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They might be there in body, but emotionally they have committed to another person, without regard to the risks of destroying your relationship. It may be tough to think about your relationship glaringly especially if your relationship has recently stopped. You have to be on the same level as your ex and let them know that you think the break up is whats best for both of you. Even the strongest of all relations do crumble at some point. There are lots of people that feel like you, that their no good at relationships.

Things will seem better after a short amount of time, and waiting will keep you from making mistakes you'd otherwise make. You want to avoid all forms of desperation as desperation will only serve to push your ex further and further away. Was he or she repeatedly trying to give you a certain message that you did not want to hear. Don't reply to the messages your ex sent you, whether it is SMS or email messages. The absolutely best way to get back you love in record time is by realizing exactly what you loved about them in the first place.

You can always say something like, 'I think it is better for both of us to take some time to think about the relationship. There are endless possibilities you can think of on how to get an ex girlfriend back - you just need to have faith. This is the only way you can be able to manage this difficult phase in your relationship. Pray, "Father, I know that You love me," as often as it takes to make you believe it in your heart and mind. She should also talk to everyone around him; actually make an obvious point of talking to every single person but him, even people she doesn't even know, this has got to make him jealous.

A word of caution here before I go on to tell you all what you already know of the secrets of nurturing a relationship. The problem is, the more you see it getting worse the more you act irrationally and impulsively and the more you want to control your man. It's amazing how everybody does this at the beginning of a relationship and marvels at how close they've gotten, and yet nobody thinks to do this when their relationship is in trouble. Do not have communication with your ex during this period, Focus on you own life and improve on the ways that you can keep busy and not dwell on the relationship, It's not an easy time for you. Now, you know that Path A ends in a drop off of loneliness and regret.

Before you call him and ask for that next first date realize this; In a relationship you own just 50% of it but you own 100% of your behavior. Like this there is a huge possibility that you will never face the break up situation again. By changing I mean doing things like working out, a new look, a new job, or just a new hobby. I know that you are feeling down and depressed because of this. You have every right to wonder, I told her, and I'm sorry to say - you will keep on wondering.

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