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[Bearbeiten] Just ask custodians- Average pay for same basic job varies w

June 26, 2013 9:44 a.m. As you said Some have comparable private-sector counterparts, like custodian or mechanic, while other jobs you ll only get working for the government, like being a firefighter or police officer. So what s the point then of posting the average salaries?Who should determine the value of a Police Officer or Fire Fighter when no one in the private sector has ever walked in their shoes,Nike New York Jets Jerseys, nor may they be qualified too.I find it slightly disengenuous that the author, or even a group like NPRI,New Nike NFL Jerseys,51s squandered lead at Tucson with two outs in the ninth, can print this information as if the compensation for these employees is too high yet can not describe in any detail the daily duties and responsibilities of what these or many other Public Employees due to warrant the types of compensation, health care or retirement benefits they receive.No Public Employee contributed to the recent economic downturn based on their compensation nor, unlike many bank and investment CEO s while they were being Bailed out , received monetary bonuses for helping to create the economic downturn by writing sub-prime or stated income mortgage loans then bundling them and selling them off to Wall Street . Sorry but I don t believe that those of you who sit safely behind the protection of your keypad get to determine the value of what a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Nurse, Social Worker or many other valuable Public Employees are worth to the communities that they serve.Have a nice day! By

[Bearbeiten] Kroger to buy Harris Teeter for about $2.44B

Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble Kroger to buy Harris Teeter for about$2.44B The Associated Press Tuesday,Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys,Scott beats Cabrera in two, July 9, 2013 | 4:55 a.m. Kroger says it has agreed to buy Harris Teeter Supermarkets Inc. for about $2.44 billion in cash.Kroger will pay $49.38 for each of its rival supermarket chain's shares. The price represents a 2 percent increase over the company's Monday closing stock price. The deal has been approved by both companies' boards.Matthews, N.C.-based Harris Teeter operates 212 stores in southeastern and mid-Atlantic markets, along with a pair of distribution centers and a dairy facility. Its fiscal 2012 revenue totaled about $4.5 billion.Cincinnati-based Kroger Co. says it expects the deal to result in cost savings of $40 million to $50 million over the next three to four years.Kroger will finance the deal with debt and plans to assume Harris Teeter's outstanding debt of about $100 million. Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble Post a comment Commenting requires . Comments are moderated by Las Vegas Sun editors. Our goal is not to limit the discussion,Dallas Cowboys Jerseys outlet, but rather to elevate it. Comments should be relevant and contain no abusive language. Comments that are off-topic, vulgar, profane or include personal attacks will be removed. If you would like to submit your comment as a letter to the editor, . Username: Password: Login

[Bearbeiten] Retrial of Egypt's Mubarak adjourned to August 17

Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble Retrial of Egypt s Mubarak adjourned to August17 The Associated Press Saturday, July 6, 2013 | 3:51 a.m. A Cairo court has adjourned to August 17 the retrial of former President Hosni Mubarak over charges of corruption and involvement in the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising that ousted him.Mubarak and his two sons, Alaa and Gamal,Nike NFL Jerseys Shop, who are on trial for corruption, appeared at the court session Saturday.Mubarak is charged with both corruption and responsibility for the deaths of some 850 protesters during the early days of the 2011 revolt.The former leader was convicted in 2012 of the charges,wholesale NFL Jersey uniforms,Wranglers part ways with head coach, but an appeals court granted a retrial.Mubarak's democratically elected successor, Mohammed Morsi, was overthrown by the military on Wednesday and replaced with an interim president as part of what the army says is a roadmap to new elections. Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble

