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[Bearbeiten] Boomer & Carton’s Al Dukes Sings ‘Beat Tom B

(credit: Al Dukes/WFAN)

With the Jets traveling up to Foxboro to take Tom Brady and Patriots, Al Dukes seized the opportunity and used it to perform his reworked parody masterpiece, Beat Tom Brady,Patriots Jerseys Sale, LIVE in the Allstate Studio this morning.

He stretched out the ol vocal chords just a day after being banned from performing the catchy tune during Thursday night s pregame show on CBS 2,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, which begins at 7 p.m. and among others. Craig said the powers-that-be made it clear Al will not be one of the others, going as far as to ban Mr. Dukes from even entering the building where the show will be filmed.

Not to be discouraged, though,Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle">Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle [ Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle a>">4.12 Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle] Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle Jacoby Jones Admits to Being on Party Bus, Denies Being Struck With Champagne Bottle, the frustrated artist that is Al Dukes found his forum and performed his little heart out,[1] [2] [3] [4]"> [ a>">4.12 ] ,Patriots Jerseys On Sale, which was very entertaining

[Bearbeiten] Fewer Central Jersey residents visited the Shore this summer

The Jersey Shore might have been stronger than Sandy, but fewer New Jerseyans were around to see it, the results of a poll found. Fewer than 60 percent of Garden State residents made their way to the Shore this summer, a lower turnout than was anticipated last winter. And nearly four in 10 said they spent less time at the Shore this year than normally, according to a Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press poll. ?In the early days after the storm hit, there was a sense of camaraderie and we all have to pull together,? said Patrick Murray,">Patriots Jerseys Sale, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. ?But as the months passed, there was a certain segment of the population that didn?t follow through.? Samhitha Sreenivasan,Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two">Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two [ Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two a>">4.12 Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two] Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s Two,[ Patriots Jerseys On Sale a>, a 29-year-old Plainsboro resident, was among the many Middlesex County residents who said they spent less or no time at the Shore this summer. ?I wanted to go, especially because of (Sandy), but I just couldn?t make it happen,? she said Tuesday. ?A lot of my friends were getting married and I didn?t have time to go,">Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale],? The tourism industry at the Shore ? from Monmouth to Cape May counties ? generated $19 billion in 2012, according to a state study. But business owners in the hardest hit counties of Monmouth and Ocean said at the end of the summer that it was unlikely they could have matched the previous year. The obstacles: Sandy last October washed away a huge chunk of houses that are rented to tourists during the summer. Some businesses didn?t have enough money to rebuild in time to salvage the season. Some visitors decided to vacation elsewhere. The weather also didn?t cooperate until August. June was the wettest on a record that dates to 1895. And July was the fifth hottest on record, according to New Jersey?s climatologist, David Robinson. The scorching July, at least, prevented Penelope Marzec from venturing to the Shore more than she did. ?I?m not going to the beach when it?s 95 (degrees),? Marzec,2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre">2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre [ 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre a>">4.12 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre] 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre 2 Rahway men face drug, weapons charges after arre, 63, of Middletown, said. ?That?s unbearable.? And there were other reasons. For Mike Palschakov, a trip to the Shore from his Hunterdon County home means parting with a lot of hard-earned money. Last year he visited Point Pleasant; this year he stayed away. (Page 2 of 2)
?Affordability: parking, gas, food. It?s a lot of money to sit there on the beach,? the 48-year-old High Bridge resident explained. ?The cost is out of control.? Among the poll?s findings: ? Fifty-eight percent visited the Shore this summer, including 29 percent who stayed overnight and another 29 percent who made at least one day trip. In February, seven in 10 New Jerseyans said they planned to visit the Shore. ? Thirty-eight percent said they spent less time at the Shore this year than normal; 46 percent said they spent the same amount of time; and 9 percent spent more time than normal. ? Nearly half of those who curtailed their trips to the Shore said their expectation that some businesses would not be open was a factor. A similar number said the summer?s erratic weather was a factor. ? Nearly 30 percent of Shore residents said they haven?t fully recovered from the storm, compared with 18 percent in Somerset, Hunterdon and Morris counties and 22 percent in Middlesex, Union and the other northern counties along Route 1 who said the same.


[Bearbeiten] Pentagon plan to ship gear back from Afghanistan could top $

Pentagon plan to ship gear back from Afghanistan could top $3 billion Winding roads and lack of ports will complicate logistics of moving 1.5 million pieces of equipment. By / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Published: Monday,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, September 23,[5] [6] [7] [8]"> [ a>">4.12 ] , 2013, 5:50 PM Updated: Monday,[9] [10] [11] [12]"> [ a>">4.12 ] , September 23, 2013, 5:53 PM Justin Sullivan/Getty Images "We have a lot of stuff there. Inevitably, we overbought," Gordon Adams, a former defense official for the Clinton administration, said. Related Stories

The Pentagon reportedly hopes to ship every piece of American equipment in Afghanistan back home within a year — but the price tag could total $3 billion.
Afghanistan's rugged roads and lack of a seaport will complicate returning the roughly 1.5 million pieces of equipment — including trucks, radios, rifles and rucksacks — that have been in the country since the War in Afghanistan started in 2001, reported .

We have a lot of stuff there. Inevitably, we overbought, Gordon Adams,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, a former defense official for the Clinton administration, told the daily newspaper. We always do when we go to war. 
But Adams added that the $3 billion shipping cost is relatively inexpensive considering how many planes," rel="bookmark">Patriots Jerseys On Sale a>, trains, boats and trucks will be used to accomplish the task. Air travel is the most expensive, the report said.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images "We're looking around and cleaning out the garage," Maj. Gen. Edward Dorman said.

This year more than 300 bases have been closed and about $11 billion worth of equipment has been returned already. Still the U.S. Department of Defense reportedly spends nearly $6 billion in Afghanistan each month.
We're looking around and cleaning out the garage, Maj. Gen. Edward Dorman told .

But about $7 billion worth of goods will be sold to the U.S.'s allies, handed over to the Afghan government or auctioned for their metal, according to the report.
The approximately 60,000 U.S. troops still in Afghanistan are slated to come home by the end of next year.

[Bearbeiten] Liam Hemsworth and Eiza Gonzalez

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus: Their relationship through the years Bruja/Juan Sharma, PacificCoastN Published: 09/19/2013 9:55:23 Liam Hemsworth and Eiza Gonzalez Miley Cyrus might want to avert her eyes. Her newly single ex Liam Hemsworth was caught locking lips with new flame Eiza Gonzalez in Los Angeles on Sept. 17, 2013, one day after reps confirmed that the "Wrecking Ball" singer and her hunky beau had officially called off their engagement. Miley and Liam's reel-to-real life romance has had the rumor mills buzzing since the couple met on the set of "The Last Song" in 2009. See where it all began -- and where it all went wrong for Hollywood's favorite on-again,Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health">Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health [ Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health a>">4.12 Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health] Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health Dedication of the George J. Otlowski Center for Mental Health,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale,East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed">East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed [ East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed a>">4.12 East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed] East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed East Brunswick police looking for 2 men who robbed, off-again couple ... It's television's biggest night, and these stars made sure to celebrate in style. Check out all the red carpet hits (and misses) from the 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 22,[ Patriots Jerseys Sale a>, 2013 ...

