18.7 billion. Azure is off to a strong start with more than half of Fortune 500 companies using its services, Nadella said. At the same time, Microsoft s seeing tremendous growth in sales of traditional server software that companies use in-house, he said. Another sign of the evolution of Microsoft s view of its software development platform is its overtures to open-source communities. The company partnered with open-source developers on a Python add-in for Visual Studio, S. Somasegar, vice president of Microsoft s developer division,?noted at a later presentation. It may still be awhile before Microsoft builds native support for?competing products such as Java into?Visual Studio, Somasegar?said.?But the company s happy to work with partners?who want to create?add-in features, such as an Amazon Web Services plug-in suggested by When someone brought up the Oracle partnership, Somasegar who started at Microsoft in 1989 grinned and said? It s a new world. Here s and?Nadella s Azure momentum slide:

Microsoft had a head start building an online computing platform because it has experience operating its own huge services such as Xbox Live and Skype, Nadella said.

[Bearbeiten] Russ Stanton Rants Against Wrap Reporter Over KPCC Story; Is

By Sara Morrison

Russ Stanton has a temper.

The vice president of content for KPCC parent Southern California Public Radio responded to about the state of the station by accusing this reporter of arrogance and ignorance -- while offering her career advice.

After a correction request was rejected due to a disagreement over interpreting the station s donation record, Stanton wrote in an email on Wednesday night:

...You (or your editor) have (has) now combined arrogance with ignorance. Those are two highly combustible traits for anyone to manage,[Nike], particularly a person of your age and experience. Best of luck navigating those to a successful career in journalism. 

Read also:

Stanton, a former editor of the Los Angeles Times, added:

The best advice I can give you, Sara, and I mean this in all sincerity, is to take a cue from two very highly regarded editors (Ms. Fung and Mr. Thurber) and get the hell out of there if you still have something resembling a positive reputation. Because no credible news organization is going to hire someone with a portfolio of clips like the one on KPCC. (Former Times staffers Lisa Fung and Jon Thurber are former editors at TheWrap.)

Ouch. The backstory?

TheWrap s investigation of KPCC found that individual gifts and membership support dropped from 2011 to 2012 by almost 8 percent, even though overall revenue rose.

Stanton claims that revenue from individual donations rose -- but that s only true if you count money that was committed in previous years. So to gauge how the station is doing, TheWrap compared individual donations made in 2011 for that year to donations made in 2012 for that year. Those have in fact declined.

The full email chain is below the document. Click to enlarge.

Here is the full email chain:

On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Stanton, Russ wrote:

Hi Sara,

Our CFO spotted this upon reading your piece yesterday.

This sentence is factually incorrect:

According to its most recent financial report for the period ending June 30, 2012, Southern California Public Radio, of which KPCC is part, individual gifts and membership revenue decreased almost 8 percent by about $900,000 from fiscal year 2011, though foundational and governmental support nearly quadrupled to nearly $6 million, bringing SCPR s total take in 2012 above 2011 s.

SCPR s gifts from individuals actually rose by 20.3%, from $8.582 million in 2011 to $10.320 million in 2012, as is clearly stated on the Statement of Activities on page 2 of the Audited Financial Statements for the same time period. Your lack of familiarity with,2013 Ashes- Steve Smith's maiden Test century lifts Australi, and therefore your lack of understanding of, non-profit accounting incorrectly lead you to conclude that gifts from individuals released from restriction do not count toward listener support revenue in a given year. In fact,Trans activists scrutinize Pvt. Manning coverage, they do count. I strongly urge you to read the Schedule of Operating Funds on page 17 of the Audited Financial Statements,[Nike], which  explains why your conclusion is incorrect.

We respectfully request that this mistake be corrected in the story.

Thanks in advance

After re-checking the report and the numbers, TheWrap responded:

On Aug 21, 2013, at 6:07 PM, Morrison, Sara wrote:

Hi Russ,

You re looking at both the money acquired this year through both individual gift/memberships MINUS money promised this year that is restricted PLUS money released this year from restriction that was given in previous years, correct?

Whereas I was reporting how much SCPR acquired through individual gift/memberships PLUS money promised this year that has been restricted MINUS money released this year that was given in previous years.

As my figure is a more accurate reflection of people s desire to give to SCPR in FY2012 and FY2011, we will not be correcting the story.

Stanton fired back:

On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 9:21 PM, Stanton, Russ  wrote:

Ha! This actually made me laugh out loud, Sara. I have to say, I admire your pluck.

That said, on this issue, you (or your editor) have (has) now combined arrogance with ignorance. Those are two highly combustible traits for anyone to manage, particularly a person of your age and experience. Best of luck navigating those to a successful career in journalism.

One of the hallmarks of a credible news operation is its ability to admit its mistakes, and actually correct them. You guys are batting .500 on this story, in a game that requires an average of as close to 1.000 as humanly possible. So pass along my thanks to whoever is responsible for confirming my impressions of The Wrap s news report.

The best advice I can give you, Sara, and I mean this in all sincerity, is to take a cue from two very highly regarded editors (Ms. Fung and Mr. Thurber) and get the hell out of there if you still have something resembling a positive reputation. Because no credible news organization is going to hire someone with a portfolio of clips like the one on KPCC.

Also read:

It should be noted that neither Stanton nor his CFO took exception with TheWrap s reporting on the governmental and foundational support given to SCPR in fiscal years 2011 and 2012, which was calculated the same way as the individual gifts and membership support Stanton is disputing.

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[Bearbeiten] Eagles Striker Makes Wining Start in Spain, Articles

Super Eagles striker,[Official], Ikechukwu Uche enjoyed an opening day win with Villarreal as they began their campaign in the La Liga on Monday night August 19 2013 with a 3-2 away victory over another newly promoted side, Almeria.

IK Uche was handed a starter s shirt in the opening day fixture but fired blanks  during the 62 minutes of playing time handed him, however  Jonathan Pereira  who was brought in to replace the Eagles striker turned out to be the night s hero; netting the winning goal with four minutes left on the clock. 
After the Yellows started on the back foot courtesy of Rodrigo Rios goal in the 39th minute from a pass from Rafael Ramos, Giovani Dos Santos scored the equalizer and set up the late winner in a four-minute span to lead Villarreal s 3-2 comeback victory at Almeria on Monday,Media groups must face common enemy, ensuring its successful return to Spain s first division.
While Villarreal celebrate maximum points on opening day,[Official],Lake gets fair trash deal, despite commission Chairwoman Les, Eagles striker IK Uche may have to sharpen his goal scoring boots as the fierce competition for places in his team s squad is expected  to get more intense in the days ahead.  
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