[Bearbeiten] Togo opposition says elections to be delayed

Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble Togo opposition says elections to bedelayed The Associated Press Saturday, July 6,Cheap Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, 2013 | 10:26 a.m. Togo's political opposition says parliamentary elections set for July 21 will no longer take place as planned.There was no immediate confirmation from the government on the possible delay,Nike NFL Jerseys For Cheap,Man who lost control of car, crashed into wall is critical, though one official said the polls could be pushed back a day or two following opposition threats of a boycott.The opposition coalition known as "Let's Save Togo" has protested the conditions of the upcoming election, which they say will favor the ruling party.Their demands include the redrawing of the constituencies and the recomposition of the elections commission. The opposition is also seeking the release of their supporters who were arrested in January.Togo, a tiny former French colony in West Africa, has been ruled by the same family for nearly half a century. Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble

[Bearbeiten] Harper and Fielder among Home Run Derby participants

Harper and Fielder among Home Run Derby participants{eot}The Sports Network7/9/2013 9:44:13 AMText SizeNew York's and announced their respective teams for the 2013 Home Run Derby on Monday. Wright, the captain of the National League, will participate in front of his hometown Mets fans along with a pair of Colorado Rockies - and - and Washington Nationals phenom . The captain of the American League,Week in Review- April 27, Cano, announced two of his three teammates for the Midsummer Classic staple - Baltimore's and reigning champion . On Tuesday,Oakland's was named to round out the AL group. Gonzalez currently leads the NL with 24 home runs, Cuddyer has 15 with a .337 average, the 20-year-old Harper has 13 while being limited with a knee injury and Wright also has 13. The AL boasts more power, at least during the first half of this season. Davis has mashed a whopping 33 home runs heading into Monday, the two-time champ Fielder has 15 for the Tigers and Cano, the 2011 winner,Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys, checks in with 20 so far for the Yankees. The derby will be held Monday,popular NBA jerseys, July 15 at Citi Field, one day before the All- Star Game.

[Bearbeiten] Poll Shows Whites, Blacks Divided on Perception of Racial Eq

And as blacks lament ongoing mistreatment, whites were much less likely to believe that blacks continue to be treated unfairly in courtrooms, classrooms or other common situations.

Whites may believe racism is gone because “the hideous things that have happened in our history” — such as lynchings or cross burnings — “have tended to disappear,” said Jerome Rabow, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles. But “when blacks talk about how they’re doing, it’s more about their daily lives.”

Whites often miss those everyday frustrations, such as frequently being pulled over by police,Hannah Anderson's mom, brother to have memorial service, Rabow said. Seventy percent of blacks surveyed said that in their community, police treated blacks less fairly than whites. Only 37 percent of whites agreed.

More than half of blacks surveyed said blacks were treated unfairly at work, compared to only 16 percent of whites who thought so. Latinos fell somewhere in between whites and blacks on those and similar questions.

Other studies also show vast differences in how blacks and whites gauge racism: Earlier this summer, 74 percent of whites told Gallup that blacks in their community had an equal shot at jobs, while only 40 percent of blacks agreed. Whites also held much sunnier views about blacks’ chances at housing and a good education.

In the new millennium, “whites became more convinced that racism wasn’t a problem,” University of Chicago political science professor Michael Dawson said. “And blacks became more convinced that racial problems are not being solved.”

National polls recently revealed whites and blacks starkly split over whether the George Zimmerman case was tied to race. And last year, Loyola Marymount University researchers found that whites in Los Angeles were more upbeat than blacks about how Angelenos of different races were getting along.

Whites may see blacks alongside them at a Los Angeles Lakers game, but “you’re not around when the African American person goes to get a job and is offered thousands of dollars less,” said Marqueece Harris-Dawson, president of the Community Coalition in South Los Angeles.

Some scholars argue whites have grown increasingly blind to the disadvantages faced by blacks. One year after President Barack Obama was elected to his first term, a Harvard University study found 61 percent of whites said blacks had achieved racial equality, compared to 43 percent of whites who answered another survey nine years earlier.

More than half of whites thought blacks, on average, were doing as well or better than whites financially, Pew found in the new poll. Yet two years ago, the median white household had an income of $67,175, compared to $39,670 for black households. Wealth in white households, or assets minus liabilities,Nike NFL Jerseys For Cheap, dwarfed that of black ones even more — $91,405 versus $6,446.

