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[Bearbeiten] Tony Hawk recants tweet about cop hitting skateboarder inten

A tweet by legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk on Wednesday put the Virginia State Police in an extremely negative light when he wrote “cop runs over skateboarder … intentionally” and posted incredible video that appears to show a state trooper running over a skateboarder and driving away.

On Thursday,Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys, Hawk tweeted a retraction: “I had the wrong info on that cop/skater video; it was NOT intentional (but an apology would still be nice).”

As it turns out, the incident near Virginia Commonwealth University’s campus occurred nine months ago, but the misleading video (shown at the bottom of this post) was posted Wednesday and went viral, thanks to Hawk tweeting it out to his 3.4 million followers, prompting a response from the Virginia State Police.

, has the story:

Tim Crawford, the skateboarder who was eating a bagel on the sidewalk when it happened,[1], and the state police both say the video doesn’t show everything. It seems to show the trooper running into the skateboarder on the sidewalk while turning around in the street and then hurriedly driving off.?

“The trooper did stop at the scene and followed proper departmental procedures,” the state police said in a written statement, according to WWBT.?Emergency personnel treated Crawford for a minor injury at the scene, and the police paid for the medical bill.

Crawford was dumbstruck by the incident, thinking the trooper might have been angry about him skateboarding and was just going wild or something.

“All I remember is being back up on my feet,” he told WWBT. “It was pretty quick. I still had the bagel. I didn’t drop it ever.

“It’s like a mistake. It happens. I’m all right with that.

“I don’t really remember getting an apology,[2],Cheap Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys, but he was concerned about my safety.”

The video serves as just another example of why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the Internet.

Here’s the YouTube video that was posted Wednesday (warning: extremely strong language):

[Bearbeiten] Wildfire Near Yosemite Spreads, Threatens Ancient Trees

The massive wildfire that's burning on the northwest edge of Yosemite National Park is spreading,Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys, threatening to destroy thousands of rural homes and also posing a threat to beloved ancient sequoias.

"The towering trees, which grow only on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada and are among the largest and oldest living things on earth,[3], can resist fire. However, dry conditions and heavy brush are forcing park officials to take extra precautions in the Tuolumne and Merced groves. About three dozen of the trees are affected. 

"'All of the plants and trees in Yosemite are important, but the giant sequoias are incredibly important both for what they are and as symbols of the National Park System,' park spokesman Scott Gediman said Saturday."

 the so-called Rim fire has grown into one the largest in recent California history. 
the fire was only 7 percent contained, last night and had burned through 129,620 acres. 

The Times adds:

"Aside from the hot, dry weather and the rugged and hard-to-reach terrain,Rosanna Arquette weds investment banker Todd Morga, another difficulty was the blaze's tendency to burn the tops of trees, creating a 'crown fire' with long, intense flames that skip across forested land faster than a wildfire that creeps along near the ground. 

"The blaze continued to threaten small communities throughout the area, some of which had been abandoned by residents,Fisher White Jerseys, tourists and business owners who fled after looking skyward and seeing gray plumes of smoke or columns of flame rising from nearby mountain ranges. Tuolumne City and Ponderosa Hills, home to about 2,000 people, were under voluntary evacuation orders. Parts of Groveland were evacuated Friday.

 the fire is so intense it is creating its own weather pattern and "forecasts for high wind gusts today could make it even less predictable." 

, the fire is also still threatening public utilities for the city of San Francisco. Power lines that feed the city run through that area and the city also gets its water from nearby underground pipes. We'll leave you with a report from CNN, which has some amazing images of the fire:
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[Bearbeiten] Farmers’ Almanac Predicts ‘Storm Bowl’ for

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People trying to find the best time to plant Jersey tomatoes won t be the only ones looking to the Farmers Almanac this year. The fabled weather predictor is also getting attention from NFL fans after saying this year s Super Bowl will be a snowy one.