   It's always sunny in Hollywood, and these celebs love flaunting their picture-perfect beach bodies almost as much as they love getting all dressed up for the red carpet. Whether they're splashing arou... 
   This year's big awards season officially kicked off with the 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, but the night wasn't without a few surprises. Take a look back at the evening's most talked-about moment... 
   Kim's usual flashy Hollywood party girl style has taken a strange turn since she started dating Kanye West ... 
   It's television's biggest night, and these stars made sure to celebrate in style. Check out all the red carpet hits (and misses) from the 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 22, 2013 ... 
   This year's big awards season officially kicked off with the 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, but the night wasn't without a few surprises. Take a look back at the evening's most talked-about moment... 
   It's always sunny in Hollywood,">Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale], and these celebs love flaunting their picture-perfect beach bodies almost as much as they love getting all dressed up for the red carpet. Whether they're splashing arou... 
   These stars make 40 (and even 60!) look like the new 20. Check out who's been drinking from Hollywood's fountain of youth.

[Bearbeiten] Bills' Manuel, Jets' Smith ready for showdown

FLORHAM PARK EJ Manuel and Geno Smith were two guys with big arms and even bigger dreams when they first met at a football camp in South Florida a few years ago. They kept in touch with occasional text messages through high school and then college, where Manuel starred at Florida State and Smith at West Virginia. By the time the draft rolled around in April, both quarterbacks were considered first-round possibilities. Manuel went to Buffalo at No. 16, a bit higher than some projected. Smith, once mentioned as a possible No. 1 pick, slid all the way to the Jets in the second round at No. 39. ?I stood up,? Smith recalled Wednesday of his reaction when Manuel was drafted before him. ?I congratulated him and that was it. I was happy for him. I was happy for every single guy that got drafted.? Smith, however, went through the embarrassment of having television cameras focused on him as each pick was made in the first round ? without hearing his name. ?I?m past that now,Patriots Jerseys Sale,? Smith said. ?I hate to talk about it because I?m focusing on what we have here, which is a great opportunity, (a) good team and we?ve got a tough matchup coming up on Sunday.? That?s when the attention will again be on the first two quarterbacks drafted, when the Bills (1-1) and Jets (1-1) square off. It?s the 106th game in the series, and the first featuring a pair of rookie starting quarterbacks. ?To be compared to EJ, I?ll take it,? Smith said. ?EJ?s a great guy. He?s accomplished a bunch in his career and I think the world of him. He?s also my good friend, so it?s good to compete against a guy like that. ?But when it comes down to Sunday, there are no friends on the field. We?re out there competing for our teams and that?s all there really is to it.? Both Manuel and Smith have already led their teams to fourth-quarter comeback victories and are considered the potential future of their respective franchises. Sunday?s game also will put the winner in a respectable position in the AFC East at 1-1, while the loser will fall to 0-2 in the division. (Page 2 of 2)
?We know this is a huge game for us,? Manuel said. ?One, it?s on the road, and, two,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, it?s a divisional game and it?s definitely a game we need to win. We both lost to the Patriots and early on you don?t want to get behind in the season. ?It just adds even more urgency to this game.? Both quarterbacks were heavily scouted by the Bills and Jets during the draft evaluation process. ?You notice the physical (size), when he walks in the door he fills up that doorway,? Jets coach Rex Ryan said of the 6-foot-4, 237-pound Manuel. ?He was really a tremendous person and you can see why Buffalo?s excited about him.? Manuel?s ability to come through in the clutch was evident last week when he connected with Stevie Johnson on a 2-yard touchdown pass with 2 seconds left to lead Buffalo past Carolina 24-23. It capped a nine-play, 80-yard drive as Manuel became the fifth quarterback in NFL history since 1960 to record a fourth-quarter comeback in either the first or second game of his career. The fourth quarterback? Well, that was Smith, who did it in the season opener while leading the Jets to the winning field goal with 2 seconds left in an 18-17 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. ?He?s always been able to make every throw, he?s always had a high level of accuracy,? Bills coach Doug Marrone said of Smith. ?I see him going through progressions and I see him talking with protection. You?re seeing that he?s developing into a fine quarterback. He?s going to create some challenges for our defense.? Smith was the first quarterback to overcome a deficit of at least nine points in his NFL debut since St. Louis? Ryan Fitzpatrick did it against Houston in 2005. Meanwhile,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, Manuel is the first quarterback since 1960 to post a passer rating of 89.0 in each of the first two games of his rookie season. Both the Bills and Jets fell just short against New England: Buffalo was edged 23-21 in Week 1,Reports- Matthew Slater, Sebastian Vollmer Not Spotted at Patriots Practice, and New York dropped last Thursday?s game 13-10. Manuel was solid against the Patriots, going an efficient 18 of 27 for 150 yards and two touchdowns. Smith threw three fourth-quarter interceptions at New England. ?Both players were poised, I thought,? Ryan said. ?I?m not lumping them together, but EJ was impressive. I thought Geno was for the most part,Mumford & Sons announce indefinite break from performing- Gr, as well.? As for trying to prove whether the Bills or Jets got the better quarterback, both Manuel and Smith insist that can be for everyone else to debate. ?No, I think that mindset would be selfish,? Smith said. ?It?s about this team. It?s about all of us going out there and getting a win for each other.?


[Bearbeiten] Inmate sues over strip search by phony perv guard who snuck

Inmate sues over strip search by phony perv guard who snuck into lockup? The victim, whose name is being withheld by the Daily News, was attacked by jail-loving creep Matthew Matagrano inside the Manhattan Detention Complex, when Matagrano breezed by security using a phony badge on Feb 27. By / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 12:37 PM Jefferson Siegel Matthew Matagrano pleaded guilty to burglary and burglary as a sexually motivated felony for sneaking into the Manhattan Detention Complex and strip-searching an inmate. Related Stories

A city inmate was humiliated when he was fondled and forced to strip by a loon who repeatedly snuck into city lock-ups using fake identification as a Department of Correction employee, a new lawsuit charges.
The victim, whose name is being withheld by the Daily News, was attacked by jail-loving creep Matthew Matagrano inside the Manhattan Detention Complex, when Matagrano breezed by security using a phony badge on Feb 27.

The tubby mustachioed perv �� who was a convicted sex offender for an attack on a teenage boy at the time of the jail entry �� slid past security by flashing a gold badge at the lower Manhattan facility, which is adjacent to the criminal courts,More than 350 economists back Yellen for Fed chair, after using a bogus placard to park in a restricted area.
Once inside around 3:30 p.m.,Patriots Jerseys On Sale, he entered the cell block of the victim and ordered him to comply with a frisk search, the victim's attorney Andrew Plasse wrote in court papers.

