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[Bearbeiten] Both Postcard Printing and Brochure Printing Can Be Great fo

When it comes to different forms of advertising there are many different classes that you could put your products into. Each one of these is going to offer you its own distinctive advantages and positives as to why it is the right choice for your business advertising needs. The biggest thing that you should remember is that things like postcard and brochure printing are going to help you to be able to get more customers quickly if you are handling things right. When you use the right proposals in marketing you will find that you will get a lot of positive feedback about these different choices. There are many different things that you have to remember about marketing and that his that it is something that generally requires a lot of time and often costs a lot of money.
Choosing the right choice for brochure and postcard printing can help you to be able to make sure that you will get your needs met for your target audience without having to spend a lot of money. Postcards are cheap and something that every small business is able to afford. You will find that they can easily help you to have a good reputation and to help others with knowing what is available for their business. This is something that you can do to readily impress the clients that you already have and to help impress those that you hope to gain as well,Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns">Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns [ Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns a>">4.12 Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns] Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns Techniques In Declaring Your Tax Returns. The best thing is that this is something that is very affordable and easily available through a number of websites.
Another cheap choice is with brochure printing,">Wholesale Cheap NFL Uniforms. You will find that this is something else that people find to be affordable and readily available to them online,cheap ohio state scrubs. The different printers that you are looking at should offer you the ability to have your brochures mailed to you flat for a discount as they do not have to do all of the folding work if you are willing to fold them yourself. If you are going to be using this as your businesses main plan of advertising then it is a good idea for you to be able to figure out what you want and how you can get the best of both of these worlds. You want something that you can afford but something that is going to make the big impact that these are going to make,Wholesale Washington Redskins Jerseys.
Making sure that you find a high quality company for all of your printing needs whether or business cards or postcard printing is important. People judge your company by the quality of the advertisements that they see. You will find that there are many different choices that are available to you with these companies and that you will be able to get anything that you would like to have. Best of all is the fact that everything is going to be customized and detailed to meet your individual and business needs perfectly. There are so many choices that you are sure to find one that will be exactly what you want it to be regardless of what you are looking for. By:

Blockbuster Print is a go to source for all of your major printing needs including . They are also known for their high quailty as well.

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[Bearbeiten] Tehama County Supes' pay, rules may go on ballot


 Font ResizeTehama County Supes' pay, rules may go on ballotBy RICH GREENE-DN Staff WriterUpdated:
09/26/2013 06:59:27 AM PDT
The Tehama County Board of Supervisors Tuesday

discussed a pair of measures for placement on the June 2014 ballot,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale.

Both measures involve their own elected positions.

One would change the way future vacancies on the board could be filled, the second could potentially affect how much supervisors are compensated.

The board directed county staff to prepare a ballot measure amending the County Charter on how board vacancies are filled.

County Counsel Arthur Wylene said the death of Supervisor George Russell in 2012 prompted the measure.

The change would give more local control in filling the vacancy by allowing the remaining supervisors to appoint a replacement.

Tehama County's Charter does not address how vacancies are to be filled, which therefore defaults the process to the state's general law and requires the governor to appoint a replacement.

That occurred when Gov. Jerry Brown appointed Sandra Bruce in April to fill Russell's seat.

But as a Charter County, Tehama has the right to choose its own appointment method if the change in charter is approved by the board and voters.

The drafted change would give the Board of Supervisors 90 days to appoint a replacement, at which time the decision would default back to the governor.

Similar to the state law, if the vacancy occurred within the first two years of a term a special election would be held for the term's remaining two years.

Bruce's District 2 seat is up for the remaining two years of the term in June 2014. The seat will go back on to its regular 4-year cycle in 2016.

Ten out of the state's 13 charter counties have their own methods for filing vacancies, some of which include holding special elections more quickly following a vacancy.

Tehama County Clerk Bev Ross estimated such a special election in Tehama County would cost around $12,MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be">MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be [ MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be a>">4.12 MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be] MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be MYRTLE BEACH- S.C. Air National Guard practices at Myrtle Be,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale,000.

Chairman Dennis Garton said he did not think the county needed to spend that type of money should another vacancy happen in the future, because the remaining board should be able to do the job they were elected to do.

Supervisor Steve Chamblin called the drafted measure a good plan for continuity of representation for each of the county's five districts.

The supervisors briefly discussed decreasing their own self-imposed 90-day limit, but in the end decided that time frame would provide the right balance of quickness and diligence.

It's 90 days quicker than the

governor did last time, Supervisor Bob Williams said, referring to Bruce's appointment, which came about six months after the seat was vacated.

In regards to a second measure to adjust the salaries of the Board of Supervisors, the board decided Tuesday only on which ballot they would prefer the measure to appear, but did not discuss specifics of any proposals.

The 2012-13 Grand Jury had recommended supervisor salaries be raised so as not to detract qualified applicants in the future.

It recommended the issue be put to voters on a ballot.

The board unanimously agreed it would prefer the issue to be on the June 2014 ballot rather than in November 2014.

Williams said the June elections attract voters who seriously care about county elections,Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal-">Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- [ Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- a>">4.12 Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal-] Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal- Demarco Murray- Fluke or Real Deal-,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale.

He said the measure would address a serious county issue and therefore should be decided by such.

Garton asked for the measure to be prepared as quickly as possible so there would be time for it to be discussed at voter forums in the upcoming election cycle.

Chief Administrator Bill Goodwin said a study session would be scheduled within the next month to discuss what a future compensation package may look like, when it would take affect and accompanying ballot language.

[Bearbeiten] ACT leader calls for GST discussion

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher doesn't yet have a position on whether the tax's rate should be changed,Biz Break- Move aside Twitter, Alibaba is now biggest U.S. t,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, but she says the country at least should be able to talk about it."The problem is the commonwealth has to take all the political heat on it and then distribute the money to the states,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale," she told ABC radio."If there is to be any rational discussion about the GST,How do you forgive a killer- A mother moves past tragedy,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, all states and territories need to back in any federal government that's prepared to examine and look at whether the rate does need to go up or exemptions need to change."Mr Barnett on Thursday called for Prime Minister Tony Abbott to take some leadership and look at increasing the GST.

AAP 2013

[Bearbeiten] 5 Reasons Why We Can't Wait to Be a Pirate in Assassin&

The ocean s a scary place,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, and by the looks of things its formidability is going to be recreated successfully in Assassin s Creed IV, as it pits us face-to-terrifying-face with the beasties of the Big Blue. I m unsure of just how much time real-life pirates spent going toe-to-fin with huge whales and the like,Week 5 Fantasy Football Top Pickups,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, but judging from the screenshots we ve seen,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale,Miguel Cotto wins big against Delvin Rodriguez on night Orla, the pirates of ACIV don t mind getting their hands dirty. Or wet.

[Bearbeiten] Chicago Startup Kickstarter Watch- Hale Dreamer

Even though everyone and their kid brother has a Kickstarter these days,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, the site still stands as an important testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and just how many people have good ideas and how few of them don t have enough money to do it on their own. That s not intended as a knock,Soriano brings experience to PN,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys,Will B.J. Young Join the Houston Rockets' Affiliated Rio Grande Valley Vipers-, but rather a fist-bump to people who are out there hustling and trying to make something they dream of and believe in happen.

[Bearbeiten] Port Adelaide leads the race to secure disgruntled Brisbane

At the end of the first round of trade talks at Etihad Stadium, the Polec deal stands as follows:

PORT has offered its second-round draft pick (No. 30). Brisbane says this is not enough for the 20-year-old who was a No,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale. 5 draftee two years ago.

Brisbane wants more - like our first-round draft pick and we re not going to do that, said Power football chief Peter Rohde.

But the Power is prepared to work its first-round draft pick (No. 13) into the trade in a piggyback deal that has Brisbane ruckman Billy Longer go to Hawthorn in return for the AFL premier s first-round draft call (No,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys. 18),Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale. Port would then swap draft picks 13 and 30 to the Lions for Polec and draft pick 18.

This gives Port another outside running midfielder after securing Richmond wingman Matt White as a free agent on Friday - and keeps the Power in the first round of the national draft.

ADELAIDE - which has no pick until No,Australia and 16 other nations will take Syrian refugees, co. 42 in next month s national draft because of the Kurt Tippett sanctions - wants to trade Crows players either directly to the Lions or in multi-club deals.