High school completion rates have drawn closer between black and white Americans, but blacks are still less likely than whites to have college degrees. And as of three years ago, black men were more than six times as likely as white men to be incarcerated, a gap that has widened since 1960.

Many experts argue that “structural racism” — advantages and disadvantages that perpetuate themselves even without people choosing to discriminate — plays a big part in continued inequality. For instance, even if companies don’t try to avoid hiring blacks, blacks may be less likely to get the best jobs because many get filled through word-of-mouth. That gives an edge to those who live and socialize with people already working lucrative jobs, who remain disproportionately white.

But whites have pulled away from such ideas: Over recent decades,New Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap, fewer agreed on national surveys that slavery and discrimination had created conditions that made it hard for blacks to advance, University of Illinois, Chicago sociology professor Maria Krysan found. Instead, more chalk up inequalities to differences in culture, blaming those who aren’t succeeding, she said.

Pew found young whites were more likely than older ones to say blacks were treated unfairly. Yet in another study, based on the national Monitoring the Future survey, Emory University sociologist Tyrone Forman found young whites were increasingly likely to say they were indifferent to racial matters. Between 1976 and 2011, the percentage of young whites who said they never worried about race relations nearly tripled.

The problem is that “a lot of these biases have gone underground but have not disappeared,” Forman said. “And that’s what is powerful and dangerous about racial apathy. We are all still looking for the smoking gun,” such as Paula Deen using racial slurs — instead of more subtle discrimination, he said.

Whites have steered away from plainly bigoted ideas, such as whites being more intelligent than blacks, on national surveys over time. Pew found blacks and whites largely agree that they get along well. However, newer “implicit” tests show Americans tend to have more trouble matching positive words to black faces, suggesting that unspoken bias persists.

RYOT NOTE: The bottom line is that there s a long way to go before we can even begin to discuss achieving racial equality in America. That s why it s so important to support organizations like the NAACP, which is fighting for Martin Luther King Jr. s dreams every day. Click on the gray box alongside this story to learn more, donate and Become the News!