While MetLife Stadium in New Jersey has been ever since the site was first announced as the host of this season s Super Bowl, the Farmers Almanac adds a layer of certainty to snow actually coming. The publication, which tends to get the timing of large storms right,VA gives ground on Agent Orange affect, is saying the first outdoor Super Bowl in a while , according to The Associated Press.

A big storm is due Feb. 1-3,[4], according to the almanac,wholesale nfl jerseys, which would envelope the Super Bowl s Feb. 2 date.

It really looks like the Super Bowl may be the Storm Bowl,Cheap Chicago Bears Jerseys, Farmers Almanac managing editor Sandi Duncan said.

The almanac is also forecasting very, very cold weather.

The Farmers Almanac has predicted weather patterns since 1818 using planet positions, sunspots and lunar cycles, and it s estimated to be right 80 percent of the time.

The almanac is also predicting heavy snow in the Midwest and New England.

[Bearbeiten] Old Bridge physical education teacher seeks to develop sport

OLD BRIDGE When Rich Torok was rummaging through the physical-education supplies closet at Old Bridge High School,Mike Scioscia, Jerry Dipoto, and the hierarchy of intra, he stumbled across a box with a foreign name printed on it: ?Tchoukball.? Intrigued, Torko looked up the game online. After watching some YouTube videos, the 29-year-old physical-education teacher was enamored and thought the sport not too hard to pick up. He dubs the Swiss-born European handball game ?the fastest handball sport in the world.? ?I fell in love with it,? Torok said. ?It?s a pretty wild, fast-paced game that fits almost anyone?s ability, so it?s a good game for the high school level.? So, he decided to see if his students would be as interested as he was. ?I pulled it up for the students on a projector on YouTube and I said, ?Look guys, I came across this game and I?m interested in trying it,? ? Torok said. ?And I showed them the video and they automatically became interested in trying it.? The seven-on-seven game played on a basketball-sized court has three 15-minute periods. Teams get three passes per possession, and the player with the ball can take three steps. There?s one 3-by-3-foot trampoline on each side of the court, and the object is for a team to throw the ball off the trampoline and have it hit the ground to score. While there?s no defense, the other team is allowed to try to catch the ball off the trampoline before it hits the ground. ?Once you do get the hang of it, it?s very addicting,? Torok said. ?It?s fast-paced, and it works for a lot of levels of athletes,Smith Red Jerseys, so I think its adaptability for a lot of different levels makes it open and interesting to a lot of different people.? Soon enough, the students? gym-class fix wasn?t enough for some. ?From teaching the class, I had a few students who were really getting into it and said that this would be a lot of fun to play after school,Komen Greater New York City Race for the Cure® CBS N, so once I heard about that, I tried to create an actual league,? Torok said. ?It just formed after that when somebody came up to me and said, ?This is something we should get into. See if we can create a league.? And we had enough kids that were interested.? (Page 2 of 2)
That came to fruition in April. The intramural league meets from 10 a.m. to noon every Sunday on a field behind Old Bridge High School. What started as 10 kids grew to 20 to 22. From high school-age students to guys in their early 30s, they play pickup games just like you would in basketball. While the sport attracted fans in Old Bridge,Cheap Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys, it isn?t a phenomenon yet, though the group recently competed in the first official competition in the U.S. With only one other official team in the country ? Massa-Tchoukball in Boston ? the two teams met in Woodbridge, Conn., on Aug. 18 for the first Tchoukball National Championship. Torok traveled with 11 others, as 12 is the official number of people allowed on a game roster. Old Bridge won the championship 69-62. However, the trip wasn?t just about a national title. Torok hopes it helps the game catch on like it did at Old Bridge High School. ?We?re looking to grow the game,? Torok said. ?There?s no doubt about that.? Torok is putting together an outdoor league for the fall (September to November) if he can get enough people. It will cost about $30 per person. Potential players can contact RokHaus sports at , search tchoukballnj on Facebook or follow @tchoukballnj on Twitter. Torok added that his ultimate goal is to prepare a team to represent the U.S. at the Pan American games next July in Colombia.