With Adelaide still to convince its players there is opportunity - and long-term contracts - on offer at Brisbane,OUR VOICE- Voting centers make sense, the Crows appear behind the Power in the chase for Polec. But list manager David Noble refuses to concede Polec will join Port, the club he barracked for as a teenager.

We ll keep working it ... I wouldn t say it is harder for us, perhaps more complex, said Noble. We can come up with a range of players who Brisbane may see as better than dealing for draft picks. And we may be able to help them close other deals and get Polec along the way (for servicing trades for Brisbane).

[Bearbeiten] Small businesses have long given up hope of getting the Gove

As a director of a company, which is looking to list on the Australian Stock Exchange, I have recently done exhaustive disclosure as part of the checks for any previous criminal convictions or bankruptcy. These checks are not only carried out in Australia but in every country where a director has lived in the past 10 years. In some countries this requires fingerprint identification. The good news is that I am neither bankrupt nor am I a convicted criminal. It was the answer I was expecting. You see I went through the same checks five months ago when I was appointed to a State Government board. I went through the same checks at the start of the year when I was issued an Australian financial services licence. I have been through the same police checks three time this year. I suggested they could just rely on the certificate that police issued me last time but apparently not. I could have committed some grave crime in the weeks between April and September, so the whole thing had to be done again. The Government (which knows me very well) now has the same forms with the same information in three separate bulging applications by me for the same certificates. I feel sorry for the police doing these checks over and over again. No wonder they are always short of resources. Disclosure regarding bankruptcy, professional misconduct,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, etc is nothing new. I am required to do this every year. I am getting good at filling out the forms. We rake over the same ground again and always come up with the same answer which shows I have been quite well behaved. Not even the misuse of parliamentary travel allowances shows up on the record. I could go on but I think you have the picture. The founder of the Liberal Party, Robert Menzies, once gave a famous speech in defence of people who were overlooked in politics. He called them the Forgotten People . For the self-employed things have moved well beyond that. They find government regulation is suffocating them. They spend more and more of theirtime attending to government,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, leaving less and less to actuallyto run the business and earn their income. They feel like an endangered species. It is time for some modern Liberal to give a speech and a program to help these Endangered People . I suppose the Endangered People could give up the dream of owning their business and become employees like everyone else. But if they disappeared we would lose a lot of ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and independence. Few of our parliamentarians have experienced the difficulty of being self-employed. Even those the number with private sector experience seem to be shrinking. But it is not the same to work for a big company as it is to work for yourself. Farmers are one self-employed group who still seem to be able to make it into Parliament. But one of the reasons why self-employed people are not well represented is that they don t have the time to spend on party endorsement. They are too busy working. It takes a lot of time to generate income while complying with all those regulatory government obligations that Government imposes. You need time to work the numbers if you want to get into Parliament. Which is why being a political staffer or union official is the ideal launching pad for a political career. You might think I leapt for joy when I heard the Coalition Government was going to cut regulation. But I don t want to get my hopes up too high. A government can have the very best of intentions. and then some problem occurs. Perhaps someone with a criminal background becomes a company director. All of a sudden the Government decides that all directors must have criminal background checks. Or the Government falls short on its revenue. All of a sudden it pulls forward company tax payments. Or,Houston Rockets Met With Open Arms In The Philippines,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale,Oklahoma City Thunder 2013, desperate to balance a Budget, a government announces changes to superannuation contribution limits and taxation rates. Most regulation arises from some real or perceived emergency. In isolation it might all look reasonable. But it is the cumulative weight that is breaking the back of small business. The small business community and the self-employed have long given up the hope of getting the Government off their backs. They would settle for an outcome that stops the burden from growing. Here is the principle I would recommend to a Government: Do no more harm . Those changes that have been foreshadowed but not yet been introduced (like many of the superannuation changes) should be swept away. If things can t get better at least draw the line and make sure they do not get worse.
Peter Costello is a former federal treasurer 

[Bearbeiten] Divorced parents also to blame for pedophilia, Polish Archbi

While condemning pedophile priests whom neither the Church nor anyone else can accept, Archbishop Michalik also spoke out against divorce as being harmful to children. How many wounds are their in children's hearts, in children's lives, when their parents go their separate ways, he told the PAP. Today nobody talks about divorce doing great harm to a child. It's obvious that sex abuse does great harm, one can't forget about it, but it's not the only thing causing harm, he added.In an unprecedented move, Polish Church leaders apologised earlier this month over alleged pedophile priests, as prosecutors on both sides of the Atlantic began probes against two high-profile suspects.Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, a 65-year-old Pole who served as a papal envoy in the Dominican Republic's Santo Domingo for around five years, is being investigated for allegedly having sex with teenage boys.Authorities on the Caribbean island nation are also investigating Wojciech Gil,COAG Reform Council shows vaccination rates fall further in,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, a 36-year-old priest suspected of raping several young boys while serving there.Fr Gil told Polish media last week the allegations were fabricated, pointing to Dominican drug gangs possibly trying to frame him.Despite the apology, Church leaders in Poland inist they will not be offering victims any material compensation.Unlike the United States,Brewer News for 10,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, Australia or Ireland,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, child sex abuse by priests in Poland has been a largely taboo subject and has so far not provoked widespread public outcry.

[Bearbeiten] What Should the Plan be Starting Pitching Wise Heading Into

Rafael Montero+Wilmer Flores+Lucas Duda or Ike Davis+Jon Niese for David Price+Hak Ju Lee+Drew Vettleson? Maybe Ruben Tejada somewhere in there? We could sign Scott Kazmir in addition and have a rotation of:
Price, Gee, Kazmir, Wheeler, Mejía,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, and Syndergaard at some point David Price would be an upgrade over Jon Niese, either one of Ike Davis/Lucas Duda is expendable for us and still an upgrade over James Loney, Wilmer Flores doesn t have a spot on the team, and Rafael Montero s solid but we need to make a trade scenario realistic. On the flipside, I d be fine with keeping almost all of that talent and try to build something around Duda or Davis and Ruben Tejada + a pitcher with serious upside for Hak Ju Lee since we really do need a solution at SS,Slant Pattern — NFL Week 5, and a guy who projects to hit with a floor of .330 OBP,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, 35+ steals,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale,ICYMI- Suggested Basketball Reading From Across The Web, and Gold Glove defense fits the bill.

[Bearbeiten] Sabine Pass' Gabby Eldridge dies at 82 - Local News


It is said that Robert Lee Eldridge s loquacious nature earned him the nickname Gabby. But Adam Saunders remembers the man affectionately known to residents as the unofficial mayor of Sabine Pass as quiet and unassuming.

He fit right in there with everybody else, and I think that s what we all loved about him, said Saunders, director of the Robert Bob Bowers Civic Center and Sabine Pass native. If you walked in a room, you wouldn t necessarily know that he was the big mover and shaker around town.

Eldridge died at approximately 1 a.m. Wednesday, at Calder Woods Nursing Home in Beaumont. He was 82.

He loved Sabine Pass, and a lot of people loved him, said Terri Thompson, Eldridge s daughter.

Eldridge s life was a testament to that. According to The News archives, after assisting in the restoration of the Sabine Pass cemetery, Eldridge lobbied to have Jefferson County take over maintenance. And whenever there were concerns in his community, it was Eldridge who ensured that officials in both Austin and Washington, D.C. took notice.

He would step up in Austin for the whole area, said Sam Monroe,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, president of Lamar State College-Port Arthur who knew Eldridge through his work on the college s foundation board. He had a lot of friends in high places.

The owner of R.L. Eldridge Construction and Gabby s Dock fought to keep the Dick Dowling Lions Club chapter alive a lifetime member, he served as president for many years. As chairman of the Lions Water Park Committee, Eldridge helped to secure a $25,000 donation from Cheniere Energy, Inc.

His heart, his soul, bled Sabine Pass, but the people in Port Arthur also held him in high esteem, said Port Arthur Mayor Deloris Bobbie Prince. He s going to be missed by all of us.

Though small, Sabine Pass has a rich, vibrant history a history that Eldridge fought inexhaustibly to preserve. During the yearly reenactment of the Battle of Sabine Pass at Dick Dowling Days, he furnished his barge as the replica gun boat. Monroe collaborated with Eldridge to install the interpretive center at Dick Dowling Park.

We worked to get that installed so that a person could get a feel of the historical event that took place,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, Monroe said.