[Bearbeiten] Archaeologists race against time and turmoil to save Gaza

Aug. 23, 2013 at 2:48 PM ET

Hatem Moussa / AP A visitor looks at a mosaic in the Gaza Strip's Jabaliya refugee camp - a reminder from a time in late antiquity when Christianity was the dominant faith in Gaza. ST. HILARION, Gaza Strip — The ruins of this ancient complex sit on dunes by the sea, a world away from Gaza City's noise and bustle. Up in the sky, birds compete for space with children's kites flying from a nearby farm.St. Hilarion's Monastery, a reminder of the time in late antiquity when Christianity was the dominant faith in what is now the Gaza Strip, is one of many archaeological treasures scattered across this coastal territory. But Gaza is one of the most crowded places on earth, and the rapid spread of its urban sprawl is endangering sites spanning 4,500 years, from Bronze Age ramparts to colorful Byzantine mosaics,Nike NFL Jerseys For Cheap, experts say. Archaeologists, short of funds and unable to find sufficient trained local staff, say they are scrambling to find and protect the monuments. Some are left open to the weather. Others are engulfed by new development projects. "Archaeology in Gaza is everywhere," says French archaeologist Jean-Baptiste Humbert, who excavated in the territory from 1995 to 2005. He says it was once a "very rich oasis, with gardens, cities and you have settlements, dwellings, fortresses, cities everywhere, everywhere." Once a crossroads
The strip of land on the Mediterranean, sandwiched by Israel and Egypt, is now largely isolated, but once was a thriving crossroads between Africa, the Levant and Asia.
Today, about 1.7 million Palestinians are squeezed into about 360 square kilometers (140 square miles), an area roughly twice the size of Washington, D.C. The need for housing is in Gaza greater than that for preserving ancient artifacts, said Humbert, who is affiliated with the Ecole Biblique, a French academic institution in Jerusalem. Not only does the territory have a high birth rate, but since the Islamic militant Hamas group seized Gaza in 2007, construction has often been interrupted by shortages in building materials caused by border blockades enforced by Israel and Egypt. Marvelous monastery
Six years on, the ruins of St. Hilarion about 10 kilometers (six miles) southwest of Gaza City illustrate the challenges of saving Gaza's ancient treasures.
The two-hectare (five-acre) monastery complex, known in Arabic as Tel Umm Amer, is believed to mark the birthplace of St. Hilarion, a fourth-century Christian monk considered to be one of the founders of monasticism in the Holy Land. The site includes walls and foundations that are the remains of two churches, a cemetery, baths, a baptism hall and mosaic pavements. Hatem Moussa / AP A baptism basin is on view at St. Hilarion’s Monastery in the northern Gaza Strip. The ruins were uncovered in 1999, said Nabila Maliha, an archaeologist at Gaza's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Now, local authorities have trouble preserving it. "We lack the capability, the support and the proper materials," she said. Ecole Biblique, the U.N. cultural agency UNESCO and students from Gaza's Islamic University have tried to help. Preservation work includes covering the mosaic with a protective layer of sand, shoring up crumbling walls with sandbags and clearing weeds. A shortage of trained local staff is a problem. After Hamas seized Gaza from its political rival, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, most of the civil servants at the time stayed away from their jobs. As part of the dispute between the two factions, Abbas' West Bank-based government paid only those civil servants who did not work. Employees hired by the Antiquities Ministry after 2007 don't have enough experience, said the deputy minister, Mohammed Khella, who added that some of the archaeological sites in Gaza are "in very bad condition." As a result of the border blockades, local staff had difficult leaving Gaza for training abroad. Even foreign help can only do so much, and an injection of money — according to Humbert at least 35,000 euros ($47,000) a year — is needed to preserve sites like St. Hilarion. UNESCO has given some money, but "funds needed to complete the emergency measures to put the site in safety are not available," said Junaid Sorosh-Wali, from the Ramallah office of UNESCO, the office responsible for the works in Gaza. Shielding a mosaic
Another site, called Jabaliya, is located just 100 meters (yards) from a refugee camp of the same name, the largest of eight camps in Gaza.
Here, Humbert is trying to shield a Byzantine mosaic pavement dating back to the sixth century. But the concrete shelter that would protect it from the weather will cost $75,000, and the archaeologist is still looking for funding. The Jabaliya mosaic pavement is part of what once was a Byzantine church located on the road from Gaza to Jerusalem. Weather can also contribute to a site's demise, such as at Tel Es-Sakan in central Gaza. It was excavated in 2000 by French universities and contains the oldest rampart ever discovered in the Middle East, dating back some 3,Cheap Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys,500 years, Humbert said. But once uncovered, the mud bricks were exposed to rain and the walls started to vanish. Today, only a few remnants still exist. Endangered by construction
The biggest threat to Tel Es-Sakan, however, was the construction of a branch of the Palestine University in 2008 that eventually brought about the destruction of one-fourth of the site, said Humbert.
Hatem Moussa / AP A man walks through the remains of St. Hilarion’s Monastery in the Jabaliya refugee camp. An official at the university said that it received full approval from the government before starting construction, and that the building was monitored by the municipality. He spoke anonymously as he had no authorization to talk to the media. Despite the challenges, the local antiquities authority has conducted its own excavation, at Tel Rafah along the border with Egypt, for the past three years. The site is believed to correspond to a Roman-era city where coins, jars, tools and animal remains have been found. Humbert estimated that several dozen more archaeological sites are "buried under the sand" in Gaza. New discoveries are made all the time as buildings are being constructed,Beer, pizza and games of Mario Kart at Betamore Events &raqu, he said, but residents report their finds to the authorities only in some cases. Gaza only has a handful of museums that can help connect the residents and their heritage. The ministry runs the public Qasr al-Basha Museum, while construction company owner Jawdat Koudary runs a private one. But for the time being, Humbert said, any archaeologist in Gaza "is like a mad man running here, running there, to check what is in the process of destruction."More about archaeology:

