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[Bearbeiten] Putin Takes His Case to America ... in NYT Op

Putin has very clearly stated Russia's standards and values when it comes to the UN,Denver Broncos Jerseys, international aggression,Chris Kuper Jersey, terrorism and the like. The world will now be watching for consistency and integrity. His op-ed is very well worded and makes a great deal of sense for the most part. American exceptionalism is a laughable concept. We are a great nation with wealth and an entrepreneurial spirit certainly but in trying to be the world's conscience have become the world's bully? Throughout history empires have risen and crumbled,Sylvester Williams Jersey,Chicago repeals its gun registry, permits, while pillaging and plundering to maintain their "exceptionalism". Current P&P is more of the economic variety by nations and multi-nationals. The more things change the more they stay the same.

[Bearbeiten] Can Texas A&M Beat Alabama-

Earlier today on The Charlie Bernstein Show, Andrew Melnick of joined the show to talk about all things NCAA Football. Why you should listen:?Andrew talked about the big game between Alabama and Texas A M. Are the Aggies being overlooked by everyone? Andrew also talked about the rest of college football including the scandal?surrounding?Oklahoma State and Alabama. The Charlie Bernstein Show comes to you live Monday through Friday 3pm 7pm ?from the Culpepper | Kurland Sports Talk 1040 Studios in Tampa. Andrew Melnick on The Charlie Bernstein Show: September 12,Dennis Smith Jersey, 2013?

Talk with us during the show: Call him Toll Free (877) 355-1040
In Hillsborough,Sylvester Williams Jersey, (813) 289-1040
In Pinellas, (727) 577-1040 Chat with us online: Sports Talk Florida
Charlie Bernstein -?
Gerardo Gonzalez

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[Bearbeiten] Miss New York crowned Miss America- Why are racist tweets th

On Buzzfeed, Ryan Broderick of some of the worst tweets about the fact that Miss America had crowned its first woman of Indian descent. Yes, these sentiments are problematic. But are they so newsworthy? Do they really deserve second billing? It s almost a formula now: [Person of X Background] does [Remarkable Thing], People On Twitter Are Jerks About it. Followed by the story, Person Who Did Remarkable Thing Comments on Hateful Comments. This is the part I wish we d skip. For decades, in the privacy of their living rooms, people have said ignorant things when something happened on TV. This is not news, even if the second-screen experience means that the living room now includes the equivalent of carving your offhand mutterings unalterably into stone. I understand that some of the thinking behind this is that publicity will shame these people. But I don t think inserting their bile so prominently into this kind of coverage is working. Dave with 6 friends said something racist? Does it make a sound? Give me the old way, when the only people forced to know about these things were the unfortunates who were in the living room with him. Now that kind of hateful muttering winds up online and somehow merits a national reaction from its target. And, frankly, it doesn t. When we first set foot on the moon, the news article was not Neil Armstrong walks on moon,Peyton Manning Jersey, numerous Americans in the privacy of their living rooms complain that I don t like that fellow s looks. John Glenn orbits the Earth,How a Small Team of Democrats Defeated Larry Summersa, bunch of people complain about that dubious Scotsman. Thomas Jefferson pens Declaration of Independence, thousands wonder whether that ginger can be trusted. This is not the story. I really hoped,Chris Kuper Jersey, after we wound up making an on the racist tweets that greeted his performance of the national anthem, that we might have taken a second to think,cheap Champ Bailey Jersesys, You know, maybe the best way of dealing with this kind of comment is not to dignify it by rubbing it in the face of the person who just did a nice thing for us. This isn t the story. It s the comments. Never read the comments.

Some People Remain Hateful And Ignorant could be a tag on almost any story. ( New iPhone unveiled; Some People Remain Hateful And Ignorant. ) I wish that fact were news. But it isn t.
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