The two also raised money to erect a statue of Sabine Pass founder Sam Houston at the Bert Karrer Lions Community Park which Eldridge worked to acquire and maintain, even donating a portion of the land before securing and refurbishing the 18-mile Sabine Bank Lighthouse to be placed in the park.

He was very interested in preserving the history,7 Funny Song Medleys By One Minute Mashup, and developing Sabine Pass and the whole area, Monroe said.

All of Eldridge s efforts ultimately culminated in the community s decision to name the R.L. Gabby Eldridge Center in his honor.

We found it thoroughly enjoyable how shocked he was, Saunders said. For us, we thought, Who else would we name it after?

For Saunders,Erik Compton wins PGA Tour Courage Award, and the rest of Sabine Pass, it is not these milestones they will miss most about Eldridge. It is his presence during the community s tragedies some widespread, like Hurricanes Ike and Rita, others small and personal that stands out in people s memories of the man who, Saunders said, embodied the unyielding spirit of Sabine Pass.

You re all equals down there, and Gabby was proof of that, Saunders said. He always knew when he came back to Sabine Pass, we would all treat him the same even though, deep down,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, we knew he was our top guy.

Funeral services are scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday at Clayton Thompson Funeral Home with burial following at Sabine Pass Cemetery. Visitation is from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday at the funeral home. The family is asking, in lieu of flowers, for donations to the R.L. Gabby Eldridge Endowed Scholarship fund at Lamar State College-Port Arthur. Donations may be mailed to Lamar State College-Port Arthur, P.O. Box 310, Port Arthur, TX 77641.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @ErinnPA

[Bearbeiten] Bosh Enters Season Better Prepared For Constantly Changing R

Bosh Enters Season Better Prepared For Constantly Changing Role Oct 09,Video- Glen Rice Jr. sends game to overtime with put, 2013 12:48 PM EDT

Chris Bosh occasionally expressed his frustrations last season as his role changed,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, but he enters 13-14 prepared to contribute in every area. "It's always a tough thing to continually redefine yourself and redefine your role,Late Goal Lifts Blues Over Blackhawks," Bosh said. "Sometimes,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, it's frustrating but the finished product has been winning a championship. It's all worth it when it's said and done." Unlike LeBron James and Dwyane Wade,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, Bosh is often asked to produce in a different way each night depending on the opponent. Bosh is the prime example of Erik Spoelstra's position-less basketball. Spoelstra said Bosh's responsibilities will "continually evolve" this season. Bosh can go from inside presence to mid-range shooter to 3-point specialist in a span of a week. "It doesn't stop," Spoelstra said. "As soon as he gets comfortable, we add other wrinkles because of his versatility. We want to constantly keep him just a little bit out of his comfort zone He picks up things very quickly that allows us to add more things offensively." Via

[Bearbeiten] Puffy pancakes are impressive, easy to make

The trick is having everything and everyone ready at the moment the pancake is done. The entertainment value of this German treat is being able to witness its poufy drama before it quickly,Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to address Parliament, as, inevitably, begins to deflate. Cut and served with the season s best apples, saut ed in butter and sugar until they begin to caramelize, a German pancake can bring down the house. Heat is the key to your pancake achieving the greatest inflation. A preheated pan does double duty, melting the necessary butter, then crisping the bottom surface of the batter to keep it from sticking to the pan. The resulting pancake has the bite of a crepe,Queensland Plan- Campbell Newman aims to redistribute popula, the loft of a souffle, the egginess of custard and the brown shoulders of a popover. Some like to serve it with preserves or fresh fruit. A squeeze of lemon juice and a dusting of powdered sugar is traditional. Crumbled bacon and maple syrup could be ready for their close-up. Because a German pancake bakes in only 15 minutes, you can serve one while a second one bakes, which is nice if you re serving a number of people. If there are kids in the kitchen, turn on the oven light so they can watch the batter rise and inflate into eggy escarpments. If there only are adults,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, turn the light on anyway. Because we all like a little drama in our lives.

GERMAN PUFFED PANCAKE Serves 4. Note: The recipe is for a 10-inch ovenproof skillet or round cake pan, but can easily be doubled and baked in a 9- by-13-inch pan (metal or Pyrex.) This recipe, often also called Dutch Baby, is adapted from The Joy of Cooking,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, although we halved the amount of butter. (Don t worry; there s still plenty.) 2 tbsp. butter 2 eggs,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, beaten

c. milk
tsp. vanilla extract
c. flour
c. sugar

Pinch of salt

[Bearbeiten] UA basketball- As senior, Mayes sees new role as team leader

The Arizona Wildcats have only one senior on their roster this season, but Jordin Mayes has experience that goes beyond his three-plus years in the program.“Think about this: He played on an Elite Eight” in 2011, UA coach Sean Miller said of Mayes last month. “That seems like 10 years ago. He has the respect of our team quite a bit because he’s been through so much.”While Mayes has a quiet personality, that experience alone may help a leadership group that is expected to be headed by guards T.J. McConnell and Nick Johnson.“I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt,” Mayes said. “Coaches want me to become a leader since I’m the oldest. So I just talk to the young guys, try to get them through the season. It’s a long season with ups and downs,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, so it’s just me being vocal and trying to help them the best I can.”Mayes has a lot of experience with those ups and downs. He shot 45.3 percent from three-point range during Pac-10 play as a freshman in 2010-11 and caught fire during the Pac-12 and NCAA tournaments that spring, making 10 three-pointers in a row.But Mayes underwent surgery for a stress fracture in his foot in the summer of 2011 and he shot just 29 percent from beyond the arc as a sophomore. He continued to struggle as a junior, making just 5 of 23 threes in Pac-12 play but came back to life in the postseason last spring, with eight points against Colorado in the Pac-12 tournament and another eight against Harvard in the NCAA tournament.He is aiming for a straighter trajectory in his final go-round this season.“I kinda had my slumps during the season and picked it up in the tournament,” Mayes said. “I’m trying to be here through the whole season and not just different parts of the season.”Tickets availableArizona has less than 1,000 season tickets remaining, with seats available in most sections, according to James Francis, UA’s senior associate AD for external relations.At Saturday’s Red-Blue Game,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, Arizona will place tags on seats that are available for sale and will have sales staffers available.At 10 a.m. Saturday, Arizona will also put on sale all remaining individual tickets for nonconference home games, plus its four-game “Holiday Packs” and mini-season-ticket plans.The four-game Holiday Pack includes games against Southern, NAU, Washington State and Washington. The package starts at $64.The “mini-plan” is for nine games, four of which are Pac-12 contests that may sell out, against Washington, Colorado, Oregon and California. The plan is balanced with the Oct. 28 Augustana exhibition, plus games with Fairleigh Dickinson, Texas Tech, UNLV and Southern.Phoenix forward trims list to UA, StanfordMichael Humphrey, a four-star 2014 power forward from Phoenix Sunnyslope, is likely to make a decision after visiting Arizona on Oct. 19, Sunnyslope coach Ray Portella said.Humphrey cut his list to just Arizona and Stanford last week,Things kids today will never useVillage Voices, while balancing his time between school, recruiting and quarterbacking Sunnyslope’s 6-0 football team.“I think he’s going to wait until that (UA visit) and then decide after that,” Portella said. “He could make a decision but he’s trying to concentrate on football and being a good teammate.”Chicagoans out of mixArizona’s longshot pursuit of two highly regarded Chicago big men from the class of 2014 has fallen short.Jahlil Okafor told Scout over the weekend that he’s down to Baylor, Duke, Kentucky and Kansas.And Cliff Alexander posted a Top 5 on Twitter that did not include the Wildcats: Illinois, DePaul, Michigan State, Kansas and Memphis.Alexander visited UA officially the weekend of Sept. 13. He went to Kansas last weekend and posted his finalists on Monday.Rim shots? The Wildcats finished another two-day break Tuesday and are scheduled to practice through Friday before Saturday’s Red-Blue scrimmage.? Five-star 2014 guard Rashad Vaughn of Nevada’s Findlay Prep told Scout he is considering a visit to UA,Time for human Hendra trial- scientist, having already set up three of his five official visits elsewhere.? Washington coach Lorenzo Romar said during the Huskies’ media day on Tuesday that the Wildcats are the Pac-12 favorite because “they have about 75 pros on their team,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale,” according to the Twitter page of the Seattle Times’ Percy Allen.