AP's Daniela Berretta reported from Jerusalem.? ? 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

[Bearbeiten] Seahawk Ties- A Look Back At Past And Present Seahawks Conne

"We want the ball and we're gonna score." This is what then-Seahawks quarterback told the referees on a cold December night at Lambeau Field, right before overtime play got underway in the 2003 Wild Card matchup. It was a bit of a high-scoring affair as regulation ended with both teams knotted up, 27-27. For a second, he had me. I thought it could happen. Hasselbeck sounded confident. I lacked faith. In the end, confidence wasn't enough for the Seahawks as they looked to move on to the Divisional round. Following the infamous coin-flip callout, each team went 3-and-out before it happened. Hasselbeck calmly stepped into the huddle, took the snap, dropped back with his eyes locked looking left and threw a dart, right into the waiting hands of who took it back to the house for a 52-yard touchdown to end the game. Moments like that made this rivalry special. When you take the time to think about it, there has been something special about the Packers - Seahawks rivalry for a long time now. It is definitely one of the more subtle rivalries in the NFL. From the 2003 and 2007 playoff matchups to last season's "Fail Mary" game, there has always been some kind of plot or storyline that tied these two franchises together and made for the occasional epic game. Let's take a quick look at some of those ties as we head into Friday's dress rehearsal game. MATT HASSELBECK Matt Hasselbeck began his NFL career as a Packer in 1999. He was a sixth-round pick by Ron Wolf and was one of the many unused backups during the era. He was traded to Seattle on March 2, 2001 and eventually earned his spot as the starting quarterback. Throughout his career,Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys, Hasselbeck went on to break a number of Seahawk passing records. In addition to that, he helped Seattle reach the playoffs six times and they appeared in one . AHMAN GREEN

is the ' all-time leading rusher with 8,322 rushing yards. As a Packer, Green and Brett Favre tore it up. To this day,Justice Dept wants poor black kids to attend bad schools, the duo arguably remains the franchise's last great running back/quarterback tandem. Green gave the Packers a real ground attack - something that hasn't been seen much since he stopped being the team's featured back. Just opposite of Hasselbeck, Green was traded to the Packers from the  in 2000 in exchange for cornerback Fred Vinson.