[Bearbeiten] Marking 350 Mini Performance Vidoes

This marks Michael Stock's 350th video!! Browse and subscribe to his YouTube channel and see some unique live in-studio mini performances recorded during his live radio broadcasts.?


If Rock and Roll is anything specific, it is an energy. Unabashed and profoundly reflective. It’s love, it’s defiance, it’s human. It’s Folk Art. One of the most prominent national acts to come out of the Binghamton, New York music scene, Driftwood, is at heart a Rock band. Carving out a name for themselves with electrifying live performances, they bring one of the most unique, raw sounds to the Americana/Roots scene. Incorporating upright bass, banjo, acoustic guitar and violin, the ghost of traditional American folk music lives in their palette. But the melodies, the harmonies and the lyrics are something else entirely. “We started off playing Rock in high school. Then Jazz and Classical music in college. Then we dove head first into Folk and Bluegrass. At some point I guess we kind of met in the middle”,Cheap Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys, says guitarist/songwriter Dan Forsyth. Drawing on aspects of everything from Old-time to 1960’s R B, the music is crafted to serve the songs. With fast growing audiences singing along at live shows, it’s easy to tell the primary focus is on song. “We recognized early on that one of our strongest points was songwriting. The greatest songs transcend genre and time and this was one of the motivating ideas behind the band at the start”, says banjo player/songwriter Joe Kollar. Trading lead vocals between Forsyth, Kollar and violinist/songwriter Claire Byrne, the group’s stage dynamics are as captivating as the songs. “I give so much of myself when I play because I deem it necessary in order to do the music justice”, says Byrne,Ashley Tisdales engagement ring- Celeb engagement, who’s violin shredding performances are legendary among fans. Songs or shredding, “There’s a reason people won’t let them off the stage”, says Jess Novak from The Syracuse New Times.
Formed in 2005, the band spent four years playing just about anywhere they could. “We just wanted to be able to play for any crowd and turn heads”, says banjo player Joe Kollar. “We played everywhere. Coffee houses, bars, churches, rock clubs, Bluegrass festivals and the streets…a lot on the streets. We didn’t make any money, but what we learned was invaluable”. After the release of their Debut CD “Rally Day” in 2009, the band has spent most of the last 3 years on the road. With club and festival appearances alongside of artists such as Bela Fleck, Rusted Root, Del McCoury, Brett Dennen, The Wailers, Railroad Earth, Rubblebucket and Donna the Buffalo, Driftwood is making serious waves on the East Coast scene. In the last year they played over 170 shows. With the release of their newest CD “A Rock Roll Heart” in 2011, the band landed spins on a slew of great radio shows and stations such as WFUV’s Sunday Breakfast with John Platt; KZSU, Stanford, CA; WCBE,Jennifer Aniston on set- Celebrities wearing short, Columbus, OH; and WDVX,Cheap NFL Jerseys for sale, Knoxville, TN. In the summer of 2012, the band was afforded their own summer tour blog on the website of the local Binghamton paper, The Press and Sun Bulletin.
“Today these old-time sounds are being fused with more modern influences of rock roll; and bands like Binghamton-based Driftwood are moving right along pace with today’s most popular Electronica acts, breaking ground, strings, and expectations by drawing on our roots to create a sound that speaks to us all.”
- Kayla MacLachlan, Upstate Live Magazine
“This is a fantastic discovery, there is something great here.”
–Record Producer Eric Paul (Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, Emmylou Harris, etc.)