During the course of the frisk search, Matagrano fondled the Plaintiff's genitalia��The Plaintiff resisted the frisk search and told Matagrano to stop it, Plasse said.
Matagrano then told the jailbird to disrobe so he could do a cavity search, and the victim complied because he believed he was getting instructions from a legitimate Correction officer.

As a result of this incident,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale,Katherine Webb, A.J. McCarron separate- Celebrity breakups, (the victim) was caused to sustain personal injuries, severe emotional distress, and was otherwise damaged, his attorney wrote, adding there were overtly improper comments during the abuse. Matagrano humiliated the plaintiff. 
He charges the city is at fault for its failure to have adequate security to prevent a convicted sex offender from entering its secured premises and was negligent in permitting the (victim) to be sexually assaulted on its premises. He did not specify an amount he's suing for.
Matagrano, 37, pleaded guilty to burglary and burglary as a sexually motivated felony for the bizarre Feb. 27 incident and got what he always wanted �� a decade in prison in Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill,Patriots Jerseys Sale, N.Y.
The Law Department, which defends the city in lawsuits, said We will review the complaint upon receipt. 
The plaintiff is now in state custody, serving a 15 year sentence in prison for gang assault

[Bearbeiten] Four people shot inside club SOB’s before rapper Fat Trel t

Four people shot inside club SOB’s before?rapper Fat Trel takes stage: Cops? A gunman began firing near the bar of the Varick St. joint, leading to a wild scene as people stampeded for the exits; all four people who were shot suffered minor wounds By , AND / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, September 12,Patriots Jerseys On Sale, 2013, 2:32 AM SOB's via Facebook

A promotional flier for Fat Trel’s performance Wednesday at club SOB’s on Varick Street. Shortly before the rapper was due to perform, a gunman opened fire, wounding four people.
A gunman opened fire inside the club SOB’s in lower Manhattan early Thursday, wounding four people, police sources said.
The Varick St. party spot,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale,7 Great Beauty Products For New Yorkers This Fall  CB, short for Sounds of Brazil, was hosting a mixtape release party for rapper Fat Trel.

Vic Nicastro for New York Daily News NYPD investigate the shootings at SOB’s,[13],Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, at 204 Varick Street in lower Manhattan.

The violence broke out right before he was slated to go onstage to perform tracks from his “SDMG” (Sex, Drugs, Money, Guns) tape.
Fire Department officials said they received a call for a shooting about 12:15 a.m. Police sources said four people suffered nonfatal gunshot wounds. Two were transported by ambulance to Beth Israel Medical Center, both with leg wounds. Two others suffered graze wounds.

Vic Nicastro for New York Daily News A cop searches for evidence outside the club early Thursday morning.

The gunman fled the scene in a black ride, police sources said. No arrests had been made as of early Thursday morning.
A source inside the club at the time said the shooting happened near the bar. Witnesses described a chaotic scene as club-goers stampeded in an effort to flee the gunfire.

Vic Nicastro for New York Daily News The scene is secured after four people suffered nonfatal gunshot wounds in the attack.

A man who gave his name as DJ Zeke and said he was at the show said he heard about nine shots.
“I’ve never been so scared because I didn’t know where the shots were coming from,” he told the Daily News. “Everybody is jumping on each other, trying to get away from the action.”

The Washington Post via Getty Images Fat Trel, shown performing in Washington, D.C. earlier this year.

Zeke added that he got trampled as terrified party-goers rushed out of the joint.
“I’m shaken right now,” he said. “Everybody was running to the door.”
Avery Watson said she had to step over people as she made a mad dash for the door.
“Everyone was ducking and rolling,” said the 24-year-old Bronx resident. “A lot of people left bleeding. It was crazy.”
Fat Trel tweeted about 12:30 a.m. that his big night was cut short before he got a chance to grab the mic.

[Bearbeiten] STABLE OF BACKS- Handicapping the GMC's deep field of talent

As if Doug Ryan, a bruiser with 4.6 speed in the 40-yard dash,Patriots Jerseys Sale, wasn?t already difficult enough to defend, South River High School football coach Rich Marchesi, renown for offensive creativity, will look for new ways to utilize the junior running back. ?He?ll be all over the place,? said Marchesi, noting Ryan will line up as a tailback, in a slot, as a wing, as a split end and may even take some direct snaps this fall. Dunellen coach Dave DeNapoli, whose Destroyers have won three consecutive Greater Middlesex Conference Blue Division titles, said the combination of Ryan?s skill (he rushed for 1,174 yards and 12 touchdowns last season) and Marchesi?s mind will keep opponents awake at night. ?He?s going to find a way to have this kid break your back,? DeNapoli said, ?either between the tackles running hard or getting him the ball in space and being creative with him.? Ryan (Blue Division), Chewy Chukwuneke of J.P. Stevens (Red Division) and Matt Olivo of St. Joseph (White Division) are the incumbent rushing leaders in their respective divisions. The trio is part of the GMC?s deep and talented stable of running backs. ?Every school has a back that?s explosive,? Woodbridge coach Bill Nyers said. ?You?ve got to be prepared for someone that?s going to bust it every week and make a big play.? Running backs will be particularly important considering just seven of the GMC?s 25 football-playing schools return starting quarterbacks this fall. The GMC, however, brings back 22 top running backs who amassed nearly 14,000 yards and combined to score more than 140 touchdowns on the ground last season. The list does not include several top newcomers ? such as Carteret?s Terell Merricks or Piscataway?s Elijah Barnwell and Kyren Nash ? who are heirs apparent to the graduated Jerod Johnson and Cameron Nash. Johnson and Nash rushed for 1,502 and 1,230 yards, respectively, while combining for 37 rushing touchdowns. Unlike those two backs, who each caught just seven passes for a total of 228 yards, expect most of the rushing leaders in the GMC this season to be more dynamic. (Page 2 of 2)
Chukwuneke and Olivo each had more than 300 receiving yards to go with their combined 2,400 rushing yards last fall. The Hawks and Falcons, like South River, will do whatever they need to get their star running backs touches. ?My thing is to use him in as many positions as possible so the defense must prepare for him in every possible position,? said new J.P. Stevens coach Jim Collins, whose offense will operate out of the pistol gun formation, in stark contrast to the Wing-T the Hawks employed each of the past three seasons. St. Joseph will remain a multiple I team under new coach Casey Ransone,Jennifer Lawrence And Hunger Games Director Reteaming For Ea, who takes over for Bob Molarz. So expect Olivo, who led the league in carries, to remain a workhorse back. "The idea is to get the ball in the hands of your best player as much as possible,[14],Patriots Jerseys On Sale,? said Brian Dohn, northeast recruiting analyst for, whose territory includes the GMC. ?Coaches will get the ball to them in the right way.? Some teams, including Sayreville and South Brunswick, return two complementary and equally talented rushers. The three-time defending Central Group IV champion Bombers feature Myles Hartsfield and Deion Miller, while defending Central Group V champion South Brunswick counters with Dahrae Ford and Dontae Strickland. Strickland and Hartsfield, who have each received scholarship offers from Rutgers University, are game-breakers. Miller and Ford, both bruising runners, are game-changers. Monroe coach Chris Beagan, who has Akeer Franklin, owner of 1,350 all-purpose yards last season, said the depth at running back this year ?speaks to the conference as a whole and the type of football teams are playing.? Beagan, who groomed a school-leading rusher himself four years ago, credits his peers across the league with developing quality backs. ?We?ve always had talented kids in the GMC,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale,? Beagan said. ?A lot of times you know the big names, but it?s those program kids that surprise you year in and year out.? Who will be the next newcomers to join the prestigious stable? Stay tuned.