[Bearbeiten] Eight in the Box- The NFL’s best throwback unifor


(Chris O Meara, AP)

The San Diego Chargers will roll out their popular throwback jerseys on Monday night, for a matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. In honor of that decision, this week s Eight in the Box takes a spin through the best throwback jerseys the league has to offer. Honorable mention: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Unfortunately,Matthew Dellavedova- on the cusp of realising NBA dream, Tampa Bay to wear its bright orange throwbacks because of a new NFL rule prohibiting players from switching helmets during the season other teams sporting throwbacks are able to swap decals on previously approved helmets. Opinions on these Tampa Bay uniforms vary wildly, from those who love it to those who loathe it, usually with very little in-between. That the look is synonymous with one of the worst teams in NFL history, the winless 1976 Bucs expansion team, could be a point for those against the garish apparel. Without the helmets, though, these throwbacks are not worth using. The Bucco Bruce logo of a swashbuckler with a knife in his mouth is an all-time classic.
8. Kansas City Chiefs (Jamie Squire/Getty Images) Again, it s the helmet that puts this throwback over the top. The jerseys and pants themselves are not all that different from what the Chiefs usually trot out on game days. But the helmet logo an outline of the state of Texas is simple without being boring and it offers a cool reminder of the team s history. Before moving to Kansas City in 1963, the Chiefs won an AFL championship as the Dallas Texans. Also in this category: Buffalo s buffalo-helmet design and the Titans Houston Oilers throwbacks both available for viewing . 7. Washington Redskins (Aaron M. Sprecher, AP) Sure, the most recent Washington throwbacks look a lot like Florida State s uniforms. And, yes, the decal on the right shoulder is the increasingly controversial Redskins Indian chief logo. But come on: These are sharp. If you do not like the uniform adjustments, at least appreciate that the team took the effort to make its helmets resemble the leather helmets used in football s early days. 6. Atlanta Falcons (Paul Abell, AP) In general, I m not a fan of teams using black uniforms. (Carolina gets a bit of a pass because ; others, like the , should be thrown away forever.) For some reason,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, however,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, it really works for the Falcons. It may be because the black provides such a distinct contrast to the red helmets, giving the Falcons throwbacks a truly unique look. 5. St. Louis Rams (Seth Perlman, AP) Not sure about you, but I cannot glance at the Rams throwbacks without seeing Eric Dickerson blowing through tackles in the 1980s. St. Louis toned down its color scheme in the new millennium, trading in yellow for a much tamer gold. I d go back permanently, if I were the Rams. Those helmets and that electric yellow,Kyrie Irving tells kids he won’t leave Cavs like LeBro, in particular are among the most recognizable in the league. 4. Chicago Bears (David Stluka, AP) The NFC North actually has a couple more old-school getups that could have made their way onto this list the ?and the ?both have arguments for inclusion. The Bears did claim a spot, though, with their 1940s homage. The numbering brought a one-of-a-kind feel here, relaying the same historical ambiance. 3. Philadelphia Eagles (Brian Garfinkel, AP) Like the Chiefs or Bears (or Patriots, still to come on the list), the Eagles accomplished a throwback look that s classic without being overwhelming. Some Philadelphia fans have been pushing for the organization to readopt this kelly green color scheme, over the dark green that the Eagles have worn for the past several seasons. I m with those fans: This uniform should be in the permanent rotation. 2. New England Patriots (Photo File, AP) Maybe it s because the old Electric Football set I owned pitted the 85 Patriots and Bears against each other that I hold a deep appreciation for New England s throwback duds. Whatever the reason, it s hard to argue with this look even if the pants call to mind the University of Arizona s gear. The red, white and blue fits the team name; the jerseys are far more of an eye-catcher than the Patriots every-Sunday uniforms; and the logo (a colonial soldier snapping a football) is among the best the NFL has ever produced. 1. San Diego Chargers (Paul Spinelli, AP) The best of the best. There s a reason that the Chargers have kept their powder blues very much in the uniform rotation over the last few years. No one would mistake that jersey for any other team it is distinctly San Diego, and it is unmatched in the world of NFL throwbacks. How popular was this one? So much so that it is now the team s official alternate jersey.

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[Bearbeiten] Bears Knock Off Giants 27

The Giants weren t done yet though, as Jacobs picked up his second touchdown of the night to pull the Giants back to within six points. That drive was punctuated by a boneheaded play by Randle,County to meet regarding Ford Park hotel and water park, PA health clinic »- Local News »-, Port Arthur, Texas,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, who slammed the ball into the ground after slipping on an attempted curl route. Fortunately for him,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, the officials ruled that he had given himself up on the play,Mayor Emanuel- Chicago Marathon Runners 'Will Not be Deterre,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, similar to the way that a quarterback can slide to avoid contact, and the Giants took advantage of a Jennings pass interference penalty to draw the game closer.

[Bearbeiten] Timothy Bradley- The Modern Day Marvin Hagler

Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez will face off on HBO PPV Saturday Oct. 12 in what is expected to be an epic bout. (KNOCKOUT NATION) For Timothy Bradley, his upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez isn’t about money. This is all about respect. Although he is unbeaten with a record of 30-0-1 (12 KOs), the general boxing community doesn’t believe that he belong with the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Marquez and the man many think he was given a gift decision against,NYCC 2013- Watch Dogs Preview, Manny Pacquiao. At this point, Bradley demands your respect and will run through any opposition that stands in his way. Knockout Nation spoke to Bradley and got his take on the upcoming fight,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale,Bulldogs win 20th district game in row »- Sports »-, Port Arthur, Texas, why he is “The Modern Day Marvin Hagler” and whether he wants to face Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao next.
KNOCKOUT NATION: When was the moment that you figured that you and Marquez would be on a collision course? Was it after the Pacquiao fight?
Timothy Bradley: I’ve always wanted to fight Marquez. Most of the time he was either tied up with Pacquiao or somebody else. After he knocked out Pacquiao I knew I’d get a shot at him. It was weird. Early on this year his team put out a statement saying he would never fight me and I should forget about it. After the Provodnikov fight they were all “We want to fight Bradley!” They must have seen something in that fight. I didn’t fight like I normally fight. I chose to brawl more than box. They feel like I am damaged goods and they are going to expose me and knock me out. I’m here to tell everyone that’s not going to happen, I’m 110% and I’m fine. Everyone will definitely see a fired up and determined Bradley who is going to prove to the world that I’m one of the best fighters in the game today. Whether I’m #1, 2 or 3, I’m right there. KON: Did they make a mistake by looking at your last fight with Provodnikov? Bradley: Absolutely. I think they feel that I’m a fighter at heart and when the tough gets going and I’m going to fight, they are right about that. But people always say that you’re only as good as your last fight and I think that’s baloney. I think you can always get better and adjust. If that’s the case,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, why do fighters bounce back after a loss? Many fighters do that. They made a mistake wanting to fight me. He’s a great fighter and Nacho is a great trainer. He’s just got to come out and take my title from me. He wants to be the Mexican fighter to win five belts in five weight classes and that’s not going to happen. KON: Do you think Marquez is a more difficult opponent style wise than Pacquiao?

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[Bearbeiten] Playboy at 60- Hugh Hefner Looks Back

Yet Hefner wasn t averse to stacking the deck in his favor on day one by featuring the first of many celebrity nudes that would grace the pages of Playboy. We were able, with the very first issue,Bradley edges Marquez by split decision- live round, to pick up the nude calendar photo of Marilyn Monroe, which the public had heard about but had not seen because it could not be sent through the mail,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, he recalls. I'm the kid who didn't think the Post Office had the right to ban nudes in the mail. There had been a court decision, which I was very much aware of, that nudity per se was not obscene. I presented it in that first issue,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale,Bradley- Marquez's confidence will hurt him, and of course,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, Marilyn Monroe in that same year became the most popular celebrity in the country.