[Bearbeiten] Jets move Santonio Holmes from PUP list to active roster

NEW YORK Santonio Holmes? comeback appears closer than it did just a few days ago. The veteran wide receiver was moved to the New York Jets? active roster from the physically unable to perform list on Friday night, a promising sign that he could be ready for the start of the regular season. The move means Holmes has been cleared by team doctors to practice and has passed his physical. He is not expected to play in the team?s exhibition game against the Giants on Saturday night. Holmes has been sidelined since last September with a seriously injured left foot that left his playing status uncertain. On Wednesday, Holmes said his foot bothers him every day when he wakes up and ?this pain doesn?t go away.? He recently told reporters he hadn?t even begun to run,Sean P. Means- Fanboys shouldn’t decide Batman’s fate, but video from a fan in the stands at SUNY Cortland surfaced later that day with the receiver running at three-quarters speed on the sideline. Last Saturday night, Holmes ran at full speed and caught a few passes from Geno Smith in warmups before the team?s preseason game against Jacksonville. But he downplayed that, saying he wasn?t planting his feet or cutting the way he needs to. ?I?m not able to be at Santonio Holmes? level of competition,? he said Wednesday, ?so right now,Cheap Washington Redskins Jerseys,Recent Blackhawk grad killed in motorcycle crash, it?s just going with what I can give.? Just a day later, his recovery appeared to be progressing as he repeatedly ran short routes and planted on his foot during practice Thursday. He had spent most of training camp riding a stationary bike,Smith Red Jerseys, using an anti-gravity treadmill and working with trainers. By being placed on the active roster now, it leaves open the possibility Holmes could play in the regular-season opener against Tampa Bay on Sept. 8. That seemed a longshot just a few days ago when Holmes said he was ?excited? about his progress, but said he hadn?t even been thinking about a timetable for a return. Holmes suffered a Lisfranc injury, which usually involves separation of ligaments and joints in the middle of the foot, against San Francisco in Week 4 last season. He needed surgery to repair the injury, and then had another procedure in February to remove the screws. The Jets? receiving group would get a huge lift if Holmes is ready to go at the start of the season. New York has Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill slated as starters, with Clyde Gates, Braylon Edwards, Ben Obomanu, undrafted free agent Ryan Spadola and recently signed Mohamed Massaquoi among those competing for the final few spots at the position. In a corresponding move Friday night, the Jets also released wide receiver Marcus Davis with an injury settlement. Earlier Friday, the Jets signed offensive lineman Jason Smith, who spent last season with New York, and released center Scott Wedige.

[Bearbeiten] Braves’ Elliot Johnson Pretends He’s NASCAR Driv

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Just a little more than a week ago, Elliot Johnson was playing for the Kansas City Royals,Young women who drink face higher breast cancer risk- study, seven games out of a playoff spot. He was then claimed by the Atlanta Braves, baseball s best team, and that s apparently rejuvenated Johnson.

That hasn t been evident on the field,Smith Red Jerseys, necessarily Johnson is 5-for-18 since being claimed but Johnson s care-free attitude has been on display already.

Johnson hit the ground running (or perhaps an impression of Will Ferrell doing an impression of Caray), and he was at it again Tuesday night. Following a win over the Cleveland Indians in which he showed off his wheels with a two-run triple,Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys, Johnson was asked about the big hit. Instead of answering with?a ton of cliches?like a normal baseball player,Little gold mine on Upper Wellington turns 50, Johnson answered like a NASCAR driver, also using a ton of cliches of sorts.

Johnson just started thanking random sponsors, as NASCAR drivers have been known to do.

See it in the video below, with a tip of the cap to SportsGrid.

Your browser does not support iframes.

[Bearbeiten] Bill de Blasio fails to go public about all meetings with lo

The mayoral candidate who vowed to go “above and beyond” city disclosure requirements by revealing every meeting he takes with a lobbyist has fallen short of that promise.

A Daily News review of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s official schedule reveals dozens of undisclosed sitdowns with lobbyists, including deep-pocketed real estate developers.