[Bearbeiten] Despite cancelled Asia trip, Obama must pay attention to Chi

With the president’s decision to cancel this weekend’s trip to Asia and miss both the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit and the East Asia Summit, it’s useful to remind ourselves that the key reason for that trip was to reinvigorate the administration’s planned “pivot” to Asia.

Those plans had lost crucial momentum because of the ongoing problems in the Middle East. Indeed,Patriots Jerseys Sale, no sooner did President Obama announce a desire to “pivot” America’s strategic focus from the Middle East to East Asia than turmoil in Egypt and Syria, and the continuing threat from Iran, showed that the United States cannot opt out of one of the world’s most vital regions.

But if problems at home and the Middle East are preoccupying the president, the reason for the pivot -- the rise of a problematic China -- has not gone away. If anything, the challenge posed by Beijing is growing.

The past year has seen increasingly aggressive behavior on the part of the Chinese navy and coast guard over the Senkaku island chain in the East China Sea.

China is playing a game of great-power “chicken”―except it’s no game. The risk of miscalculation and conflict is real.

Chinese vessels have made incursions into Japanese-controlled waters both with greater frequency and for longer periods of time. And the Japanese air force has had to scramble its fighter jets scores of times to head off Chinese military aircraft as they head toward Japanese air space.

China is playing a game of great-power “chicken”-- except it’s no game. The risk of miscalculation and conflict is real.

Meanwhile, in the South China Sea -- over much of which Beijing has laid claim with only the slightest pretense of justification -- Beijing is moving to assert control over the Scarborough Shoal, an area just 124 nautical miles off the shores of the Philippines and clearly within that country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Over the past year, China has used armed vessels to keep Philippine fishermen from entering the Shoal’s waters and, now, according to the Philippine government, is beginning to build a Chinese structure there.

This tactic is not new. In the mid-90s, China claimed Mischief Reef -- another area well within the Philippines EEZ -- and built a structure supposedly for fishermen seeking protection from storms, which ultimately morphed into a quasi-military installation. As Manila notes, China is once more engaging in a “creeping invasion” of its country.

China’s behavior at home poses another challenge to U.S. strategy for the region and President Obama’s call, in a 2011 much-noted speech to Australia’s parliament, for “free societies, free governments, free economies, [and] free people.”

Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping, whom many hoped would be a reformer,Florida man left 3, has instead pursued a classic communist agenda. In April, a memo from the Communist Party’s Central Committee to its cadres warned of the perils of “Western constitutional democracy,” “universal” human rights, media independence, and “nihilist” criticisms of the Party’s past rule.

Xi’s cosmetic anti-corruption campaign is another sign of the direction of Chinese governance. Xi has told senior cadres to tone down visible excesses, such as ostentatious 10-course banquets. But,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, at the same time, he is using corruption prosecutions as a way to eliminate rivals and shore up his own power and the Party’s control.

Xi and his fellow Communist leaders are worried, first and foremost, about keeping control. Since Xi consolidated his power in March by becoming China’s president, dozens of activists have been arrested, including anti-corruption activists associated with the New Citizens’ Movement whose “crime” has been to seek disclosure of officials’ wealth.

During interrogation by police, one of the leaders of the movement, Xu Zhiyong,Hayao Miyazaki's Final Film The Wind Rises Announc, was told that the authorities feared their efforts to achieve the rule of law and transparency would lead to “chaos and instability.”

That is also how the Party views the freedom of speech movement advanced by the Internet and social media.

According to a decision from China’s politically supervised Supreme Court, a message that is reposted more than 500 times or viewed more than 50,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale,000 times could be considered illegal. And there is an ongoing crackdown on popular bloggers.

Among the first victims of this new crackdown was a Chinese teen from northwest China who was detained for posting questions online about the suspicious death of man who fell from the upper floor a karaoke club. Local security officials claimed the teen’s post were “seriously disruptive of social order.”

While the U.S. is preoccupied with the Middle East, China’s leaders are pursuing an agenda directly at odds with the advance of democracy and stability -- America’s chief objectives in the region.

None of this is meant to suggest that the administration should once again try and turn its back on the Middle East. But President Obama has laid out an agenda for Asia that risks being undermined by China’s recent behavior both at home and abroad.

Moreover, with repeated assurances from both the president and members of his national security team that the U.S. was “rebalancing” its efforts in Asia, the president has implicitly drawn a “red line” of sorts for our friends and allies in the region.

A failure to fulfill the pledge of meeting the Chinese challenge either by inaction, inattention or by simply canceling trips will be just as serious when it comes to American credibility as failing to respond effectively to Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

Being a global leader, with global interests, requires more than handling today’s front-page news. The United States has to be able to carry out effective policies in two vital regions of the world at the same time -- if it doesn’t want to face even more difficult problems in the days ahead. Ellen Bork is director of Democracy and Human Rights at the Foreign Policy Initiative.

Gary Schmitt co-directs the Marilyn War Center for Security Studies at the . For more, visit .

[Bearbeiten] NASCAR's most surprising champions

When NASCAR's "Strictly Stock" series became the Grand National Series in 1950, 23-year-old Bill Rexford of Jamestown,Patriots Jerseys On Sale,Brother of slain Dodgers fan says he swung chair, N.Y. ventured South to try to win the title. He did,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, but not without some controversy. Rexford won just one race and had just five top-five finishes in 17 starts,Franklin school board may not vote to renew school chief's contract,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, but the top contenders all had problems. Fireball Roberts and Curtis Turner both suffered late-season slumps and Lee Petty was docked 809 points for running non-NASCAR sanctioned races. Rexford won the title when Roberts blew an engine with less than 50 laps to go in the final race. Rexford is still the youngest driver to win the championship in NASCAR's top series and the only driver from the Northeast. He ran just 16 more NASCAR races over the next three years and never won another race.  Rexford was the only champion not included among NASCAR's 50 Greatest Drivers in 1998. (AP Photo)

[Bearbeiten] Robert Sims, biker held in NYC motorcycle

A law enforcement official says New York City police are investigating whether an undercover officer present at last week's motorcycle rally witnessed a violent confrontation between an SUV driver and bikers and didn't immediately report it.