[Bearbeiten] Exclusive- I9505XXUEMJ3 – Leaked Android 4.3 test firm

Hi guys, DO NOT INSTALL any firmware if you have allready D marked firmware on your 9505. (I have I9505XXUDMH7)
Why? Because if you is not satisfied with the firmware and you would reflash older firmware on your device the knox flag will change. This is my opinion. I had flashed, the OXA firmware to my device,Why is The X Factor trying to be like The Voice-, and it is not enough stable. Good but not good enough. Samsung would work on it a little bit. I had a little bit battery drain issue, some feature not working on it as I got used it, but really inpressive that firmware. So I downgraded the latest official firmware on my devie (I m a TMH customer), and the knox warranty void flag changed 0 1. I never used custom firmware, I never rooted the device, but I lost my warranty for my S4.
Why? Because I trusted into Samsung
Since knox burned into low level kernel any firmware changing may void your warranty.
It seems to be the awesome Knox feature (It would be inspired to prevent any illegal access to your device data even you are a corporate or a private user) may void your warranty on that case if you will have a recovery initialisation (restoring your firmware) via Kies,Jamaica's drug testing policy to undergo an 'extraordinary' audit, or flashing any firmware via ODIN. In my case I had the first. The second case,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, when you flashing firmware via ODIN be carefull because if you flashing a non knox firmware to a knox featured device, the varranty flag will change.
The knox flag may change on that case too, if you flashing the firmware via ODIN.
So I am very frustraded, because I d used all the time Samsung verfied/signed firmware. (As you know first of all, the knox is watching is the flashed firmware signed or not. If you flash a not signed firmware eg. custom firmware,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, or you root your device, the flag will change ) After this, I looking for information on the web. On XDA I found many complain about this. Many people have the same issue, they had a recovery via Kies,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, and the flag changed. Many people didn t try this test firmware, they have only a recovery. In my case when I had the recovery because the device didn t behave as I expected, so I did a second recovery, and after that I did a wiping data from the recovery boot. At the first Kies recovery I had 0 0 flag (as you know, when you have a recovery/firmware initialisation via Kies, the Kies ask you to turn the device into Odin mode ). After the second flasing I d got the bolt from the blue, the flag changed to 0 1.
I don t know why changed, but it seem to be a bug in the Kies and/or Knox. (There is a third answer for it, but it will be slander) So Samsung would think over this problem, because many people didn t hacking, but if they need a recovery this problem may come forward. It is correct, the Samsung want to refuse the warranty from that peoples whos hacking/rooting. DO NOT HACK, this is my sight too, but what will be with the 99% of that customers, whos don t do anything just use the phone? Nothing. If they need a recovery and the planetary synod is wrong, the recovery may damage they warranty, because they applied a recovery at home instead of going to the service provider s service or the retailer store where they bought the phone and pay for the recovery And then they warranty will not void maybe
Afterall for Samsung the Knox is a very good thing to get out of the warranty commitment. The Samsung in this case will answer You flashed a non approved firmware, you didn t use the device according to rules So be carefull Best regards,
A very disappointed user

[Bearbeiten] Rachel Marsden- Want free

PARIS -- Over a year ago, I sent my fingerprints for a standard foreign background check to the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C., along with a money order. Both promptly disappeared,GENEVA- Iran talks of new proposals in nuclear talks, never to be seen again. A personal survey of those around me suggested that this was standard operating procedure -- which is why I suspected that America wouldn't exactly implode if this kind of federal "service" level was formally kneecapped. Still, in shock there also lies opportunity.Sure, a few politicians have announced that they would donate their salaries to charity during the federal government shutdown -- but only right before plunging their heads back into the trough of public cash. Meanwhile, Americans are entrenched in ideological squabbles and in the left-vs.-right dichotomy at a time when they should really be rising above these differences to fix the actual problem.A couple of years ago, I walked by the window of the French National Assembly's gift shop here in Paris and spotted a children's art kit with "Kids' Parliament" emblazoned on the box. Not only did that strike me as redundant, but it represented an impressive level of self-awareness. Then I remembered that this is the country renowned for having beheaded any lawmaker who got too greedy off the backs of the people -- which probably tends to have a lingering effect on those in power.Given this history, it's easy to understand why lobbying cash in French politics doesn't exactly flow freely. In cases where it does,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, it's done commensurately with the shadiness that it represents, with manila envelopes handed off under the table of some cafe -- and often ending up in a courtroom as a result. So it follows that the most whining one ever hears in France about the political influence of the wealthy has to do with perceived taxation "benefits" that apply to their corporations.By contrast, the shameless influence-peddling that exists in the U.S. under the guise of one's right to "buy" politicians through lobbying is the main reason why President Obama's Affordable Care Act was bound to come into being in the first place. When the tilting of the playing field leads to such obvious imbalances, the backlash is often worse than what could have been if the system hadn't been corrupted in the first place.When I lived in New York City, my health care premiums ran up to $750 per month for a single person, and that was in the absence of co-payments -- and with the occasional surprise $800 bill in my mailbox. The service was great, but no better than what I get in France for $140 per month, everything included (including dental). In France, the government, as a single-pay client, sets rates and costs, with reasonable and competitive top-up private plan options available to cover what national health care does not. In the U.S., the costs are set by the price of lining the pockets of politicians whom insurers lobby in order to gain favorable legislation -- and that's hardly "free-market."The dirty little secret is that America is capable of drastically lowering health care costs for everyone without sacrificing quality -- if Congress could only get around to passing legislation to suck lobbying funds right out of the political system. Limit individual and corporate donations to politicians to $1,000 per election cycle for each candidate or political action committee. Impose strict campaign-finance laws cutting spending to a tenth. (U.S. candidates would still have larger campaign budgets than French and Canadian federal candidates.)If insurance companies want benefits, they can compete for customers in the free market by offering competitive health-plan rates. If they want legislation that works in their favor, they can argue on the merits rather than corrupting the markets by throwing cash around Congress like they're on a spending spree in Amsterdam's red-light district.But where would the impetus come from? How about from you, corporate America? How about one of you stepping forward during this crisis,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, showing some leadership and calling for draconian limits on congressional lobbying through joint legislation? Explain that you support unfettered free-market competition,Made in Chelsea is back – could season six be the best yet-,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, and call on your competitors to meet you out back in that parking lot with sleeves rolled up, because that's how it's supposed to be done in America.As always, the solution to everything lies in the free market. Maybe one of these days, America will actually have a real one. This crisis presents a golden opportunity for any true capitalist leader who has the integrity to stand up and fight for what they claim to believe.Rachel Marsden is a columnist, political strategist and former Fox News host based in Paris. She appears frequently on TV and in publications in the U.S. and abroad. Web site, .

[Bearbeiten] River Tiber – The Star Falls

Thursday, October 10th,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, 2013 | Posted by

River Tiber The Star Falls | Music Video

Not familiar with the sounds of ? Well you’re missing out on something rather dope and amazing. River is back today with a new video for his track “The Star Falls”, a catchy,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, highly infectious EDM inspired track. The video for “The Star Falls” is a rather interesting, dark, yet colorful clip that finds the track being brought to life rather interestingly. Full of heavy lighting effects, strobes, and more,Mansions On The Moon – Full Moon EP (Stream),Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, the video definitely gives off a club feel, while the track is more of a subdued,2 Chainz – Used 2, melodic soundscape. Don’t sleep on this shit, check out the video after the jump and speak on it down below.


[Bearbeiten] PHOTOS- The best of NFL Week 6

14 of 61 Wide receiver Antonio Brown #84 of the Pittsburgh Steelers makes a catch and holds onto the ball as he is hit by corner back Isaiah Trufant #35 of the New York Jets in the third quarter during a game at MetLife Stadium on October 13,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale,Spiders have varied personalities, 2013 in East Rutherford,Duck Sauce – Radio Stereo,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, New Jersey. The Steelers defeated the Jets 19-6. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

[Bearbeiten] Miguel Cotto- Vintage 'Junito' has boxing world at his feet

Prior to last Saturday night's victory,Stanley Cup Will Make Two Appearances in Chicago Monday, and after consecutive losses to Floyd Mayweather and Austin Trout, the Puerto Rican star was believed, by many, to be nearing the end of a hall of fame career.
(Images courtesy of )
Strangely, much of that sentiment seems to have been reversed with one predictable win over journeyman Delvin Rodriguez (28-6).

Cotto, a former three-division world champion, impressively employed his trademark left hook to finish the overmatched Rodriguez in the third round.

While the performance was worthy of 'turn back the clock' comparisons to his earlier career, lets dispense with the elephant in the room; Delvin was not a sufficient test for Cotto. If it was not the opponent, why are boxing pundits so bullish on the ex-champion's future?