Of the 47 undisclosed lobbyists who de Blasio met with from January 2010 to February 2013, at least 10 later donated to his campaign — a windfall worth more than $10,000 to de Blasio’s war chest.
The cash included money from lobbyists for Related, a real estate giant building the Hudson Yards Project,Cheap Chicago Bears Jerseys, and Extell,Fisher White Jerseys, the developer behind the controversial One57 luxury high-rise tower on 57th St.

Jefferson Siegel Public Advocate and mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio after a press conference outside City Hall on Tuesday, August 27,St. Paul's Church in Bound Brook announces new priest, 2013.

Other meetings that were never disclosed include sitdowns with lobbyists for JP Morgan and New York University.
Elected officials are not required to disclose meetings with lobbyists but de Blasio promised to go “above and beyond” his legal obligations and list his on his website.

His website does list scores of meetings dating back to shortly after de Blasio took office in 2010 but the 47 lobbyists identified by The News were not listed.
De Blasio spokesman Wiley Norvell said the meetings went undisclosed because de Blasio requested to meet with the lobbyists,Washington man tries to shoot marijuana arrow into, not the other way around. “We continue to set the standard for going above and beyond what any law requires,” he said. He added that many of the meetings had nothing to do with lobbying at all, including de Blasio’s talk with Related lobbyist Jay Kriegel.

Norvell said that meeting was arranged to seek the company’s expertise on how to keep affordable housing in Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Town.

[Bearbeiten] Scotch Plains parents complain Union County play structure g

SCOTCH PLAINS On warm days many families find relief from the heat at the spray ground at Ponderosa Farm Park, where fresh water shoots up through holes in the center of playground area as children run through the stream. Located around the spray ground is playground equipment where children can continue their play when not in the water. But during this summer?s heat parents say the lack of shade at the Cooper Road park can creates a dangerous environment. ?The playground equipment is beautiful. But once you get close you feel it (the heat). There is no shade on the playground equipment. They (the children) can?t touch the sides, they are too hot,? said Jenn Coppock-Huegel of Fanwood who visited the park about once a week last summer but has not gone as much this summer because of the shade issue and her concerns about the cleanliness and lack of ventilation in the bathrooms. She noted most of the parents set up chairs by the shady trees located on the perimeter of the playground equipment. She said the swings were too hot for her four-year-old daughter, who was wearing her bathing suit, to sit on them. Juan Paul Zurita of Mountainside said his son, JP Jr., 3,[5], and Juan Marcus, 9, pour water on the slides to cool them off before getting on them. ?They can?t slide unless they pour water on it cause it?s really hot,? said Zurita who set up a tent in the park to offer shade and a breeze for his family. ?It gets really hot and you have to find some shade.? |Priscilla Crumel of Florida who watched her granddaughter Maasai Hurt, 4, of Plainfield swing on the swings was ready with a towel to put down if the equipment was too hot. ?She loves it. This year she can swing herself. She comes in her bathing suit,[6], She gets wet and then she wants to go on the slide? said Crumel,Smith Red Jerseys, adding even the rubber surface gets hot at times. Because a tree can?t be planted next to the playground equipment, Coppock-Huegel questions whether something artificial can be installed to provide some shade. She said Turtle Back Zoo has large canopies that offer shade in the playground area. (Page 2 of 3)
In a letter to Scotch Plains Mayor Kevin Glover written by Liz Wanfield and signed by about 68 parents, the parents said the materials the play structures are made of are so heat-absorbent the slides are practically too hot to touch by 10 a.m. ?Despite the sprinkler systems,Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys, there is no respite from the beating sun, and the park can?t be utilized as effectively as it could be. It?s heartbreaking to see a little child climb to the top of a slide, then sit and scream ?Hot! Hot!? Wanfried said in the letter. Ponderosa Farm Park is a 22.5-acre facility featuring lacrosse and soccer fields, walking trails, playground, restrooms, concession stand and summertime spray park. Union County purchased the former farmland with Open Space and Historic Preservation Trust Funds to keep the area open to the public. The spray park opened last year. The park is owned by the county and maintained by Scotch Plains. Wanfried said the issue of the heat absorbent playground equipment has been discussed on the Scotch Plains community Facebook page and one of the members found an article about how similar situations were handled in other communities with sun canopies, designed for play structures, to make the parks safe again. But Union County doesn?t appear to be planning to make any more improvements to the Cooper Road facility but instead is encouraging parents and child caregivers to use their judgment before letting children on play equipment that has been exposed to hours of sunlight. Sebastian D?Elia, Union County communication director, said the county understands a group of parents in Scotch Plains have expressed concern about the lack of shade at the park. D?Elia said during the construction of the 22-acre, multiuse recreational facility, every attempt was made to keep mature trees on the site. In fact, many of the original trees still stand, along with the addition of hundreds of new trees and plantings, providing quite a bit of shade coverage during different parts of the day on the lawn surrounding the play area, he said. (Page 3 of 3)
?The county was pleased to be able to provide both a playground and spray ground at the Ponderosa Park. The addition of a spray ground provides an element of continual relief from the heat through the numerous water elements, with a portion of the lawn surrounding the play area providing an element of shade,? he said. D?Elia said it is unfortunate that some parents have experienced hot slides and play structures during the very hot days of summer, and county officials hope their enjoyment of the playground on a year-round basis will not be lessened by their experiences during the hottest weeks of summer. With this in mind, anyone using the Ponderosa Park facilities or any playground in general should follow safety guidelines from the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission during the hotter weather, he said. First, do not assume the equipment is safe even though the temperature is not very high. Proper supervision of children during the playground experience is essential, and it is advised that parents use prudence and touch in determining for your child which playing surfaces are appropriate prior to usage. A child?s skin may burn faster than your own as you touch the different surfaces, also remember that some surfaces transfer heat more slowly, and may not appear so hot with a quick touch, he said. Parents using these facilities should be aware of uncoated metal equipment or equipment where the heat reducing coating has rubbed off. Be aware of the temperature of slides, swings and other equipment your child may sit on, and any dark plastics and rubber material surfaces, especially around the playground equipment. Children most at risk are those age 2 and younger, although anyone can be burned. Children running with bare feet are also at risk of burns, he said. By following the guidelines, parents can alleviate some of their concerns and ensure that the playground experience will be safer and more enjoyable, D?Elia said.