MIKE HOLMGREN The 90's ended up being a very fun time for a lot of sports fans, mainly because there were so many great things that came of that decade. Things like the *home *run *race between *Sammy Sosa and *Mark McGwire to Michael Jordan's great runs with the Chicago Bulls. Good music and a lot of other great things came of that 90's era. If you were to put the words "90's" and "Packers" in the same sentence, three things would come to my mind: Brett Favre, Reggie White and Coach Mike Holmgren. Holmgren and his beloved mustache roamed the Packer sideline every week from 1992-98. In 1996, Holmgren led the Packers to a Super Bowl victory and that still remains one of my all-time favorite memories after all these years. Now he even has his own street in Green Bay, Holmgren Way. Holmgren left Green Bay to coach in Seattle and add the title of General Manager. The Seahawks went from being consistently mediocre to becoming a frequent playoff threat for the better part of his coaching tenure there. UNRELATED FUN FACT: Holmgren was the quarterback at USC from 1966-69. Imagine... TED THOMPSON The Packers' own General Manager, "Trader" Ted Thompson, has been busy building a future for the Packers since 2005. He has almost seamlessly ushered this franchise into a new era that as already produced one championship. His decisions weren't always the most popular but he has proven himself as trustworthy - perhaps even earning the nickname "Trustworthy" Ted, in recent years. Thompson also has Seattle ties. From 2000-2004, he served as the VP of Football Operations for the 'Hawks and played a big role in the turnaround of that franchise as well. JOHN SCHNEIDER (Seahawks General Manager) Schneider was brought on to the Seahawks as the General Manager in 2010 after spending the past seven years with the Packers as the Director of Football Operations. He grew up in the state of Wisconsin and began his career with the Packers as a scout in 1993. Interestingly enough, he got his first job by writing a letter to the then-Packers GM Ron Wolf, who gave him a summer internship during his junior year of college. From there, Schneider's executive career was about to take off. In 2012, he won the NFL's Executive of the Year award. HONORABLE MENTION: RUSSELL WILSON I understand that this isn't really a Packers connection but the Wisconsin connection is there. There are a lot of Packer fans who double as Badger fans. Wilson played one very good season with the Wisconsin Badgers before going pro. (EDITOR'S NOTE: No, it wasn't just very good. It was like a wet dream for Badger fans.) He led the Badgers to the Rose Bowl and was the one who threw the legendary "Fail Mary" against the Packers last season. He is now tied to the Packers forever. There are a lot of connections between these two franchises that aren't even mentioned here. As I said before, this is one of the more subtle rivalries in the NFL. While it is just the preseason,Dallas Cowboys Jerseys outlet, we can expect to see one good half of football from the starters this week. A lot of connections between the two franchises, but no love will be lost here. You should expect to see a good one tomorrow. More from Acme Packing Company:

[Bearbeiten] Not enough to graduate college- Now there's an exit exam

20 hours ago

 Getty Images stock Hold your hats, kids. It's not enough to fill the class requirements; now you might have to take an exit exam so employers can assess whether you learned anything. BOSTON -- Seniors returning to classes at dozens of U.S. colleges and universities have one more hurdle to prepare for this school year: a new standardized test for graduating students intended to give prospective employers a measure of their abilities. Called Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus (CLA+),New Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap, the test aims to provide a more objective way to compare the intellectual achievements of graduates of different schools. "It's another set of information that employers can use to review the applicant," said Robert Keeley, director of assessment services at the Council for Aid to Education, the New York-based nonprofit that has developed the test. "We're looking to equip students to share their scores more readily than they have in the past." About 200 colleges and universities, including small liberal arts colleges Ursuline College of Pepper Pike, Ohio, and Stonehill College of Easton, Mass. as well as some of the California and Texas state university systems,Royal Caribbean cruise ship cancels Alaska sailings due to e, have signed up to give the CLA+ tests at the end of the academic year now getting underway. The test will measure analysis, problem solving, writing, quantitative reasoning and reading, the Council for Aid to Education said. It could serve a similar role to the admission exams that graduate schools rely on as a standard evaluation for their applicants. Students will be able to incorporate the results of the CLA+ test into their resumes and have the option of sending copies of the reports to potential employers, Keeley said. The tests could help address the problem of grade inflation, with schools awarding higher grades over the years in an effort to attract and retain students, said Michael Poliakoff, vice president of policy at the nonprofit American Council of Trustees and Alumni. "Employers want to see something they can rely on," Poliakoff said. "They don't want to see a portfolio of things that show a candidate may or may not have done." Poliakoff, who participated in a focus group on the test's development, said the test could help graduates demonstrate "just how valid those grades on a transcript are." The test is being phased in at a time when U.S. officials are wrestling with the rising cost of a college education. President Barack Obama last week proposed a plan to tackle soaring U.S. education costs with a new system that judges colleges and universities on their financial value and ties those ratings to disbursement of federal aid. The plan calls on the U.S. Department of Education to institute a ratings system before the 2015 school year that would allow students and parents to select schools based on the best value for the money. Douglas Bennett, a Council for Aid to Education board member and emeritus professor of politics at Earlham College in Indiana, said the test showed promise. "A dirty secret about higher education for a very long while is, we've had no particularly good ways of knowing the most important thing, and that is whether students are learning,Nike New York Jets Jerseys," he said. "Partly that's been because we didn't have the right, clever ideas to figure out how to do that."?More business news:Follow business on and 
Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters.