It's simple: he is free as a bird.
Unlike most fighters of his ilk, Cotto has no promotional or network encumbrances. Boxing fans could, realistically, see him in the ring with any high profile fighter from 147 to 160 lbs. in the near future.

How often has this been true of a boxer in recent years?
Answer: rare if not non-existent.

In a sport saturated with contractual impediments, Cotto's is a unique case, arising out of smart planning and good timing. Delvin Rodriguez may not have been a worthy opponent,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, but his style certainly allowed for an ideal showcase.

Time will tell as to whether this was an example of match making slight of hand, but at least for the moment, Cotto is drawing interest.

His re-emergence, in parallel with a lack of compelling and available opponents for boxing's top pay per view fighters, leaves Cotto in the catbird seat.

So who will Miguel Cotto's next fight be against,Law Enforcement Monday?

Here are a few realistic scenarios for the seemingly rejuvenated 32 year old:

Sergio Martinez
Rumor mills are abuzz at this possibility. Multiple reports have indicated that the sides have already discussed a middleweight showdown between lineal champion, Martinez and Cotto who would seek to become the first Puerto Rican to capture world titles in four divisions. Lou Dibella, Martinez's promoter, has ties to New York and has orchestrated many big events in the state.

Also, Cotto has a sizeable Puerto Rican following in New York and has sold out many major shows in, among other places; Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium. Aside from pitting two of the sport's top names against each other, this match up makes marketing sense in that it would take advantage of Miguel's native following in Dibella's back yard.

Canelo Alvarez
Still one of the biggest draws in the sport, Alvarez has very few options remaining at 154 lbs. His promoter, Golden Boy, has already matched him with their best in the 147 and 154 lbs. weight classes, so Canelo must consider a move to middleweight in order to avoid taking a step back in competition.

If Cotto captures Martinez's belt, a title defense against the Mexican mega star would be a ratings boon. Again, aside from the star power on both sides, the Mexico vs. Puerto Rico sub-plot always sells well.

Floyd Mayweather
With each Mayweather domination since, Cotto's performance in their May 2012 bout looks more and more impressive. Mayweather and promotional partner, Golden Boy, are running out of viable options at welterweight and super welterweight. Cotto was easily the most competitive of Mayweather's last 15 opponents, so a rematch would be somewhat compelling, even if Cotto were to fail in a prior match with Martinez.

Manny Pacquiao
Speaking of dwindling options; unless the ice melts in the Mayweather or Marquez negotiations, Pacquiao really doesn't have a logical next step after Brandon Rios. Promoter, Top Rank, has stubbornly stonewalled its fighters from many potentially in-demand bouts against boxers promoted by other entities.

Cotto, who has a good relationship with Top Rank, was competitive with Pacquiao in the early rounds of their 2009 bout before succumbing to the prime Pacquiao's power. With passing time and with Manny's invincibility having been dashed, this rematch has potential. Cotto is unlikely to return to 147lbs, but Pacquiao has fought as high as 150lbs,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, so a catch weight should be reachable.

Given their newfound friendship and the fact they share the same trainer, Freddie Roach, a rematch isn't likely anytime soon.

Gennady Golovkin
If Martinez and Cotto meet, the winner is a logical opponent for WBA middleweight champion, Golovkin. Cotto and Golovkin have strong relationships with HBO,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, which makes this one realistic, though probably not Cotto's most attractive option at the moment.

Golovkin is dangerous and as yet, not in the same marketing stratosphere as those mentioned above.

So, what are we to make of Cotto's myriad of options?

First of all, his best move was to save his battles for the ring.

By not aligning himself with a single promoter or network, he has avoided the gridlock, which has come to dictate most fighters' career plans.
Let's face it, there are many more attractive fights that would not involve Cotto, but at the moment those are nothing more than a dream because of the promotional cold war. So, in the absence of logic, reason and calmer heads prevailing, boxing fans turn their lonely eyes to an old horse for one final sprint to the finish.

Cotto vs Rodriguez Highlights

[Bearbeiten] Jurassic World Hires Iron Man 3 Kid; Jake Johnson Next-

Ty Simpkins was just what Tony Stark needed in Iron Man 3. Now comes word from Crave s that director Colin Trevorrow has hired the 12-year old for his Jurassic World movie.

The site also throws in a rumor that New Girl actor Jake Johnson may also be up for a part in the next dinosaur film. Bryce Dallas Howard has already joined the cast.
Jurassic World is due to open June 12,ALA’s grand finale,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale,Manny Pacquiao- A Conundrum Of Options And Opponents, 2015.
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[Bearbeiten] Tony Romo’s facial hair- Do you like it-

Tony Romo in Week 5 vs. Denver (left) and Week 6 vs. Washington: definitely more scruff. (Photos: AP,Kings F Landry out 3,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, G.J. McCarthy/Staff) You may have noticed during last night s Cowboys game against Washington that Tony Romo seemed to be sporting a little more scruff than usual. It went beyond mere five o clock shadow and seemed to be veering toward a potential beard situation. Is Tony perhaps getting an early jump on (aka no-shave November)? Is he just envious of Travis Frederick getting all the beard attention? Whatever the reason,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale,John Wall nearly broke his kneecap last season, we are not sure how to feel about this new development. What do you think?

[Bearbeiten] Video- the role of Lucas Neill in the 12 goals conceded by t

The pace of Ribery gives Neill a decision to make. Either stay with his man (Nasri) and trust the tracking James Holland to blunt the winger's effectiveness or come out to meet Ribery and block any attempted shot or through ball. Neill takes responsibility for Ribery but doesn't close him quickly enough, allowing the space for a ball to be threaded in behind to Nasri (Neill's man). From there all that's required is a simple square ball and a routine finish for Giroud.France's fourth goal - blame factor: 7Quite simply,Mavericks F Ebanks suspended two games, where is he when the ball is teed up in front of the Socceroos' defence? Completely out of position out on the right wing. From that point on the goal can't be pinned on the skipper,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, but it's hard to defend as a unit when players are forced to fill in out of position. If Neill's starting position when the throw in is taken is back in the middle marshalling one of the strikers, who knows, maybe the space Cabaye runs into to shoot would have been occupied by a Socceroos defender.France's fifth goal - blame factor: 9This time Neill is in the correct position,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, and France's attack should end with his head. But his header is weak and directionless and actually tees up Debuchy for a half volley inside the 18 yard box. Central defence 101 is get the ball away from the danger area. Neill either had to generate far more power on his header to get the ball clear,After Week Seven, It’s Tigers, Crows and Sauerkraut, or at least deflect it wide into a position where France would have to start their attack again.France's sixth goal - blame factor: 7In this case James Holland is culpable for allowing his man to deliver a dangerous cross, but once it's delivered it has to be dealt with by Neill. As the spare man, Neill has the right idea attempting to block off the cross to the near post, where Benzema has made his run. But the Socceroos skipper doesn't move quickly enough to cut off the angle,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, and once the ball gets past him the French striker is always the favourite to get a shot on goal. 

[Bearbeiten] Napoli’s homer gives Red Sox 2

Mike Napoli s solo shot in the seventh inning was the only run in Game 3 of the ALCS. (Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports) DETROIT The Boston-Detroit American League Championship Series may be shy on offense, but good pitching has turned every inning into a tense moment. Mike Napoli s seventh-inning solo home run broke up a classic pitching duel between Boston s John Lackey and Detroit s Justin Verlander, lifting the Red Sox a 1-0 victory over the Tigers on Tuesday and giving Boston a 2-1 lead in their best-of-seven series. The teams have traded 1-0 wins, and the Red Sox took a 6-5 middle-game victory that featured a four-run frame by each team.

I credit this one and most of this series so far to really, really good pitching, Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. One swing of the bat. They hit it over the fence and we didn t. 
This series has been marked by very good pitching on both sides, Red Sox skipper John Farrell said. As we ve seen in the first three games, their starters have been outstanding. 

Napoli beat Verlander by swatting a 3-2 fastball over the wall in left-center with one out in the seventh. It ended Verlander s streak of 21 consecutive scoreless postseason innings and 34 straight innings without allowing a run dating back to Sept. 18.

If you can t appreciate this, Verlander said,Adelaide United aims to spoil Ange Postecoglou's coaching au, you can t appreciate baseball. It s been a tough three games but we ll bounce back. We have all year. 