[Bearbeiten] Police Blotter for Aug. 29, 2014

JAMESBURGDRUG ARREST, 4 p.m. July 13. Brian Figueroa, 39, of Milltown was arrested on Buckelew Avenue during a police investigation in which Sgt. Hornberger found Figueroa in possession of several folds of heroin and hypodermic needles. Figueroa was lodged at the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center in North Brunswick. BURGLARY ARREST, 2 a.m. July 14. Naser Zucker, 18, of Jamesburg was arrested after he was found burglarizing a vehicle in the parking lot of Parkside Tavern. Zucker was charged with burglary and remanded to the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center in North Brunswick, police said. BURGLARY ARREST, July 28. Curtis Brown, 21, of Jamesburg was charged with burglary and theft after police found him inside of an apartment in Barclay Village. He also was charged with receiving stolen property when police found the car he was driving was stolen from Monroe. Brown was remanded to the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center in North Brunswick,Smith Red Jerseys, police said. DRUG ARREST, July 27. Ana Torok, 24, of Jamesburg was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession with intent to distribute and possession within 500-feet of a public building. Police arrested Torok after a motor vehicle incident on West Railroad Avenue. He was remanded to the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center in North Brunswick, police said. DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED, Aug. 5. Jennifer Breen, 38, of Jamesburg was charged with driving while intoxicated and issued summonses for several motor vehicle violations after Patrolman Smith conducted a motor vehicle stop on Stevens Avenue. Breen was processed and released. DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED, Aug. 9. Michael Bauer, 24, of Jamesburg was charged with driving while intoxicated, refusal to submit to a breath test and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident that occurred on Dogwood Court. Bauer was released to a parent. LINDENHIT AND RUN ACCIDENT AND DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED, 10:46 p.m. Aug. 25. Officers responded to Summit Terrace and W. St. George Avenue on a report of a hit and run accident. A 2011 Dodge Durango was traveling west on W. St. George Avenue when it struck the rear of a 2010 Nissan Maxima stopped at a red light. The impact caused the Maxima to then strike the rear of a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee stopped at the red light in front of the Maxima. The driver of the Cherokee told police the Durango left the scene with heavy front end damage and was heading west on W. St. George Avenue. The driver of the Cherokee followed the driver of the Durango as the vehicle made three right turns and ultimately returned to the scene. Officers questioned the Durango?s driver, Jasmine D. Ruiz, 35,Freshmen Kelvin Taylor, Vernon Hargreaves shine in UF’s opener, of Staten Island, NY, and determined she was under the influence. She was charged with driving while intoxicated, careless driving and failure to observe a traffic control device. Ruiz complained of head, face, and neck pain and was taken to University Hospital in Newark, where she was treated and released. She was returned to police headquarters where she was booked and released to a friend. (Page 2 of 3)