[Bearbeiten] Ziomecki- Państwo na ruchomych piaskach

Jedno jest jasne: po zmianach w OFE nie mo?emy liczy? na bezpieczeństwo na staro??. St?d tylko ma?y krok do pytania: ile warte s? obietnice ministrów ?i profesorów w innych gard?owych dziedzinach,popular NBA jerseys, jak opieka zdrowotna, edukacja czy, odpuka?, obronno??? – pyta publicysta.

Co wspólnego maj? kalifornijskie tablice rejestracyjne do auta, dowolny banknot wyemitowany przez w?adze USA i polski system emerytalny? Ju? wyja?niam: dwa pierwsze ilustruj?, na czym polega najwi?ksza szkoda, jak? wywo?uje gra znaczonymi kartami o przysz?o?? naszych Otwartych Funduszy Emerytalnych. 
 Kiedy ludzie broni?cy OFE wyt?umacz?, dlaczego stworzyli system tak kosztowny ?dla emerytów, a lukratywny ?dla zarz?dzaj?cych?  
Chodzi tu przecie? o wiarygodno?? państwa. A ta zale?y od ci?g?o?ci stosowanych przez nie rozwi?zań i stabilno?ci jego kluczowych instytucji. 
Dolar wa?ny bezterminowo 
W latach 70., gdy rozszerzy?a si? wymiana naukowa i kulturalna mi?dzy Stanami Zjednoczonymi a gierkowsk? Polsk? (w tym sensie, ?e wi?cej naszych zacz??o tam je?dzi?), w?ród warszawskiej inteligencji upowszechni?a si? moda przybijania na drzwiach w mieszkaniach przywiezionych ze stypendiów tablic rejestracyjnych. Budzi?y mi?e wspomnienia: niebieskie albo bia?e, mia?y wyt?oczone nazwy stanów,Nach erneuter Strafe in Spa- Whitmarsh genervt- Perez muss v, gdzie mie?ci?y si? go?cinne uniwersytety. New York, Massachusetts, California, Texas, Florida... 
Tablice te, rzecz ciekawa, raz wykupione, stanowi?y do?ywotni? w?asno?? ich u?ytkowników. Nie trzeba by?o ich odnosi? do ?adnego urz?du po sprzeda?y auta i – ta informacja szokowa?a nas najbardziej! – nigdy nie traci?y wa?no?ci na terenie, na którym zosta?y wydane. Je?li w?a?cicielowi po latach uda?o si? ponownie za?apa? na wyjazd na zaprzyja?niony wydzia?, móg? swoje tablice przykr?ci? do kolejnego u?ywanego forda albo garbusa kupionego za kilkaset dolców do kr?cenia si? wokó? campusu. 
Nie mniej zdumia?a mnie pó?niej informacja, ?e ka?da legalnie wybita moneta i ka?dy banknot wyemitowany przez rz?d federalny w dowolnym punkcie historii pozostaje do dzi? wa?nym ?rodkiem p?atniczym w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Okoliczno?? ta ju? nie ma, rzecz jasna, praktycznego znaczenia, gdy? warto?? kolekcjonerska historycznych monet czy banknotów zwykle przekracza (bywa ?e znacznie) dzisiejsz? si?? nabywcz? ich nomina?ów. Inflacja robi swoje. Amerykanin mo?e jednak, je?li si? uprze, pój?? do sklepu nawet z najwi?kszym numizmatycznym skarbem swojego kraju; reszt? dostanie we wspó?czesnym pieni?dzu. 
Rz?d USA nie mo?e i nie chce, jak wszystkie inne rz?dy, zapewni? sta?ej si?y nabywczej swojej waluty. Robi the next best thing: bezwzgl?dnie strze?e wiarygodno?ci ka?dego wyemitowanego dolara w systemie państwowym. Honorowanie w obiegu historycznych egzemplarzy waluty mo?e wydawa? si? niepraktyczne, podobnie jak utrzymywanie wa?no?ci starych tablic rejestracyjnych. Takie praktyki maj? jednak kapitalne znaczenie z symbolicznego punktu widzenia. 
Jest to komunikat o sile i trwa?o?ci wspólnoty oraz o wiarygodno?ci jej zasad i jej instytucji. Mówi on, ?e państwo skrupulatnie dotrzymuje raz danych obietnic. ?e nie zmienia regu? gry, nawet je?li staj? si? one niewygodne. A bezterminowo znaczy dok?adnie to: nie ma terminu utraty wa?no?ci. 
A czym jest to samo w oczach polskiej w?adzy i administracji? Licho wie. Moje pierwsze prawo jazdy, które uzyska?em w 1968 roku, w rubryce ?wa?no??” mia?o urz?dow? piecz?tk? ?bezterminowo”. Bawi?o mnie, kiedy wr?cza?em policjantom dokument ze zdj?ciem, na którym mia?em 16 lat. Nic nie mogli z tym zrobi?. Gdy jednak rz?d og?osi? wymian? starych kartonikowych praw jazdy na plastikowe, nie by?o dyskusji. ?Stare” prawko, mimo piecz?tki, utraci?o wa?no??. A przecie? mo?na by?o zaproponowa? mi wymian? dobrowoln? (na co pewnie bym poszed?,Nike NFL Jerseys Shop, ze wzgl?dów praktycznych). Mo?ecie patrze? na ten drobny przyk?ad z ró?nych punktów widzenia, ale ja upieram si?, ?e państwo polskie odruchowo zrobi?o sobie krzywd?. 
Spo?eczna tragedia 
To prowadzi nas ju? prosto do dyskusji nad OFE. 
Nie chc? rozwodzi? si? nad tym, kto moim zdaniem ma wi?cej racji w tym sporze: czy rz?d z ministrem finansów Jackiem Rostowskim, który na otwartych funduszach nie zostawia suchej nitki, czy obrońcy reformy emerytalnej z 1999 roku, z prof. Leszkiem Balcerowiczem na czele. Sprawa jest ju? w?a?ciwie zamkni?ta.