Detroit twice failed to get a runner in from third with less than two out. Omar Infante whiffed on a steady stream of Lackey (2-0) curves in the fifth with Jhonny Peralta on third,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale,Stephen Fry shuts down 'ex, and Junichi Tazawa fanned Miguel Cabrera on four straight fastballs with Austin Jackson on third and Torii Hunter on first and one out in the eighth.

We decided power was the best way to go (against Cabrera), Farrell said It was a pivotal moment. That was a swing moment for sure. 

The game s true swing moment belonged to Napoli, who got his first Major League home run off Verlander when both were rookies in 2006. It was his first big league at-bat. On Tuesday, Napoli ran the count full on Verlander (1-1) in the seventh and ripped a fastball that was a touch above the belt but right over the heart of the plate.

I felt like he hadn t seen the fastball very much,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, Verlander said. I gave him two sliders in a row, the second was a good one he didn t chase. Having faced him already, I knew he wasn t seeing the fastball. It was a little bit of a mistake, a little bit up and little bit over the middle. 
I ve been feeling comfortable, Napoli said. Not searching for anything. He got me twice early in the game on four sliders, which he s never done before. I put a good at-bat together, was able to get it to 3-2, got a pitch I could handle. 

After Tazawa handled Cabrera, Red Sox closer Koji Uehara struck out Prince Fielder on three pitches. He then worked the ninth for his third postseason save. Doug Fister, a relative soft-tosser when lined up with Detroit s first three starters in the series, will pitch for the Tigers on Wednesday against Boston s Jake Peavy. Lackey more than matched Verlander during his 6 2/3 scoreless innings, allowing four hits and no walks while striking out eight. His curveball was exceptionally sharp. He was visibly irked when Farrell came out to remove him from the game with a runner on and two outs in the seventh.

Come on, man, the television cameras caught him saying. You ve got to be kidding me. 

But Farrell wasn t, calling on lefty Craig Breslow, who walked left-handed-hitting Alex Avila to put the tying run in scoring position before getting Infante on an inning-ending grounder. Verlander didn t allow his first hit until Jonny Gomes grounded a single up the middle with two out in the fifth,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, the first time in the series Boston got its first hit prior to the sixth inning. Verlander tied the major-league postseason record with six consecutive strikeouts in the second and third innings.
Detroit s starters have worked 21 innings in the first three games, allowing two runs. Play was halted for 17 minutes prior to the bottom of the second inning when a brief power interruption killed the lights. The Tigers reported a nearby substation went offline briefly to cause the outage. NOTES: The three-team deal July 30 that sent Peavy to Boston and SS Jose Iglesias to Detroit was a great baseball trade because it clearly had specific needs and fits for the three teams involved, Farrell said. You have to give up a quality player to get a quality player in return. Cabrera had reached base in all 31 of his playoff games with Detroit, the longest streak in baseball history in the postseason, before going 0-for-4 Tuesday. Red Sox relievers ran their streak of scoreless innings to 11 2/3 by blanking the Tigers for 2 1/3 innings Tuesday. Detroit s Andy Dirks went 0-for-2 in his first start of the series. He s struggled a little bit, been off, had time to clear the cobwebs, Detroit manager Jim Leyland said. (We re) not getting a lot of production out of left field unless we played Peralta there. Iglesias will start at short Wednesday with Peralta playing left. Leyland said he was thinking of having Don Kelly take over for the slumping Jackson, who has 18 post-season strikeouts.

[Bearbeiten] Tony Abbott's office clamps down on travel as expenses scand

But Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and the Greens called for the PM to outline his plans following a series of expense cases,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale,Family makes lucky escape as house fire burns out of control, including five ministers claiming to attend weddings."I firmly believe it's worth considering a simplification or clarification of the rules to ensure the public's confidence in the system,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale," Mr Shorten said.While the PM's office was not responding to the revelations about Don Randall, his office earlier tried to hose down the backbench revolt over its efforts to clamp down on overseas travel.A spokesman for the PM said the email simply reflected the same rules that were in place for the Coalition in opposition and nothing had changed.But one MP said they were shocked to be asked to request permission for private trips."This is the nanny state gone mad in the leader's office,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys,CSL knows how to do a share buyback," the MP said.###

[Bearbeiten] South-West Xtra- No. 1 Canevin has big goals in mind

J,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale.J,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale. LaBella/Tri-State Sports & News Service

Bishop Canevin s Erin Cunningham bumps a pass to a teammate,Tragic end for Bisbee duo; wife dies in hospital, husband ki,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale,67 tourist attractions at risk of destruction in 2014.

[Bearbeiten] Groundbreaking for new PN fire station - Local News


Afternoon traffic buzzed by, honking and shouting at times,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale, at a crowd of people congregated in the 600 block of Magnolia Avenue on Thursday.

The crowd exchanged pleasantries, shook hands and shared laughter before getting down to the business of the day the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Port Neches Fire State/Emergency Operations Center.

Port Neches Fire Chief Steve Curran first thanked those who gave support for the project including city council and Mayor Glenn Johnson, Port Neches-Groves ISD Superintendent Rodney Cavness and the PN-GISD school board.

Plans were brought to a head in 2012, when the city of Port Neches was awarded a port security grant to help build a new fire station. The city then approached Port Neches-Groves ISD about a possible land trade agreement. Port Neches Fire Chief Steve Curran learned the department would have a better overall response time and be more centrally located if the new station were built on Magnolia Avenue near Merriman Street on the land owned by the school district.

PN-GISD traded the vacant piece of land located on Magnolia Avenue near Merriman Street to the city in exchange for the land where the current city hall was formerly located. The old city hall building has since been demolished.

This is a historical moment for the City of Port Neches, Curran said. Now we will have fire station in a centrally located area. We will also have one of the only fire stations with access to a drill tower for training.

The new station, which will boost an EOC, will also feature a place where volunteer firefighters can hold a meeting. Currently, the group meets in a break room area in the Merriman Street location.

Another plus for the department is that the new station will feature four bays.

Now we will finally be able to put al of our rolling equipment under one roof, he said.

The $1,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale.9 million federal grant requires a 25 percent match by the City of Port Neches. The city is also responsible for any additional costs,Medical device makers see an opening in budget impasse.

Mayor Glenn Johnson said the city was lucky to receive the federal grant because cities the size of Port Neches typically are not awarded such grants.

The current fire station, located at 1209 Merriman St., was constructed in 1972 and at that time was the central location of the city. In the four decades that passed, city development moved to the south. The department proposed relocating the station in its 2005 strategic plan.

When completed,Police say Rekiah O'Donnell has fallen victim to her ex, the new location will help decrease response time.

For example, the response time from the station s current location at 1209 Merriman St. to Saba Lane and Twin City Highway comes in at about 6:34 minutes. That time is cut by almost two minutes to 4:16 minutes from the proposed location. A call at Nall and Twin City Highway would take about 5 minutes from the old location and be chopped down to 2:42 minutes with the new location.

McInnis Construction Inc. is the general contractor on the project.

The proposed completion date, according to grant guidelines, is August 2014.

E-mail: mmeaux@panews,Shop Indianapolis Colts

Twitter: MaryMeauxPANews

[Bearbeiten] Name released in Highway 50 fatal crash

At approximately 3:15 p.m., Tuesday,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, a 2004 Pontiac Vibe driven by Deloise Teresa Robles, age 66, from Concord,Coming Soon- New Documentary Explores the Man Behi,Shop Indianapolis Colts Jerseys, Calif.,The Latest 'Clues' We Might Get A Pokémon Ruby and, was traveling east on Highway 50 near Harpold Road when it drifted off the highway and rolled at least once,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, coming to rest on its top. The driver was the lone occupant and she was pronounced deceased at the scene by emergency responders. She was wearing a safety restraint.

[Bearbeiten] Which one year contracts worked out the best and worst-

The one year contract is becoming something that s used more and more by GMs across the league. One reason it gets used is as a buy low option for a player coming off an injury who can t get the multiple year contract he desired. Another reason it gets used is for players that had a disappointing year and want to rebuild their value for a multiple year contract. One more reason it gets used is when a player simply doesn t like the multi-year contracts offered to him, and wants to maximize his salary in the next season.

