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[Bearbeiten] Genetic Test May Help Take Guesswork Out Of Prostate Cancer

Her team found that three genes associated with aging were able to determine which lesions will become aggressive. The darker the staining on the patient s biopsy, the better. “If you have the markers you re okay. If you don t have the markers,game authentic nfl jerseys, we have to keep an eye on you,” said Dr. Abate-Shen. Experts say 200,000 prostate cancers are diagnosed each year. Most are slow-growing and will never need treatment, but a small percentage will become aggressive. Low-risk patients currently have two choices. They can undergo treatment that comes with serious side effects including, incontinence and impotence, or patients can be monitored, but run the risk of it spreading. “If we could be more assured as to saying to someone we don t think your cancer has aggressive potential, again,David Miliband tells Amanpour- Obama convinced Putin to shif,cheap ohio state scrubs, that s going to have a huge impact on men who are facing this very difficult decision,” said Dr. Mitchell Benson,Wholesale Washington Redskins Jerseys, of New York – Presbyterian/Columbia. A larger study of the test is being planned. RELATED LINKS:

[Bearbeiten] Man Injured While Allegedly Setting Off Pipe Bomb CB

“There was a bunch of people over here at the abandoned house next to my neighbors, there was a great big pipe with smoke coming out of it, lots and lots of smoke and there was blood,” added Thornhauer. The pipe was two-feet of black PVC smoking at both ends. They followed the blood trail onto her neighbor’s porch. “She knocked and knocked on the door, no answer but there was a lot of blood on the door,” Thornhauer said. Inside they found Domanski on the floor. He has lived alone there for three years. His injuries are severe. “When officers arrived, there was a man here who actually had a lot of damage to his one arm,Last free football tickets for Ga. lawmakers,2013 MLB All star jerseys online shop,” said Chief Klawinski. Nate Ferguson saw Domanski right after the explosion. “His hand… part of his finger is missing and stuff,” said Ferguson. “He was just standing there asking for,cheap ohio state scrubs, whoever was there, he was just asking for an ambulance.” By 1 p.m. traffic was being detoured making way for the Allegheny County Bomb Squad and investigators from Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Neighbors say Domanski was upset about a boarded up house nearby. Whatever blew was next to the gas meter; fortunately,game authentic nfl jerseys, all the utilities were off. “We heard that he’s made some statements about the home next door that’s abandoned. It’s on the tear down list,” Chief Klawinski said. The bomb squad and ATF combed Domanski’s house looking for any other incendiary devices, but none were found. RELATED LINKS

[Bearbeiten] E.J. Dionne Jr.- Colorado’s morality lesson on guns

It would be great, of course, if all politicians were like Colorado Senate President John Morse,cheap ohio state scrubs, a former police chief, and state Sen. Angela Giron. Despite being recalled,Wholesale Washington Redskins Jerseys, both Democrats have been unrepentant about championing background checks and limits on gun magazines to 15 rounds. I spent years as a paramedic treating people who have been shot, Morse said in a telephone interview. I spent years as a police officer investigating situations in which people have been shot. I have been shot at myself. ... I may have been voted out of office,cheap authentic NFL jerseys, but the bill stays, the law stays. Morse also cautioned proponents of stricter gun laws around the country not to read too much into a low-turnout election. He stressed the decision of a politically divided state Supreme Court not to allow mail-in ballots in the contests. Since 70 percent of Coloradans normally vote by mail, the ruling gave the highly energized opponents of the law a leg up. And the latest count showed that Morse was defeated by only 343 votes, although Giron s margin of defeat was wider.Yet the intensity gap is precisely the problem.Shortly after a background-check bill failed to get 60 votes in the U.S. Senate last April, a Pew survey found that 73 percent of Americans still backed the proposal while only 20 percent opposed it. But when respondents were asked if they would refuse to vote for a candidate who disagreed with them on guns, those whose priority was to protect gun rights were more likely to say yes than those who thought it more important to control gun ownership. Even more significant, 12 percent of the gun rights partisans said they had given money to groups on their side of the issue, compared with only 3 percent who believed in regulating gun ownership.The gun lobby has a large base. Those seeking more sensible gun laws still need to build one.Doing so requires them to grapple with the fact that political issues can carry meanings far beyond the specifics of policy. These days,Exploring Indonesia, we tend to celebrate the autonomy granted us by technology, geographical mobility and an economy of free agents. Yet a pollster who conducted focus groups on gun control told me recently of her surprise that talk about guns quickly turned into a discussion of what participants experienced as a weakening of solidarity and shared commitment.Neighborhoods, they said, were no longer alliances of parents collectively keeping watch over the area s kids, and they mourned the absence of a common understanding of the values that ought to be passed on to the next generation. Perhaps paradoxically, the stronger bonds of community they see unraveling had once given them more real control over their own lives.The gun lobby responds to this lost world by saying: If you feel your power ebbing, grab a gun and don t let the elitists disarm you because they disdain your values and your way of life.How to answer? Certainly Colorado shows that when sane legislation is enacted, its supporters need to sell the benefits far more effectively and to persuade more voters to see gun sanity as a make-or-break issue. And they should follow the NRA in never allowing setbacks to demobilize them.But they also need to be clear that they seek background checks, smaller magazines and the like not to disempower gun owners but to liberate all of us from fears that madmen might gun down our children and wreak havoc in our communities.Those of us who support gun regulations share with most gun owners a devotion to a rather old-fashioned world. We believe that the possession of firearms comes with responsibilities and that we need to take seriously our obligations to protect one another. Ours is the real fight for liberty. For if we become a society in which everyone has to be armed, we will truly have lost the most basic freedom there is.

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