PLAINSBOROTHEFT, Aug. 12. Someone accessed a Plainsboro resident?s TD Bank checking account number and purchased merchandise from The value of the merchandise totaled $74.81. The Plainsboro Township Police Department is investigating. DRUG ARREST, 10:27 p.m. Aug. 15. Patrolman D. Kanaley stopped a 2006 silver, four-door Nissan Altima on Route 1 south for obstructed view. During the traffic stop, a passenger, identified as Amit Shukla, 21, of North Brunswick was found to be in possession of under 50-grams of marijuana. Shukla was placed under arrest and charged with possession of marijuana and issued a summons for having a controlled dangerous substance in a motor vehicle. The driver was issued a traffic summons for obstructed view. Shukla was released on his own recognizance pending a court date. CRIMINAL MISCHIEF, between 7:30 p.m. Aug. 17 and 11 a.m. Aug. 18. A window and spotlight of the golf cart barn at Meadows Middlesex Golf Course were damaged. The damage was estimated to be about $150 for the window and $250 for the spotlight. The incident is being investigated by the detective bureau. FIRE, 9:02 p.m. Aug. 21. Emergency personnel were dispatched to Building 4400 on Hunters Glen Drive for a report of a fire. First responders from the Plainsboro Police Department and Plainsboro Township Fire Department, Station 49, extinguished the fire before it could spread to other units. The building was evacuated. The investigation revealed that a resident had left a pan of oil on the stove unattended. No structural damage to the building or injuries occurred as a result of the incident. The resident was displaced from the apartment for the evening and stayed with a neighbor. Representatives of the Plainsboro Township Fire Department, Station 49; Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Station 166; Plainsboro Township Emergency Rescue Squad, Station 100, and the Plainsboro Township fire inspector were on scene to assist. FRANKLIN (Somerset County)ACCIDENT, 3:21 p.m. Aug. 20. Officers responded to the area of Highland and Winslow Avenues for a motor vehicle accident with injuries. Police discovered that a 2003 Pontiac Vibe operated by Frank Gagliardi, 70, of the Somerset section of Franklin was traveling northbound on Highland Avenue when it crossed over the center line and struck a tree. No other vehicles were involved in the crash, police said. Gagliardi was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick with a head injury. The contributing factors that caused Gagliardi to lose control of his vehicle were unknown, police said. (Page 3 of 3)
PERTH AMBOYDRUG ARREST, Aug. 6. Members of the Perth Amboy Police Department?s Special Investigations Bureau arrested Nelson Jordan, 51, of Barclay Street, Perth Amboy, after a motor vehicle stop and investigation was conducted and 48 decks of heroin were discovered to be in his possession in the area of Convery Boulevard and Harding Avenue. A passenger in the vehicle, David Irizarry, 46, of Donald Avenue, Perth Amboy, was arrested for an outstanding warrant. Jordan was charged with possession of heroin and possession of heroin with the intent to distribute. Bail was set by Municipal Court Judge Emery Z. Toth at $50,000 with no 10-percent down payment. The total street value of the drugs seized is about $480. The investigation was led by Detective Sgt. Carmelo Jimenez Jr. DRUG ARREST, Aug. 7. Members of the Perth Amboy Police Department?s Special Investigations Bureau arrested Albert Pafford, 52, of Madison Avenue, Perth Amboy,Northeast blackout, 2003, after conducting surveillance at Fink Park, located at Smith Street and Madison Avenue, where he was observed engaging in a narcotic transaction. Pafford was discovered to be in possession of 54 decks of heroin. He was charged with possession of heroin,Cheap NFL Jerseys for sale, possession of heroin with the intent to distribute and possession of heroin with the intent to distribute within 500-feet of a public park, Fink Park, and within 1,000 feet of a school zone by the McGinnis Middle School. Bail was set by Municipal Court Judge Maria Del Valle-Koch at $35,000 with no 10-percent down payment. The total street value of the drugs seized is about $540. The investigation was led by Detective Mabner Terron.