The law enforcement official told The Associated Press that the officer came forward several days after Sunday's encounter, which was captured on video. The official wasn't authorized to speak publicly about the ongoing investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.
New York Police Department spokesman John McCarthy confirmed that a detective was stripped of his gun and badge pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation.
McCarthy said internal affairs was also investigating whether any other officers were present.
The confrontation left the SUV driver needing stitches and a motorcyclist possibly paralyzed.
Two more motorcyclists have been taken into police custody in connection with the videotaped beating of a New York City man by a gang of angry bikers.
The New York Police Department said Saturday that 35-year-old Robert Sims,Patriots Jerseys Sale, of Brooklyn, has been charged with gang assault,[15],Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale,Wil Myers Taking Heat from Red Sox Fans in Stride, Signs Autographs for Fenway Faithful After Game 1, Before Game 2, weapons possession and other offenses.
Police say the bikers stopped the SUV on a highway,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, attacked the vehicle, then chased the driver and pulled him from the car after he plowed over a motorcyclist from Massachusetts while trying to escape.
Police detained another Brooklyn man Friday but said charges had not been filed.
Two other bikers were charged previously, though the case against one was dismissed.

[Bearbeiten] China urges US to prevent default

BEIJING The U.S.?s biggest foreign creditor, China,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, said Monday it was concerned about the deadlock in Washington and urged all efforts to be made to avoid a default on the U.S. debt. Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao called for ?concrete measures? to raise the debt ceiling before the Oct. 17 deadline and to protect the safety of Chinese investments. ?The U.S. is the world?s biggest economy and a major country issuing reserve currency. Safeguarding the debt is of vital importance to the economy of the U.S. and the world,? Zhu was quoted as saying by the official Xinhua News Agency. ?This is the United States? responsibility.? China hopes the U.S. will address its economic problems,Peyton Manning, Broncos Listed As 28,Patriots Jerseys Sale,Peyton Manning, Broncos Listed As 28, solve the debt ceiling dispute and ?keep the recovery process in the U.S. and the world going,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale,? Zhu said. China holds $1.277 trillion in U.S. Treasury bonds, the most of any nation after Japan.

[Bearbeiten] Lions Center Dominic Raiola Allegedly Verbally Abused Wiscon

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Dominic Raiola is a walking stereotype. That is,Cuomo freezes new state contracts involving the Metropolitan,Patriots Jerseys On Sale, if you believe a member of the University of Wisconsin marching band.

Raiola played the part of big, bad football player picking on the marching band on Sunday, according to a Wisconsin band member.?The band performed the national anthem Sunday prior to the Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions game, and Zach York says by Raiola. York used his Facebook page Sunday night to accuse the Lions center of some pretty insensitive comments.

Dominic Raiola is literally the worst person I have ever had the fortune to encounter. After marching down the field awaiting the national anthem, He went off on a verbal tirade, among other things, questioning my sexuality (as a band member) and then continued on to bring my sister and my recently deceased mother into the conversation. After I refused to give him the satisfaction of turning to look at him, he switched targets to a trombone ranting at him calling him overweight and saying he can’t play a real sport. After our halftime show, the same fine gentleman called a female member of the band the c word. 

This isn t the first time Raiola has acted like a 300-pound man who gets paid to bash his head into other 300-pound men. Earlier in the week,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, he expressed displeasure with Packers fans tradition of mooning the opponent s buses as they leave Lambeau Field.

That tradition is even more of a bummer for someone like Raiola who has never beaten the Pack at Lambeau.

Well, usually you re [ticked] off when you leave there because you don t win, he said, according to the Detroit Free Press. Let me out of this [expletive] bus. Yeah, you got mooned. It s like,'Homeland' Season 3, Episode 2 Recap- Carrie has g,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, Get me the [expletive] out of this bus so I can go put my hands on somebody. 

Raiola did clarify that he was joking about hurting fans and said he loved playing in Green Bay.

However, if these band allegations are true, it wouldn t be the first time Raiola has had issues with fans. He made an obscene gesture at his own fans in 2008 an act he said he didn t regret and added he d like to give out his home address.

I d do that, but you can t, he said after that incident. Nobody plays with fists. Everybody wants to play with metal. 

The Packers beat the Lions 22-9 on Sunday. Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford was sacked five times.

Photo via

[Bearbeiten] Terrelle Pryor proves worthy of Oakland Raiders' starti


Terrelle Pryor shook away the specter of past failures with a win over the Chargers. (Tony Avelar/AP)

To whatever degree Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor had to worry about losing his job as the team s starting quarterback in the event of a trade for Josh Freeman, Pryor proved on Sunday night that the Raiders missed nothing when Freeman signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings. s Mike Silver that the Raiders were looking to acquire the recently released ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal-caller,Gun control advocates should heed NRA's words, possibly to reunite him with offensive coordinator Greg Olson,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, who served that same role for the Bucs during Freeman s best NFL seasons.

Had they done so,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, and even if Freeman had gotten up to speed by gametime Sunday night,Most tweeted events in history of Twitter, it s difficult to imagine him doing any better than Pryor did in the Raiders 27-17 win over the Chargers. Pryor completed his first 10 passes, throwing for two touchdowns in the first quarter, and finished with 18 completions in 23 attempts for 221 yards,Patriots Jerseys On Sale, those two scores and no interceptions. That was enough to hold the Raiders in good stead even when the Chargers tried to mount a comeback in the fourth quarter when Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers threw both of his touchdown passes, because Rivers also threw three picks to a Raiders defense that hadn t had a single interception through its first four games.

Oakland cornerback Charles Woodson returned a Danny Woodhead fumble 25 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter to tie Darren Sharper and Rod Woodson for the most defensive touchdowns in NFL history with 13. That play put the Raiders up, 24-3, but the Chargers would not give up.

[Bearbeiten] Long Island high school football record book

Long Island high school football record book

A look at the best performances in Long Island high school football history,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale,Tim Tebow- Jacksonville Jaguars Going Nowhere Fast Without Q, compiled by Andy Slawson and Jack White.

Use the dropdown menu on the right to select a category and see Long Island's best. If you want to sort your search results by Nassau,Patriots Jerseys Sale,Probe of Scott Walker's aides may factor in O'Donnell Park death trial, Suffolk, CHSAA or private,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, you can then use the county dropdown menu.

Report corrections and omissions to

[Bearbeiten] Take it off! Rick’s Cabaret won’t show Giants games, poor

Take it off! Rick’s Cabaret won’t show Giants games,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, poor play making guys boo while dancers strip? 'During the second half, customers were booing at the screens,Patriots Jerseys Sale,' and dancers had a hard time cheering them up, said club spokesman Lonnie Hanover. By / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, October 7, 2013, 3:31 PM Rick's Cabaret