[Bearbeiten] J. Jeffrey Rice selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers i

J. Jeffrey Rice, managing partner of the Southwest Florida law firm Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice Purtz, P.A., has been selected by his peers to be included in the 20th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America, published by Woodward/White for his work in the fields of Bet-the-Company Litigation and Commercial Litigation. Rice has received this distinction for six consecutive years, and is recognized as one of the top attorneys in his field. Inclusion in Best Lawyers is based on an exhaustive and rigorous peer-review survey comprised of more than 5 million confidential evaluations by top attorneys. Because no fee or purchase is required, being listed in Best Lawyers is considered a singular honor. Rice is certified as a Civil Trial Advocate and Civil Pretrial Practice Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (Trial Practice - Commercial and Corporation). Certified in Civil Trial Law, Business Litigation and Construction Law by The Florida Bar, Rice is licensed to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida and admitted to practice in the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition,popular NBA jerseys, he is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit and County Court Mediator. Rice focuses his practice on commercial and construction law, construction lien cases and real estate closings. He has been named one of Florida��s Super Lawyers each year since 2006. Goldstein,Serena Williams continues US Open title defence with second, Buckley, Cechman, Rice Purtz, P.A., continues to provide a full complement of legal services to clients for over 50 years in its Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Lehigh Acres and Port Charlotte offices. Areas of practice include personal injury and accidents, wrongful death, wills and estates, real estate, insurance, guardianships and family law, social security disability, commercial and construction law,Dallas Cowboys Jerseys outlet, criminal law, bankruptcy and BP claims. For more information, visit, call **LAW (529) on a mobile phone, or 239-334-1146.

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