Whatever the situation where a one-year deal is used, it can work out really well or really poorly - there s generally not much of a middle ground. The players that perform well during their single year contract generally get a multi-year offer or extension the next winter, and all is well. The players who don t do well are either looking at another single year contract for a lesser salary or simply have to settle for a minor league contract. 
Last winter was no exception. Plenty of players got one year deals. Some excelled, some flopped. Here are the best and worst one year contracts from last offseason, with the caveat that I m not considering exercised options or deals to avoid arbitration.
The Best
Mike Napoli, Red Sox. The whole situation with Napoli in Boston was a mess. He initially agreed to a three-year,Troy Ave – Perfect Love (In Studio Performance), $39 million contract with the club, but that fell apart over concerns about Napoli s hip. The deal was reworked into a one-year,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, $5 million contract with $8 million in incentives based on health and playing time. Napoli didn t go on the DL once this year, logged a career-high 578 plate appearances, and hit .259/.360/.482 with 23 homers. That s $13 million well spent, and Napoli will look to cash in this offseason. Koji Uehara, Red Sox. This was one of the best signings of the winter. Boston signed Uehara for one year and $4.25 million, and incentives based on games finished pushed the contract to an even $5 million. All Uehara did was post a 1.09 ERA, strike out 101, walk nine, and accumulate 3.3 fWAR at the back of Boston s bullpen. Perhaps the best part of this for the Red Sox is Uehara pitching in enough games to guarantee his vesting option for 2014 at $4.25 million. Nate Schierholtz, Cubs. Schierholtz got $2.25 million from the Cubs after the Phillies nontendered him (and signed Delmon Young, which didn t work out at all). Schierholtz hit 21 homers for the Cubs as he really began to come into his own with Chicago after failing to break through during his years with the Giants. Schierholtz still has one year of arbitration left, so he ll get a nice raise from the Cubs this winter. Hiroki Kuroda, Yankees. Kuroda had a good year for the Yankees in 2012, and the team brought him back for a whopping $15 million in 2013. All Kuroda did was put together another excellent season, throwing 201 1/3 innings of 3.32 ERA ball and stepping up to be New York s ace after CC Sabathia struggled in the second half. Bartolo Colon, Athletics. After a PED suspension ended his 2012, the A s bought low to bring Colon back for 2013, handing him just $3 million guaranteed. The veteran built on his first year in Oakland, starting 30 games and throwing 190 1/3 innings (his most since 2005) while pitching to a 2.65 ERA and accumulating nearly 4.0 fWAR. Oh, and he turned 40 in May. Well done, Bartolo. Francisco Liriano, Pirates. Liriano falls into a similar boat as Napoli - the Pirates had agreed to a multi-year contract with him, but injuries derailed it and turned it into an incentive-laden one year contract. But Liriano s contract also possessed an $8 million option for 2014 that will surely be exercised after the former Twin made 26 starts with a 3.02 ERA, helping Pittsburgh reach the Postseason for the first time since 1992. Bonuses pushed that $1 million up, but to nowhere near the point of ridiculousness. James Loney, Rays. Following in the footsteps of Casey Kotchman, Loney hit .299/.348/.430 with 13 homers for Tampa Bay, costing the team just $2 million after the Dodgers and Red Sox both gave up on him in 2012. I m sure Loney will get a nice big contract from a team this winter, and the Rays will move on to yet another reclamation project at first. The Worst
Scott Baker, Cubs. The Cubs signed Baker, coming off of Tommy John surgery,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, with the expectation that he d provide solid production and the team would be able to flip him at midseason like they did Scott Feldman, another guy they signed to a one-year deal. That didn t happen, as Baker dealt with complications from his surgery all year and threw just 15 innings for Chicago. Maybe next year, Scott. Brett Myers, Indians. The veteran Myers was brought in to shore up the back of Cleveland s rotation at the hefty price of $7 million. In four games for the Indians, Myers had an 8.02 ERA before injuring his elbow and going on the 60-day DL for all of May, June, July,Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale, and August. As soon as he was activated, he was released by the Tribe. Nice to see great things keep happening to great people. Mark Reynolds, Indians. Mark Reynolds is really good at hitting home runs and striking out. He s not good at playing defense. The Indians gave Reynolds nearly 650 innings in the field this season while paying him $6 million,Porterie named PAISD's permanent superintendent - Lo, and he was predictably awful with the glove. Combine that with his lauded power disappearing (15 homers, career-worst .158 ISO), and you have all the makings of a disaster, which led the Indians to release Reynolds in August. Carlos Pena, Astros. The Astros signed Pena with the intention to flip him at the trade deadline, just like they did successfully with Jose Veras. But things didn t go as well for Pena, as he hit just .209/.324/.350 in Houston with only eight home runs for his $2.9 million. Pena did find a new club in the second half, but it wasn t because he was traded - the Astros simply released him, and the Royals snatched Pena up for three plate appearances in September. Ryan Madson, Angels. The former elite closer looked like a bargain at $3.5 million, especially with the state of the Angels bullpen. Except it didn t work out that way - like Baker, Madson dealt with complications from his Tommy John surgery all year, and was released in August after throwing just one inning of rehab. Shaun Marcum, Mets. I liked the Marcum signing for $4 million at the time, as he was a guy in line for a substantial payday before missing two months of the 2012 season following an elbow strain. Well, Marcum was terrible with New York, posting a 5.29 ERA in 12 starts (and two relief appearances). He missed most of April with a pinched nerve in his neck, and was released in July after undergoing surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome, which has essentially ended the career of Chris Carpenter. Kevin Youkilis, Yankees. The Yankees can afford to sign whoever they want, and Youkilis seemed like he d be a good fit after Alex Rodriguez s offseason hip surgery. But Youkilis isn t exactly a paragon of health himself, and he ended up playing in just 28 games while dealing with his chronic back injuries, eventually needing surgery for a herniated disc. What a solid way to spent $12 million! Jason Marquis, Padres. One year, $3 million, 72 strikeouts, 68 walks, and Tommy John surgery in July. What a disaster. Joe Saunders, Mariners. $7 million for a guy best described as an innings eater doesn t seem like a good deal. Sure enough, Saunders had a 5.26 ERA in 183 innings for Seattle while his strikeout and walk rates both went in the wrong direction. The sad thing is, you know some team is going to give Saunders another one year deal this winter for at least $3 million because he s a left-hander. Lance Berkman, Rangers. The Rangers signed Berkman for $10 million, so you really can t say they bought low on him after he played just 32 games in 2012. Berkman wasn t healthy again in 2013, playing 73 games for Texas, nearly all at DH. Berkman homered just six times and hit .242/.340/.359 and was a non-factor in the second half as Texas fell out of the Postseason picture, losing a Wild Card tiebreaker to the Rays. Dan Haren, Nationals. Haren wasn t *bad* in 2013, making 30 starts with a 4.67 ERA for the Nationals. But when you re paying a guy $13 million, you expect more than a 1.5 fWAR season and 28 home runs allowed in 169 2/3 innings pitched.

[Bearbeiten] Sellers pocketing profits as median prices rise 9 per

Homes in Balwyn recorded the biggest jump, with a 26.8 per cent rise of $369,PN fire station groundbreaking set for Thursday - Local News - P,600 in three months.Melbourne's units and apartments also reported steady growth of 4.8 per cent, to a median price of $481,500.In the best suburbs,Cheap Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale, unit sellers were reaping up to $830,000, new market analysis shows.The data questions the assumption that apartments are not as valuable as houses.The RP Data market analysis, conducted exclusively for the Herald Sun, reveals the five most profitable suburbs in Melbourne for units averaged windfalls of $718,919 over the past year. Balwyn, Armadale, Kew East, Ivanhoe East and Surrey Hills proved the bankability of a strong location can, with patience, be as good as a lotto win.The data shows Balwyn was the most profitable suburb to own a unit, apartment or townhouse, with 71 of the 73 units that sold banking an average of $829,755. Armadale reaped an average bonanza of $715,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale,999 for the 90 units that sold, while Kew East also scored more than $700,000 for owners, reaping benefits of $701,867 across 21 out of 22 sales.The data was based on non-new apartments that sold in Melbourne in the 12 months to July.Robert Larocca, Victorian market specialist at RP Data said the data shows how even affordable investments in the property market could reap excellent returns.The research shows the average ownership for the 50 most profitable unit suburbs was 12.5 years, demonstrating the long term nature of property investment,Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale,Piper's Opera House hosts wild horse benefit, Mr Larocca said.

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