Rick's Cabaret dancer “Alexandra” poses with a New York Giants football helmet. But the famous gentlemen's club will no longer show the team’s games at the club because the are playing so poorly this season.
There's a bust that's too big even for a Manhattan strip club - the Giants' 2013 season.
When customers at Rick's Cabaret in Midtown were yelling Take it off this past Sunday, they were actually yelling at the TV screens playing the Giants game.
During the second half, customers were booing at the screens, and dancers had a hard time cheering them up,Wonder Woman Is A Priority At Warner Bros., said club spokesman Lonnie Hanover.
Now Giants games have been banned from the premises.
Until the Giants get their act together, we will not be showing them on TV, Hanover said.
The popular club will continue showing other sporting events, but the Giants' poor play has been leaving patrons — and performers — big-time blue.
I love the Giants and wish them the best, but during Sunday's Giants game I had one customer who was almost in tears when (quarterback Eli) Manning threw the last interception, said one of the dancers,George Clooney Wrote The Most Controversial Scene In Gravity,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, who only gave her name as Alex.
She said that's not the kind of atmosphere she enjoys working in.
All I want to do is make people happy with my dancing. I don't like any negative distractions, she said.
I hope the Giants turn things around and maybe we will show the games again! 
Hanover said many of the dancers love the Giants and many of the team's athletes go to the club, but Rick's is about having a party all the time. We only want to focus on positive things. 
The Giants' sacking was first reported on the website

[Bearbeiten] Cory Monteith tribute is a difficult episode for 'Glee's' ca

Cory Monteith tribute is a difficult episode for 'Glee's' cast and crew ? Shooting for Thursday's installment of 'Glee' was often interrupted by tears, says creator Ryan Murphy By / TV EDITOR Monday, October 7, 2013, 8:28 PM Chris Pizzello/AP

Thursday's episode of Glee honors Cory Monteith, who died July 13,Geno Ice! Rookie Stuns Atlanta, Comes Up Huge For NY Jets &l, and his character, Finn Hudson.
It was anything but “Glee”-ful.
The cast and crew of “Glee” could barely film Thursday’s tribute episode to , stopping to cry so frequently about the the loss of their co-star who died this past summer of a drug overdose.

They were so torn up that almost every scene that will appear in the show was done on the first take — a rarity in television — because the actors would run crying from the set,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, the show’s creator says.
“Almost everything in that episode is from the first take of every performance, because the actors and the crew had a really hard time shooting it,” “Glee” executive producer Ryan Murphy told

GLEE via YouTube A look at the promo for the Cory Monteith tribute episode of 'Glee': The cast solemnly carries Finn's football helmet. 

“I’ve never seen a crew where you can’t continue shooting because they left the room sobbing.”
The episode, called “The Quarterback,” will feature Monteith’s girlfriend, Lea Michele,Justin Bieber appears to be holding marijuana joint in new photo as Miley Cyrus,Patriots Jerseys On Sale, who plays Rachel, tearfully crooning Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love”; Naya Rivera covering “If I Die Young,” Chord Overstreet and Kevin McHale singing “Fire and Rain” and Mark Salling performing “No Surrender.”

“It was very hard, and I struggled even working on it,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale,” Murphy said.

GLEE via YouTube The promo for the Cory Monteith tribute episode of 'Glee' features a sobbing Lea Michele. The actor was still dating his co-star girlfriend at the time of his death.

“Because you’re seeing what they felt about not just Finn [Hudson, Monteith’s character], but Cory. So I think it’s amazing performances across the board, and everybody went into it with a lot of love.”

Murphy added that the experience was “very rough” for Michele.
“People are still not over it,” he said of the 31-year-old actor’s sudden July 13 death from a combination of heroin and Champagne.
“It’s still very, very difficult.”

[Bearbeiten] Pisco, a liquor hot enough to have ambassadors

The Peruvian government believes it has a diplomatic solution to a spirited problem.

The problem? Not enough Americans are familiar with pisco, a Peruvian liquor that has been riding a popular wave of trendy South American cuisines to become an up-and-comer on the cocktail scene. The solution? Appoint 10 U.S. bartenders to serve as official pisco ambassadors for the grape brandy.
 Crazy, right? says Todd Thrasher, of Restaurant Eve, PX Bar and TNT Bar in Alexandria, Va., and one of the 10 pisco plenipotentiaries. When I started my job,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, my parents were like, 'What? You're going to be a bartender?' Then all of a sudden you're a Peruvian pisco ambassador. 
Admittedly, a total promotional stunt. But perhaps a clever one. In the spirit world, it isn't easy being the new kid in town. And it's not enough to be cool. To catch on, you also have to be tasted. And what better way to make that happen than to teach the folks who shake your drink?
Once obscure — and still so in much of the country — pisco is showing up in a growing number of bars and liquor stores. It is made in Peru and Chile,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, and both countries claim pisco as their national spirit, spurring intense debate on who had it first.
Either way, its clean taste and faintly fruity aroma makes pisco an easy partner for the sorts of citrusy cocktails Americans love. Pisco is a grape spirit that has not been aged in wood,NZ sharemarket retreats in light trading, leaving it clear.
The new world of pisco goes well beyond the classic pisco sour and pisco punch cocktails. At the PISCO Latin Lounge in San Francisco, which opened five years ago and is believed to be the first modern U.S. bar devoted to pisco, guests get an authentic version of pisco punch, which was invented in 1880s San Francisco. But folks also can try flights of pisco intended to demonstrate the nuances the spirit can have depending on the grapes used to make it.
PISCO owner James Schenk has watched as pisco has gone from little-known to a spirit that most serious bars carry at least one brand of, and maybe two or three. Meanwhile, pisco has been featured at major events, including a headliner event at last year's South Beach Wine Food Festival.
 The great thing about it is that five years ago, no one had pisco, says Schenk. Now, there's an insurgence of people beginning to really introduce and explain to all these bars and restaurants — you can have one, you can have two or three. 
In Peru, the government has imposed several strict production standards, including a prohibition on adding anything to the distilled spirit,Dominic Raiola harassed Wisconsin marching band, s, not even water, as well as mandating that the spirit rest for three months in a neutral container — never a wooden barrel.
Officials also are working on promoting Peruvian pisco — after all, there is a rivalry going on — hence the bartender ambassadors. Those U.S. mixologists got a trip to Peru to learn more about pisco and come up with cocktail recipes.
Melanie Asher, master distiller and blender for La Diablada, says this year seemed the perfect time to partner with PromPeru, the government's promotional arm. That's because it happens to be the 400th anniversary of the first historical evidence of pisco production in Peru — a 1613 will bequeathing quantities of the spirit to the heirs of a man called Pedro Emmanuel.
Asher, who was born in Peru but grew up in the United States, is CEO of Macchu Pisco, producers of Macchu Pisco and the limited-edition La Diablada brands. She founded the company in 2004 with her family, including her 98-year-old grandmother who pitches in with advice on the La Diablada blend.
While pisco punch hails from San Francisco, the classic pisco sour also has an American tie-in. It was created by Victor Morris, an American bartender who worked in Peru in the early 20th century.
Pisco is, says Asher, a perfect union of an American-Peruvian partnership. 
Start to finish: 5 minutes
Servings: 1
1 1/2 ounces pisco
1/2 ounce elderflower liqueur
1/2 ounce lime juice
1/2 ounce lemon juice
1/2 ounce simple syrup
1 egg white
1. Pour a splash of absinthe into a coupe or tumbler, then roll around to coat the glass. Pour out the absinthe, then place the glass in the freezer to chill.
2. Combine the remaining ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Cover and shake vigorously. Add ice and shake again, then strain into the chilled glass.
(Recipe adapted from Jim Meehan's The PDT Cocktail Book, Sterling Epicure, 2011)
Start to finish: 5 minutes
Servings: 1
2 ounces pisco
3/4 ounce Aperol
3/4 ounce simple syrup
1/2 ounce lemon juice
1/2 ounce grapefruit juice
Grapefruit twist
1. Pour a splash of kirsch into a Collins glass, then roll around to coat the glass. Pour out the kirsch, then place the glass in the freezer to chill.
2. In an ice-filled cocktail shaker,Patriots Jerseys On Sale, combine the remaining ingredients. Shake, then strain into the chilled glass. Garnish with the grapefruit twist.
(Recipe adapted from Jim Meehan's The PDT Cocktail Book, Sterling Epicure, 2011)

[Bearbeiten] Abele's budget would shift more health care costs to workers

Milwaukee County employees and retirees would pay nearly $6 million more toward health benefits, driving their share of health care costs to almost 29%,Falcons playoff chances decreasing after Jets loss pushes th, under County Executive Chris .

