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A few years ago the gaming world was shocked by the appearance of Angry Bird as a very popular game, and today a game called Candy Crash Saga is getting more attention from millions of tablet devices, Smartphones and Facebook users. This game is like a puzzle game and offers players an adventure where they can pop candies while stepping from one level to another. With more than one hundred levels, this game will more challenging as players move higher. You can download this game and play it for free. The Candy Crush Saga game can be played either alone or with your friends to make it much more fun. This game is really fun and rather similar to bejeweled, the difference is you only replace them with candies.
The interesting part about this game is that you can make some special candies that helps you solve the puzzle. The keynote of this game is that you must finish the stage by removing the selected squares, gather fruits, reaching a number of points, or remove the stage with a time limit. You can find some combos that you can use to help you achieve your goals. If you line up 4 in a row you get the color candy that can wap the entire row horizontally or vertically. You also will find a candy bomb to blast an area of 3x3 or 5x5 if you can manage to get 2 combined together. You also can wap the same colored candy by using the chocolate candy.
You will find that this game is challenging because at some stages it will need some thought first before making a move. In the initial stage, the puzzle can be solved fairly easily. However, by the time you get to the next stage or phase of 50 or more, it will take more thinking to solve this puzzle. Actually you can buy Facebook credits to help you get some bonus special ability to clear the puzzle, but surely it will eliminate the challenge of the game. The shape of the stages will change from level to level, usually including adding hard-to-crush wings off to the edge of the central board.
You can find a number of tools such as lives, charms, lollipop hammers and boosters among others to help you move much faster from one level to another in the Candy Crush Saga Game. Many players consider Lollipop hammers as a favorite since they can be used to smash candies so they can easily advance in the game. You will need lots of lollipops in this game, and because there are only three lollipops at the start of the game, you need to purchase more lollipops, you can use Facebook credits for it.
However, amongst Candy Crush Saga players, a popular way to get more lollipops is by using Candy Crush Cheats that can give them unlimited lollipop hammers. You can find information about Candy Crush Cheats on many affiliate sites. Just type the specific keywords on your browser and you will find websites that offer free charge to the enthusiasts of the game.
Online gaming websites are also a good resource of information about game cheats that can help you achieve your goals, just remember to click on reputable one. These sites offer gaming lovers a lot information about different games such as Candy Crush, and this information is often on the cheats that have been made obtainable to permit gamers get unrestricted lollipops when taking part in the game. With candy crush saga cheats players will be able to generate as many lives as they need. And with this candy crush hack, you don’t need to start from the beginning anymore if you failed on certain level. You just need to refresh your browser, enter the number of level you want to start from, and enjoy the game.

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