[Bearbeiten] Montana amputee Koni Dole helps lead high school team to win

It went from a dream-shattering loss into a triumphant recovery in just months.

Less than a year after a rising high school football player's right leg snapped back during a game, which led to its amputation, the Montana senior is back on two feet and wiping the field with his competitors.

ABC News Less than a year after Koni Dole had his leg amputated, in his first game back on the field he scored two touchdowns helping led his high school team to a 45-0 victory.

In Koni Dole's first game of the season Friday, the Huntley Project high school senior snagged the ball and ran for two touchdowns on a prosthetic leg, helping lead his team to victory.

Koni Dole/via YouTube After breaking his leg during a football game in October Koni had his leg amputated to prevent facing further infection.

Just to overcome all this and to be back on the field with my teammates — it's probably the best feeling I've ever had, he breathlessly toldjust after his team won, 45-0.
For as long as Koni can remember, he's lived and breathed football.

GazPrepSports/via YouTube He was fitted with a prosthetic leg but told by doctors that he most likely wouldn't be able to play football again.

But it was during a game in October that that important part of his life appeared stolen from him in an instant when his leg broke and became dangerously infected.

GazPrepSports/via YouTube ‘Just to overcome all this and to be back on the field with my teammates — it's probably the best feeling I've ever had,’ said the athlete after his rousing return.

Risking further infection if he opted to keep his leg,Ray Lewis #52 Jersey, he accepted doctors' recommendations for amputation.
Gone were his chances of one day playing football for Montana State University, at least according to his doctors.

ABC News Koni Dole, who trained rigorously before being allowed to return to the field, has been offered a football scholarship by Montana State University.

As soon as I learned I might have to amputate, I started looking up amputees that play sports and made the promise that I'd be back on the field, he told  The doctors were telling me that I'd never play football again, so I just had that in the back of my head like kind of driving me. 

Only three months after being fitted with a carbon fiber prosthetic,Hempstead Town Board fills opening created by Mark Bonilla,Nike Washington Redskins Jersey, he joined his high school's wrestling team and also ran track in the spring.
But despite his determination, constant strength training and exercise, the Montana High School Association permitted him to play only three days before Friday’s big game.
Up until then,American Horror Story- Coven Poster Offers A Mouthful Of Sna, it was “We'll see.”
Now a star athlete of his class of 2014, the senior has more than just two feet he can boast of but also a football scholarship offer to attend Montana State University — a No. 2-ranked school.
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