The change helps to moderate the yearly rise in employee health costs for taxpayers and passes them along to employees, as county budgets over the past two years have done, according to a County Board staff analysis released Monday.

Abele has defended the move, saying he was passing along market-driven increases in health costs to employees and making progress on driving down the county's structural deficit — the built-in imbalance between costs and money to pay for them.

"The county executive's budget is focused on what's fair to Milwaukee County" taxpayers and employees, Abele spokesman Brendan Conway said.

The net impact of the health care and other benefit cost increases after taking into account a proposed pay increase of 2% will be a pay cut of $1,463 to $3,695 for county workers next year, according to the report.

The boost in employee health costs, through higher premiums, deductibles and copayments, would outstrip the proposed raises for employees by up to 7%, the analysis said.

"Proposed changes to pay and benefits could reduce, on average, employee compensation by approximately 3% to more than 7% in 2014," the report said. County health program Part of the health care increase to employees proposed by Abele includes abolishing a county stipend of up to $1,800 for a health care flexible savings account.

That's a big hit, said Boyd McCamish, executive director of District Council 48 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

The union once represented the bulk of the county's 4,400 workers, before the 2011 state law that took away most public employee collective bargaining.

McCamish called the benefit cost increases to workers "mean-spirited." He also faulted Abele's administration for cutting a poor deal with the county's health insurance administrator.

Abele's budget also calls for consideration of ending the county health insurance program and instead providing a stipend for employees to use in purchasing their own coverage through the insurance exchanges starting next year under the federal Affordable Care Act.

Employees also will pay,Patriots Jerseys On Sale, on average,Baby Hope's mother identified, NYPD confirms, an extra $587 toward pensions, as their portion rises from 4.4% to 5.1% of salaries to cover half the overall pension cost. Tax levy freeze The pay and benefits provisions are key parts of Abele's $1.3 billion budget for 2014. He's also proposing to hold next year's property tax levy at $279 million.

The analysis says the proposed freeze "has become more tradition than novelty." Abele and Gov. Scott Walker, Abele's predecessor as county executive, have proposed limiting tax levies to the prior year's increase since 2003, the report noted.

Supervisors over those years have frequently complained the so-called freeze budgets forced the County Board to take blame for levy increases that were built into county executives' subsequent years' budgets.

Thus, the county's 2013 levy is $60 million higher than 2002's, the year Walker became county executive, the report noted. Layoffs possible The budget analysis noted that 182 county jobs were considered possible layoff targets, including 31 deputy jobs. The actual number of layoffs could vary, depending on retirements and transfers,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, the report said.

Under Abele's budget, 69 jobs and $12.6 million is cut from ,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, with $4.8 million of the reduction a shift of jobs to two other departments.

Clarke has vowed to fight — or ignore — Abele's proposed changes, noting his authority under the state constitution to provide for public safety. Fixes proposed In a related matter, Abele's budget director on Monday proposed a fix to cover $2.1 million in mistakes in the county executive's budget.

A $1.5 million shortfall in funding for paratransit had been disclosed earlier. Budget Director Josh Fudge said Monday that Abele's budget also shorted the budget by $600,000 for deputies who work as bailiffs. The bailiff pay error was blamed on a "technical data entry" mistake in Clarke's budget request.

Fudge listed six sources to plug the $2 million hole, including counting an extra $800,000 in property taxes from Milwaukee due to the closure of three tax incremental financing districts and $500,000 in federal transit aid shifted to cover additional paratransit rides expected from Abele's plan to cut paratransit fares by $1 to $3.

Abele's budget also includes using $12 million of a $19 million reserve fund to pay down county debt and using cash financing to expand capital project spending next year, the budget analysis said.



[Bearbeiten] Woodbridge Developmental Center resident is fighting to stay

WOODBRIDGE Wendy English has a voice, and she?s determined to use it to deliver a simple message. ?I want to stay here,Patriots Jerseys On Sale,? said English, 50, a resident of the Woodbridge Developmental Center on Rahway Avenue in the Avenel section of the township, one of two state facilities for the developmentally disabled the state is looking to close. ?I can?t understand why they want to close WDC,? said English, who is unsure where she will move, another developmental center or a group home. ?I have a life now at the WDC,? she said with the aid of a computerized board containing prerecorded messages developed at the center. The board also displays the letters in the alphabet so she can point to spell out words. She uses her left hand to steady her right pinkie finger and point at the prerecorded message she wants to play in response to questions. The board, designed specially for her, also contains messages about her schedule, physical, occupational and speech therapists she works with, her diet, feelings, medical needs and activities. The recorded messages and visual charts are adjusted to meet her wishes. English, who works one-on-one with a speech therapist, also is able to answer questions directly and, while at times a bit difficult to understand, she immediately will let someone know if her response has been misinterpreted. Eunice Fakinlede, a senior cottage training technician, is particularly familiar with English?s speech pattern. English said she feels upset at times when Fakinlede is not there. The state is looking to close the Woodbridge Developmental Center and the North Jersey Developmental Center in Totowa in the next few years and relocate residents to group homes or other developmental centers that may be far from relatives and the developmental center caregivers they recognize and trust. Family members have been fighting to keep the centers open after a state task force report recommended the closures. Particulary disturbing for some families is Gov. Chris Christie?s support for closing the centers without visiting them. (Page 2 of 3)
Making her own decisionEnglish, who serves as her own guardian and will make her own decision about where she will live as the center closes, wants to know what options she would have if she is unable to thrive in a group-home setting. She says no one knows if there is a group home to meet her needs. If officials thought she could thrive in a group home,Minneapolis, Indianapolis and New Orleans Among Finalists to, why wasshe brought to the developmental center 17 years ago. English points out. She has signed a letter indicating her wish to remain at the Woodbridge Developmental Center. ?Everyone knows I want to stay here,? said English, who has a button on the back of her wheelchair with the slogan ?Keep Developmental Centers Open.? She is scheduled to go to a meeting about a group home, but doesn?t want to go. She?s concerned she wouldn?t get the pureed texture food and liquids by spoon that she consumes. She has a list of foods her body cannot tolerate. Joanne St. Amand, president of the Woodbridge Developmental Center Parents Association, said getting the proper medications, plus the fact many cannot walk is a major concern for residents and their families if they are moved. Unlike most residents at the Woodbridge Developmental Center, English clearly can communicate her wishes. ?She wants to be part of keeping the place. This is her home. She was given a voice there. She has been in other places. She doesn?t want to be moved,? said Marylyn Carr, whose son Eugene has lived at the center for 37 years. English said her life at the Woodbridge Developmental Center includes a job shredding paper as well as activities such as bowling taking trips to the mall and movies. She is vice president of the Woodbridge Developmental Center Self Advocacy Group and sergeant of arms of an off-site group. She is active in the developmentally disabled community. ?Before I got here, I was very depressed. I wouldn?t eat,? said English who has lived in nursing homes and other facilities where her hands, often in motion, were tied down. ?I don?t want my hands down.? (Page 3 of 3)
When asked if she likes the Woodbridge Developmental Center the best, she responded ?Oh yeah.? English said she has three sisters and three brothers. Her parents live in South Carolina. But Cottage 8 at the developmental center is home. English was born in South Amboy with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, cutting off oxygen to her brain. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 18 months when her mother took her to the doctor. ?My mother knew. I could not hold my head up,? English said. St. Amand said her mother also knew that her sister Rosemary, who doesn?t speak or walk, had developmental disabilities when she too as a young child was unable to hold her head up. English said she can read ?but not that much.? She said her mother was told when she was 5 year old she would not be able to cope in a regular school setting. She did attend two cerebral palsy schools. Now she learns about what is going on by watching the news. ?Every day I watch the news,? she said. She has a list of medical conditions and requires constant care. ?I can?t be by myself,? said English, who is particularly concerned about ice and snow during the winter . The fear of changeDuring superstorm Sandy last year when water started to come into some of the buildings, English had to be relocated for a couple of hours,The Top 5 Fantasy Second Base Prospects, an experience she found frightening. ?I was scared,? said English. ?This place is a well-oiled machine. People don?t realize when everything runs smoothly,Patriots Jerseys Sale,? said St. Amand, adding the center has a lot of activities on the grounds, as well as rules and regulations requiring residents to take trips off-site. She said group homes do not have those same requirements for off-site travel. At one point about 600 residents lived at the Woodbridge Developmental Center. At the time the task force report was released last year there were about 330 residents, now the number is down to 290, said St. Amand. She said 40 residents have been moved from the facility. ?They haven?t demonstrated they can move them safely,? St. Amand said, adding the population at some cottages has been increased so others can be closed. Since fiscal year 2007, 103 residents have move from Woodbridge Developmental Center into community residential programs,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, group homes or supervised apartment programs, according to Pam Ronan, state Department of Human Services public information officer. Of those, 19 moved in fiscal 2013 and 8 so far in fiscal 2014. Ronan said there may have been a few recent interdevelopmental center transfers, but that number was not available. ?I don?t want to move. Why do we have to move?? said English, who was taken to see a group home. She questions why those with developmental disabilities who age out of schools can?t go to group homes, instead of taking people out of the developmental centers. ?This is our home. We are home. We are home.?


[Bearbeiten] John Farrell Explains Surprising, Game

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In a game dominated by pitching, John Farrell threw the biggest curveball of the night.

Farrell called upon rookie Xander Bogaerts to pinch hit for Stephen Drew versus lefty Jake McGee with one out in the seventh inning and the Red Sox trailing 1-0 in Game 4 of the ALDS on Tuesday. The move was in direct contrast to Farrell’s decision to stick with Drew versus McGee in the eighth inning of Monday’s Game 3 a decision he later defended following Monday’s loss.

So what changed in a day?

“Well, I reserve the right to change my mind,” Farrell said shortly after the Red Sox defeated the Rays 3-1 in Game 4 to advance to the ALCS. “And given some of the struggles that Stephen has had, you know, we had talked about this leading into the series, and I felt like at the moment as tough as left?handers have been on Stephen, I felt like we had to try something different. And for a young guy that s been sitting for quite a while, obviously, [Bogaerts] showed tremendous poise and almost ice in his veins and scored two runs of the three we had tonight. But in the moment, we felt like we had to get something started.”

Farrell’s decision not to go to Bogaerts in Monday’s game raised some eyebrows, as it seemed like a perfect spot to use the talented rookie. Drew hit .196 (30-for-153) with a .585 OPS versus lefties during the regular season compared to a .284 average (82-for-289) and .876 OPS versus righties while Bogaerts hit .467 (7-for-15) against southpaws upon being called up from Pawtucket in August. But Farrell decided that since McGee actually has slightly better numbers against right-handers this season, sticking with Drew was the right move.

“No, McGee has been dominant against right?handed hitters,” Farrell said Monday when asked if he considered pinch hitting Bogaerts for Drew in Game 3. “He s almost a right?handed reliever in some ways because of the strong reverse splits he has. Stephen is a good fastball hitter. We know McGee is going to come at us with 95 percent fastballs, if not more. There was no hesitation to leave Stephen at the plate.”

Monday’s decision, while debatable, at least made sense based on that explanation. Left-handers hit .235 (19-for-81) with a .678 OPS versus McGee during the regular season,Patriots Jerseys On Sale, while right-handers hit .217 (33-for-152) with a .648 OPS. The problem was merely that it didn’t work out,NY Giants QB Eli Manning struggles, but father and former Saint Archie Manning s, as Drew popped out with the potential go-ahead run on second base.

Tuesday’s decision to go with Bogaerts, however,Why Robinson Cano's free agency will take a very long t, worked out perfectly for the Red Sox. The 21-year-old showed tremendous poise while working a six-pitch walk in the seventh inning. He then went from first to third when Jacoby Ellsbury singled into right-center field,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys On Sale, and raced home from third base with the tying run when Joel Peralta unleashed a wild pitch with Shane Victorino at the plate. Bogaerts later led off the ninth inning with a walk and scored Boston’s third run when Dustin Pedroia lifted a sacrifice fly to right field.

“Last night did play into [the decision]. I ll be honest to you. If I told you it wasn t,Cheap Authentic New York Giants Jerseys For Sale, I d be lying to you,” Farrell admitted after Tuesday’s win. “You look at how guys are responding to certain situations. McGee is a hell of a reliever. And the way Bogie came off the bench to work out the walk. He gets a fastball thrown by him and he doesn t expand the zone. He doesn t chase. He s patient and he s very much under control emotionally inside a given game. And proved out to be a pivotal moment with his at?bat.”

Bogaerts’ two walks and two runs in Tuesday’s series-clinching victory not only speak to his much-improved plate discipline and maturity, but it also speaks to the Red Sox’ overall depth as they head into the ALCS. Farrell clearly isn’t afraid to unload his bench on any given night, and after seeing him change course in Tuesday s game, it’s also apparent that he isn’t going to be stuck in his ways when something doesn’t work out the first time around.

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